Michael Strauss - ISBA Attorney - Guardian ad litem who opposes Illinois Equal Parenting Bill.

In this video snippet the attorney states to the Illinois legislature to vote NO on the shared parenting bill because it will cost the state hundreds of millions of Federal incentive funding.

Where do you think he feels the best interest falls? With the State of Illinois or with the families and children who will be impacted by this bill?


Testimony in front of the Illinois Restorative Justice Committee
April 11, 2018

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Michael S. Strauss Attorney Michael S. Strauss Associations: Michael Strauss Leading Lawyers 2018 Partner Location: Libertyville, Illinois Phone: 847-680-497...

As someone who uses the court system and may have a court appointed vendor ( GAL ) - do you consider yourself a consumer of judicial services?

If not a consumer then what do you consider yourself?

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In their own words - Kysa Crusco - Crusco Law Office "And the ummm Guardian ad litem will hopefully conduct a through investigation which will give the GAL all of the information he or she needs" And if the GAL does not conduct a "through" investigation do consumers have the option of not paying the GAL vendor?
Think about this: "Monitoring their medication and their mental health" What is a Guardian ad litem doing monitoring a child's health and medication. That is what medical professionals do. A Guardian ad litem is a vendor of the court - someone who allegedly investigates the lives of a divorcing family and reports facts back to the managing "judge". But As a vendor, an "officer of the court" does not give them (GALs) the training or ability to take care of your child's medical needs. In this case Kristin Solomon is playing doctor and has immunity from making a bad of wrong decision and doing with "Family" Court approval. If you are interested in viewing the whole video please follow this link: 583