Real men care about the size of ur heart & not the size of ur jeans.

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Tell me baby, why don't you love me.

You know my name, not my story.
So don't judge me.

That moment when u hate yourself
and u don't know why.

You said I Love You, and I said it too.
The only difference is, I didn't lie to you.

- Drake.

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A lot of girls wanna be in a relationship soooo bad that they end up with Mr.Player, Mr.Wrong, & Mr.Asshole

That fake laugh you do when you don’t understand what somebody just said to you.

You have 3 choices in life. You can watch things happen, make things happen or wonder what the hell happened.

Love is not about who you live with. It's about who you can't live without

When people get jealous of you it's because they find you great in some way. Remember that.

His smile. His lips. His laugh. His hair. His eyes. His hands. His humour. His smirk. His weird faces. Not a name was mentioned, but it popped into your head didn't it?

dying my hair red . YOLO