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Beverly Miller
· June 26, 2016
My grandson signed up for 9U fall ball. The coaches packed the team, accepting 16 players, the added players being mostly 7 year olds. Not a kid on the team were show case players, but, the buddy sy...stem kids played regardless. If they stink at pitching, well now, just put them on first or third. The six on the bench don't get a shot at it. Oh but wait, we can tell Kyle to suit up for catcher, we're down 11 to 0 at the bottom of the 4th, knowing the game was over, but building up a little boys hopes non the less. At practice, the buddy boy kids got 3 up to bats, equal out field time, my grandson and the other bench warmers got one time at batting practice and outfield practice the same. Not as good as the other boys, you say, non of them were good, some got lucky a time or two, but they also got a lot of practice. End of season, time for tournaments, oh no, not enough boys, call Kyle's mom and promise him playing time, she'll give us the 30 dollars so we can compete! In the meantime, two of the buddy boys decide to play after all. Oh my, someone has to set out, once again, the game is over, but hey, tell KYLE to suit up, he can catch next inning. No up to bat, no play time, the coach offers my daughter 5 dollars back. What they did to the self esteem of this boy is unforgivable. Be very careful about signing your kids up at this park, if you are a part of the click, go for it, otherwise, steer clear. I've been around AA Parks for 13 years and never seen a child treated so badly! See More
Matt N Pamela Weeks
· June 5, 2014
Love to use this park however today the bathroom doors are locked which presents quite the challenge for my picnic when my 4 year old has to go. Please unlock the doors.
James Geus
· May 19, 2014
kids like it here. Give it a try. Down to earth, proud ball park.

Hello, we are trying to get our spring season started however we are in need of coaches for all age groups. If we are not able to get coaches unfortunately we will not be able to have spring baseball!