The uneasy world we are living in.

The abusers had a clear message: Donald Trump’s going to take care of a problem – and that problem is you.

Trump administration busy removing health and safety rules.

A new rule in the US would eliminate food inspectors and lift limits on how quickly pigs can be killed. The impact on workers, animals and consumers would be disastrous
Sex, Power & the Media
Isn't it Time Women Stood Up?
Go Figure

New walkout planned today.

Colorado students held a rally with Parkland survivors on anniversary of 1999 shooting, while nationwide protests are planned at schools

Positive twist in the plot.

South Korean president says Pyongyang has not attached conditions such as US troop withdrawal

More scientific contributions from women come to light.

In a new Netflix documentary, the tales of 13 female pilots who dreamed of becoming astronauts yet were denied the opportunity by Nasa are finally brought to light

The types of Fashion Pigs models deal with in the coveted world of "fashion."

A truly free spirit, Karl has no taboos and doesn’t stonewall. The immense couturier has lost none of the verve that’s made him a cult figure in the fashion world and a veritable pop icon. In a meandering interview, he delivers his reflections on a variety of subjects from First Ladies and Johnn...

An important bit of history around swimwear and women's freedom.

Kellerman railed against the restrictive clothing women were expected to wear — both in the sea and on land.

Spread the word.

A certain class of blood pressure medications appears to double the risk of pancreatic cancer in postmenopausal women.
Bao, the cosy tale of a dumpling come to life, was conceived as a Chinese Gingerbread Man story.

US president Donald Trump, who recently announced that "very soon" the United States would be "coming out of Syria," launched the largest Western military intervention in Syria since the start of the country's seven-year civil war. The United States struck a scientific research center and two chemical weapons facilities with dozens of $1.4 million Tomahawk missiles that Trump described as "nice and new and smart." Following the strike, Russia claimed ...

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Learn the TRUTH about Lyin' Comey's grandstanding book tour.

A full look at the labyrinth of INACTION by our representatives.

After Sandy Hook, gun reform collapsed in Congress. Today, the momentum is with young activists: ‘These kids are the ones we’ve been waiting for’

A vital exposé of this seemingly benign industry. For more insight NYC group: Model Alliance and read Sontag's On Photography.

‘In this image, in all of them, I marvel how little of myself is left. The more pieces of myself I lose, the more men I attract’

And nothing is being done to stop this.

Amnesty reports that women suspected of Isis links face sexual violence in IDP camps, amid claims they are being denied aid

Two female journalists are finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for this investigative piece.

“It was a slave camp. I can’t believe the court sent me there.”

The historical Greek roots of Trump's woman hating.

Misogyny’s Age-Old Roots in the Home

A website like Craigslist should be responsible if they are both trafficking underage children AND making thousands daily from it. There should be no work arounds when it comes to human trafficking. Pimps and traffickers are behind the current media outcry claiming "sex-worker's safety." The ease in which the world's children are trafficked on websites must end.

The signing comes just days after seven executives for were arrested on a 93-count indictment that alleges the website facilitated prostitution and laundered tens of millions of dollar…
Media Watch: Challenge Media is raising money for Media Watch for Improving Womens Images in the Media.