The frogs are loving this rainy weather at McClelland! The groundsmen have run into some turtles crossing the paths too...
'Tree of Life' Phill Price
Biker Bernie working the bike driven lathe

Did you know that Saturday, April 14 is Slow Art Day?
It is a day where you are encouraged to look at a single artwork for 5 to 15 minutes then talk about your experience. If you are visiting on Saturday (or any day!) with friends or family perhaps you can give it a go.

Some ideas to help you get started could be:


What do you see when you look at the artwork?
What does the artwork make you think of?
Did your thoughts change over the time you contemplated the artwork? If yes, how?
How did you feel when looking at the artwork?
Does the work give different impressions from different viewpoints?
How does the work interact with its surroundings and the works around it?

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A few pictures from today’s nature play week workshop. Amazing work everyone. Such a pleasure to watch it all unfold. @natureplayweek