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Stephen Mccallister
· November 5, 2017
KS#14 11/06/2017 around 1:19AM

Ordered a 10 piece nugget meal with a large sweet tea around 1 am, with 3 cars in front of me. Took 20 mins just to get to the last window, Then when greeted by the gentalmen I was not given a total at all, handed him my card and he vanishes for about 8 mins then opens the door hands me my card and what appears to be a single small bag. and then vanished. Before I could even say anything. He finally comes back and is surprised I was still there. He asked me of all things "whats your problem?" Im like dude I ordred nugget meal not a mcgriddle. So I checked my split to make sure I didnt get charged a meal which I didnt, but I just left because I already spent 30 mins @ a fast food place and I had to go. But this is crazy as I stopped eating from this company a long time ago and started going back but after this its clear to stay away. See More
Kim McClearn
· March 12, 2018
Walked in to overhear a crew member discussing not being able to catch a mouse. I turned around and walked right back out while they stood there laughing like I was being funny. Nope....sorry ladies, ...I shouldn't have heard that. See More
Chad Miller
· July 3, 2017
I normally don't post about experiences good or bad, but I feel like I was scammed the other night. If your drinks are no longer $1 I will remove this post. But the other night I went inside the to order because my car window was broken and I thought this would make things easier on everyone. I got to the counter and ordered 2 double cheeseburgers and a large coke. I was told the total was $5.11. OK fine, the drinks aren't $1 anymore, so I hand her $6. Halfway through getting my change, she gets confused, first about whether or not I gave her $6 and then about what the change was. I repeated the $5.11 total she told me even though I'm looking down at a register that says $3.90( price of 2 DBL CHS + $1 drink.) She hands me $.89 change back but no receipt. The bag didn't have one in it either. I didn't say anything for one because it isn't in my nature and also because there was an already upset customer in front of me that they were having to deal with.
But from my point of view, this looks almost exactly like a scam I used to pull when I worked at pizza hut. If there's a deal or coupon that the customer doesn't know about, charge them full price, discount it down later and pocket the difference. Only I was much better at it than this cashier. I was looking right there at the register telling me $3.90 and being told $5.11. Small amount of money, but it adds up if you do it enough.
But on the positive side, the food was great, and it did look like there were a couple of hard workers amongst the crew.
Again, if I'm wrong I'd be happy to edit this, but I would like an explanation as to why I saw what I saw.
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Marc Epstein
· August 10, 2017
I come to this location daily due to convenience. Everytime I come I order the same thing depending on breakfast/lunch hours. Drive Thru always takes 15min-30min. At nighttime they shut the 1st window.... Without fail There's always something wrong or missing with the order. Always get some sideways look when I use the McDonald's App. Many other issues I've ran into coming to this location. See More
Juanita Stauty
· February 4, 2018
This McD's is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow with service inside and especially drive through.
Ed Wiseman
· March 2, 2017
Drive thur sucks order screwed up had to ask for my change and food was missing and could not get receipt. 45 min in drive thur .3 cars in front had problems with getting change back too .. call 1i8...00 no call back call store really didnt like tbe way they tried to handle it. This not the first time a week had to wait 25 min in drkve thur. For a drink this place should be call mac crappys. Will not go back ............ and i bet they wont even respond to this .. See More
Banning Sams
· May 3, 2017
I just wanted to share with you that your drive-through is completely ridiculous this is the third time it's happened to me the first two times I thought maybe because it was a busy weekend but on a W...ednesday night it takes 26 minutes to get to the drive-through that's fucking ridiculous your management sucks and needs attention ASAP.
But they don't give a shit as long as they get there eight dollars an hour who cares, employees sure don't !
Avoid this location !!
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John Jordan
· May 30, 2016
This is the day I actually had my very first bad experience at McDonald's employees and managers making customer food without hair nets are ball caps when I ask to speak to a manager to address the pr...oblem and I hope the problem out loud to get the manager's attention and employee open his mouth and was very verbally disrespectful from my opinion and even though if I was in the boys and my manager heard me speak like that to a customer I wouldn't have been terminated my question is why is the employees still on the clock working making his money and the reaction from the manager's point of view was that he and the employees were good friends See More
Nicholas Boyle
· August 26, 2016
Ordered food at 8:02PM...received food at 8:22PM. 2 sets of nuggets, cold. "Hot" apple pie, not so much. Order was "waiting on a Big Mac" long does it take to microwave a burger???!?! No sweet t...ea in the lobby, grape soda was out. One table was trashed and just left like that the whole time we are there.

All of this and the Manager did nothing, not even an apology. Will be discussing this whole ordeal with Corporate.
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Rebekah Evans
· June 3, 2017
After being held up in line by 25 minutes so an employee could illegally sell food to pedestrians who simply walked through the drive through without a vehicle before proceeding to push in line to get... their food first I was met with nothing but attitude about the unsafe transaction and the queue of people left waiting by the two drunks. When the two pedestrians requested honey mustard and BBQ sauce they received a clear baggy full of dipping sauce, after waiting in line like the rules state I was given two sweet and sour sauces! The employees behaviour was disgusting and rather than listening to my concerns they walked away as I spoke. See More
Sean Tate
· September 19, 2016
When in drive thru this evening, I called them on trying to short change me on an item ordered. When I asked the young girl at the window to fix it, she gave me a ton of attitude, excuses and denial. ...Newlands management needs to start replacing all of their bad seeds lest they start growing the customer base for Wendys at their stores. See More
Mike Savage
· July 25, 2017
Last night, 9:20 cream machine down - AGAIN! Why bother selling ice cream (it's flashing on your road sign) if your machine seems like it's always down?
MK Parise
· June 13, 2017
Stellar customer service!
These guys and gals must love what they do. From the front line, to the grill and Back Again they are the epitome of how a business should run!
Kaylana Chappelle
· July 14, 2016
I just waited for over 30 minutes in the drive through. There was more than one person working yet we waited at the speaker about 10mims to even get our order taken and then about another 15 behind on...e other car in front of us and another 15 at the window itself. We sat at the window forever before they even took our money and they didnt give me a receipt. They forget some of our food we had to remind them to get twice when we were at the window.
I hate to be the person to leave a bad review but this was ridiculous.
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CarolAnn Wheeler
· September 20, 2016
My reason for such a poor review.....When you hear the Manager ... Amanda saying out loud.... " I know you don't feel well Lorenzo but I need you to get my food out now" only two hours to go .... Come... on! Who wants a sick employee working on food orders! See More
Marti Conway
· November 13, 2015
By far the BEST McDonald's EVER! I am 42yrs old, have lived in 4 states and also worked at 4 different McDonalds back in high school & while going to college, therefore I feel I am qualified to know t...hat this McDonald's is the BEST! Hot, juicy, fresh McDoubles on every visit. They have the most friendliest & most professional employees you with ever meet! The interior is so inviting! I drive past all other McDonald's just to come here and dine in ;) See More
Beverly Bailey Mallard
· October 10, 2016
Thanx for ruining an already crappy morning! Cold bath because I don't have electricity and then McDonald's gave me a nasty greasy sausage biscuit instead of the egg mcmuffin that I ordered! And yo...u want $15 an hour??? See More
Jeffrey Watson
· July 30, 2017
Worst service ever cash only like WTF!? Get with the times!!
Matthew S Keeler
· May 28, 2016
Do not eat here avoid like the plague I order a cheese burger it tasted stalled the soda was watery the staff act like little kids won't be coming back go somewhere else and spend your money !
Mosher Andrew A
· September 12, 2016
Not sure how this McDonald's stays in business. The staff is very disorganized on the pier do not know what they are doing.
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