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Life keeps going, and it is always beautiful, but there are moments you can look back on the hardest days of your life and see how they are truly the most rewarding. Taking care of Matt and his most basic needs for so long, made me truly appreciate what a gift each day is for any of us. To be able to speak, walk, and even eat anything you want is a gift some people won't ever have. No one is guaranteed good health or the promise of a tomorrow, therefore we should never take a...nything for granted & always try our hardest to show our loved ones just how much we care, even if it is in the simplest of small tasks, b/c those add up to mean the most. I know I'll never understand why he had to go through any of this, but I can promise him that the love he has taught me will not be wasted. Sending much love to those that are in a tough spot right now, hopefully you can look back and treasure even the tough times b/c of the abundance of love & gratitude that accompanies helping those in need. I now see this part of my life with Matt, not as sad or a burden, but as the biggest honor he could have given me! ❤️Amy😘😇

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Matt Matherne Support Page is with Amy Kennedy Matherne.

It's been two years today that our earth angel has been gone. But there isn't a day that goes by that my heart does not feel Matthew's love.

"What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." HK

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This amazing group of young people, along with the rest of the SMA CYOLabor of Love group touch my heart every year😍They have been coming to help clean up around my house for the past several years during Matt's illness, and have continued to reach out since. Yesterday I got to meet these sweet young adults, who were all beyond inspirational, that were being of service to myself & many others in the community. I have felt very blessed each year to have experienced the amount of kindness that is in this world through these amazing kids! Thank you all again! Much love❤️Amy

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This picture marked the first day of the biggest commitment of our lives. I had no clue that those vows would be tested in such a short time. Fast forward to the present, and knowing what I know now, I still wouldn't have traded my life with Matt, at any point, for anything in the world. His life and our marriage taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and has given me the resilience to keep sharing that love. I am better because of him. It would have been 12 years w...e were married today. I know Matt is still sending me so much love and guidance. Even though he can't be here with me, I feel his spirit in all that I do. He is forever a part of me and always in my heart. I am eternally grateful for the time I did get to share with his sweet soul. Our marriage may have been short compared to most, but the amount of love he has instilled in me will last a lifetime.

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Happy 36th birthday to my angel! This is one of my most treasured photos. All the riches in the world can never amount to the precious time and love you share with those in your heart. There will never be enough hugs, whether you get to share a lifetime, or only a short while with those you hold most dear. I give thanks everyday that this amazing soul was brought in to this world to share with me the true meaning of life and to teach me what a selfless love feels like. Today ...I would like to celebrate Matt's life and ask that everyone that remembers him on his special day, do something kind & generous for a loved one that will make them smile. Life is way too short to focus on what we don't have. Instead we should celebrate all the things that we have learned and can give to others. I know this to be true b/c Matt was my example & lived this way each and every day. Thank you for coming in to this world and for sharing with me and so many others all of your gifts....and the biggest one being your heart!😘😇🎂🎁

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The hope and joy we have known help us believe in the possibility of hope and joy again. Grief mirrors the intensity of love, which will continue to beam through our life, to illuminate and nourish all that we do and are. Sending this sweet ray of sunshine to everyone that may need one on this rainy day. Some days are more tough than others, but I take comfort that the love in my heart, which exists for Matt's most radiant soul, will never end!☀️😇

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Feeling extra grateful to get a bunch of signs that my sweet Matt is always looking out for me & still sending me lots of love. This picture was from when he first moved in to the nursing home and would write this, or his name on anything he could find (even if it was on the walls and cabinets😉) When he couldn't speak or express himself, he was still letting me know that Matt loves Amy😍..... And I know that this is no different from now. Whether it is from the amazing people he has put in my life that are such a bright spot, or the subtle little signs, I know he is always with me, letting me know, no matter what, that I am loved! Sending much love to all those who have reached out & continued to pray for us.

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Missing this sweet soul everyday, but celebrating his life, not his death, one year later. I will never be able to put into words what this man has given me. I'm a better person b/c of the love he shared with me & he taught me the true meaning of love & life being the most precious gift. There is always something to be grateful for! Thank you Matthew for changing me😘😇

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Matt Matherne Support Page is with Amy Kennedy Matherne.

A big thank you to my amazing in-laws for always showering me with love on some of my hardest days. Today's marks Matt and I's 11th wedding anniversary. My heart is always hurting on these holidays, a bit more than usual, but I am beyond grateful that I am still feeling Matt's love an generosity through so many others that I believe he has put into my life to watch over me. I will try my hardest to take the very advice I used to give him when his heart was aching over the los...s of his mom. I could never understand that pain, or take it away from him, but I would remind him of all the love that was brought into his life from his mom, and that is what I am trying to do today. These beautiful flowers are from Matt's dad and stepmom, and I only thought appropriate to place them next to a framed flower that Matt's sister, Kellie, made for me as a keep sake from my bouquet on our wedding day 11years ago, along with these Chinese glass figurines that were given to me by Matt on our 3rd anniversary, one of our last anniversaries before he got sick, which all have specific meanings of joy, love, and good fortune. I treasure each one of these gifts but most of all the people that they came from. Please don't ever take a minute for granted with the ones you love. It's never enough time and hopefully through Matt's life we can always focus on the love available to us as versus what we don have. I don't get to celebrate any more anniversaries with my angel, but I know he is watching over me and paving the way through the love & joy he instilled in me to always find something to celebrate. Much love, Amy

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Happy Birthday my sweet Matthew!!! I'll miss celebrating with you this year, but I know you are surrounded by so much love and so many others that have been waiting to dance with you at your party! I hope everyone can use Matt's special day to celebrate in honor of him or do some random act of kindness for those you love and care for. I know Matt would be so happy if his birthday could be used towards making even one extra person smile. His kind heart & sweet soul were such a gift to all who knew him, and I thank God everyday that he blessed us with Matt 35 years ago today!

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Today marks exactly seven months since I had to say goodbye to my very own earth angel. It is also the day I had to say a final goodbye to our sweet puppy. Matt got his best friend back. Two of my most favorite guys are finally reunited and I have no doubt Matt kept our sweet puppy, Ace, with me to see me through some of my hardest times, not only in these last few months, but over all these years Matt had been sick. My heart is in a million pieces again, but I find an amount of comfort and peace in knowing that, what is displayed in this picture below, is going on in heaven right now. I appreciate all the constant love and support I have received since Matt's passing and want everyone to know just how eternally grateful I've been for everyone's support over all these years. I'm going to hold on to the love I can feel in this very picture and not the loss! I hope everyone has a great weekend & please hug all your loved ones, (the furry kind too) b/c it's never enough! Much love,

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This tribute came out yesterday in the Houma Times honoring our sweet angel. I know Matt will continue to live on through his example of compassion and love for others, that is still being felt today. Eight-hundred words could never do justice to his tremendous heart, but this is a good start.

Bourg native Matthew Sanderson Matherne was a popular kid who embodied everything that a parent could ever wish for in a child.

Matthew Sanderson Matherne got his official wings today. He passed away early this morning. He is finally at peace & we all have our very own angel!

His memorial services will be held on Friday, October 16th at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Bourg, LA
(4353 Highway 24)
Visitation will be from 10:00am-1:00pm with funeral mass to follow.


Thank you for all of the outpouring of love and support everyone has shown to our families throughout Matt's journey. He will forever be one of the most kind and generous souls to walk this earth.

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Today marks the start of World FTD awareness week. This horrible disease is what has stolen my sweet Matthew from us all. Please help me spread the word and raise awareness. It is one of the most common dementias in younger people and so often goes misdiagnosed. Matthew was even more rare being one of the youngest in the world, with an onset at age 27, so it took us over a year to get a proper diagnosis, b/c so many medical professionals hadn't even heard of this. I hope and pray that there will one day be a cure so that no has to endure this cruel unfathomable disease. Thank you all for the continued support #endFTD

Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) is the most common cause of dementia for people under age 60 – affecting more than 50,000 Americans. Onset strikes earlier in life — when dementia doesn’t even seem like a possibility — and accurate diagnosis can take years. Families lose active parents and breadw…

After a rough week, it makes my heart happy to see my sweet Matthew resting peacefully this afternoon:) Please say some extra prayers for his continued comfort and peace. I'm always grateful and want to say a big THANK YOU to the village of people we have on our team helping to take the best care of our Matty! Keisha, Eva, Travis, Christy, my parents & and Matt's parents, along w/ Nanny Kim, Nanny Arletta, & Uncle Ade, I thank you from the bottom of my heart & so does Matthew..., for always trying y'all's best to make sure he feels an abundance of love from each and every one of you. This journey is not getting any easier, as we have all witnessed these past couple of weeks, but I'm so thankful to have these amazing people looking after our very own angel. Love all you guys & everyone else that has kept Matt and our families in their prayers...they are much appreciated! Hope everyone has a nice weekend & I just wanted to share this peaceful moment w/ all those who have been supporting us. Much love, Amy

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