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Miranda Graham
· March 25, 2018
I was here on Saturday ( 3-24-18 ) for the vaccination clinic. There was a long line but it moved quickly and the staff was very nice and friendly. I brought my 5 chihuahuas ( yes 5 :) ) and one of th...e staff helped my husband and I with bringing them in. The whole process of waiting in line to the time we were done and on our way home, took only an hour. We will be back next year. Also Monday ( 3-26-18 ) I will be there with a few of my co-workers delivering donations. I work at Lowe's and the donation drive was my idea. I can't wait to deliver all the donations and take pics with the staff and some of the dogs up for adoption � See More
Annette Walsh
· April 16, 2018
Just and update on kitty Marney that I adopted on St; Patrick's Day. She is absolutely a cuddle bug. She no longer hides under the bathroom sink and no longer hides in the cozy you sent home with her.... She owns the couch and living room chair. She playful for her 9 years and is very happy now. I have her on timed feeding so she dos not get overweight. She is becoming interested in company, watches from the stairs and has been petted by three friends. Her biggest fear appears to be the doorbell and vacuum cleaner. No surprise there. . A "used" kitty can be a loving kitty. See More
Riley Young
· November 12, 2017
Shame on this place. Came to adopt a dog this past weekend and was told to call before I came up to make sure the dog was still up for adoption. I did as I was told, called, told them I would be up th...ere in about 30 minutes to pay for and adopt this dog that day (in which they responded that he is still available). The 15 minute car ride it took me to drive up there, I was told that another family had just put him on hold because it is a "first come first serve" basis. Thats completely understandable, but I was the first to call and specifically say I was coming to adopt this dog today. The workers were extremely rude to my boyfriend and I all because they did not want to own up to their own mistakes and call the other couple to tell them there had been a mix-up on their part. I am happy the dog is going to a good home and I will always be a supporter of every shelter or humane society, but Metro East is poorly run, has awful customer service and I will never come back again. See More
Jessica Maroon
· December 18, 2017
My kids have been wanting a dog for 4 years. But we lived overseas and didn't want to have to fly a dog home. We have been back in the states for a year now. We decided to start looking for a dog. We ...looked for 2 months and finally today found Bouser. Thank you to the friendly staff that helped us today. Our kids are so excited and so are we. See More
Hannah Tate
· October 27, 2017
I had been looking to adopt a cat for awhile now and Metro East helped me find the perfect one! I came in with my roommate and we met Alexander, a 4 year old stray in need of a home. After about 30 mi...ns with him I knew he was the one for me! We got all the paperwork settled and I came and got him the next day.

Alexander (now known as Vincent) is the sweetest cat I have ever met. He's playful, cuddly, and hilarious. He loves belly rubs, kisses, and feather wands.

Honestly I cannot thank you guys enough, or rate this place high enough! You have helped me find such a wonderful pet and I am so grateful.
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Sandra Chvala
· January 30, 2018
Absolutely love the staff! They stayed a little late so we could finish our application and were beyond helpful before I took my Barney home. Always available to answer questions and have a genuine for all their rescues. As a new dog owner, I felt completely comfortable with adopting from Metro East Humane Society. See More
Ivy Lyons
· December 23, 2017
Metro East was, by far, one of the best shelters I’ve had the pleasure of coming to. When I came in, the volunteers and staff were hard at work, and were quick to answer questions and guide me through... the process of adoption. They were also very aware of the different relevant policies, the animal’s history and relevant information, and the shelter was well taken care of. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to get a dog from, and I’m so glad to have brought a big ol’ lapdog home with me! Many Thanks! See More
Lara Bshara
· March 26, 2018
Feeling grateful for Zizou (formerly known as Riddler), for coming into our lives. He’s been the best dog ever. So smart, sweet, gentle, caring and goofy. The adoption process was a very smooth transi...tion from shelter to home. MEHS helped us find a vet to establish care and how to register with the county for his rabies shot records. We did find out he had worms. He had a parasite that was not treated by the general dewormer offered by the shelter. I only say this because future/potential adopters should go into adoptions with the expectation that they are getting a shelter dog (not a blank slate puppy). Things may come be prepared for that. And it’s for a great reason. See More
Elvira Chalecki
· December 1, 2017
I'm so happy we stopped in on my daughter's whim. Nala (who's already responding to Willow) is doing fabulous! She's fantastic with my 7 and 9 year old children. She and our other dog are getting alon...g as well. She slept well and is behaving as if this has always been her home. We couldn't be happier. Thank you!! See More
Hannah Gvillo
· November 29, 2017
This place was amazing. I came in several times last week looking for the perfect cat. There were so many different cats with all kinds of personalities and their "kitty city" was the perfect environm...ent to see how they behaved. It was very clean and they made sure that only cats who got along with other cats were in the room to prevent any from getting hurt. I asked the staff every question I had about the cats I was interested in and they always had a good answer for me. They were so friendly and knowledgeable and I was confident they would help me find the perfect cat. I was split between several, but when I came one day and met 3-year-old, fluffy, black Agnes, I knew she was perfect. She was so sassy but loving and had the funniest little meow. When I came back to get her, she had become one of the "office cats" that got to roam around and greet everyone. I was approved and adopted her that day and she is loving her new home! She likes belly rubs and drinking from the sink and is the most patient cat I have ever met! She has the fluffiest little paws and is obsessed with finding out what is behind every door! I can't wait to have her snuggles for the rest of her life 😊 See More
Stacy Lynn Kelly
· November 17, 2017
We found our newest family member... the only boy who just sat and looked at us when we walked in. He didn't go crazy and just wanted to snuggle in the MEHS visitation room. We brought him home on Nov... 12, he has been cuddling us ever since. Loves my kids, and being under covers or laying on someone. He loves to play tug-o-war and walks himself mostly. He is exactly what we needed and are grateful @MEHS had him for us to find! See More
Nikki Palmer Bange
· April 5, 2018
We asked that at our sons 3 birthday family and friends brought animal supplies. The shelter was so thankful and loving. Let us play with the animals and was great with our son. Will continue to donat...e to them... See More
Sharon Hoekstra
· February 9, 2018
Visited the shelter on Christmas Eve 2017. Dropped off some donations. The staff was so excited about all the goodies for the fur-babies. They gave us a tour of the shelter and were marvelous with the... animals. They take a lot of time trying to find these babies good homes. Thank-You MEHS. See More
Haley Andrews
· October 13, 2017
Metro is the Besto! Adopted my cat here when I was 2 years old and she's 19 now, going strong as ever. Always refer my family and friends to this place and none of us are ever disappointed. Nice staff..., clean facility, lovely animals of all types. What more could you want? See More
Matt Lalor
· October 8, 2017
Only been there once, and that was yesterday to get a cheap rabies vaccine and Madison County tag for my Rat Terrier. The line was understandably long, but the staff were nice, the facilities (that w...e saw, at least) were nice, and they treated us and our dog very well.

So based on this one visit, I say "thumbs up!"
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Dalton Daugherty
· February 27, 2018
Adopted a cat who ended up having a upper respiratory infection and now my other two cats are sick with it.

Not sure how I’m supposed to not only afford the fee I had to pay initially and then the n...early $200 to take each pet to the vet that are now sick from the cat that should have been more thoroughly examined before we left. See More
Beca Crites
· October 11, 2017
We have adopted 2 animals from them. A kitten-sparkles(formerly known as Debbie) and a puppy- princess(formerly known as panda). They are the sweetest, most loving fur babies ever! The shelter was hel...pful and kind both times we came in to adopt. They were patient when we had to call the vet for records and helped make the process as smooth and quick as possible. See More
Breanna Chandler
· January 7, 2018
I don’t like to leave negative reviews if I do not have to, but I am very very upset with how MEHS handled my situation this past week. I had been approved to adopt prior to ever stepping foot in the ...building and was going to meet my hopeful future best friend the day that he became officially available. I arrived 30 minutes prior to you guys even opening and someone else got let in the door before me, someone who had submitted their application and had NOT been approved yet. While I was standing there waiting, the staff ASKED HER THE QUESTIONS on the application to see if she could be approved, IN FRONT OF ME, all while I could have been meeting my future dog and putting him on hold to come home and be loved by me for many years. I have adopted before and this was VERY unprofessional. I do have friends who have worked at MEHS and I do know that this is not how things are to be ran. I was approved and should have met him before any one else, and that is a fact. If it weren’t for the sweet babies, I would never even think about adopting from here again. I just hope that your staff can work on this so that it doesnt break someone elses heart in the future. And I hope that that sweet boy will be well taken care of. See More
Jan Nappier
· December 17, 2017
I love this place. I try to stop in at least once a week and drop off newspaper. The staff has always been pleasant and very appreciative. Thank you for all you do.
Madeline Hillard
· October 5, 2017
Adopted my 3 mo old kitten from MEHS, originally named Gander (now Oliver) and had such a pleasant and timely experience here, was approved and got to take my little guy home all in the same day. He i...s now 5 mo old and doing awesome, thank you for all of the wonderful work you do, will be back and will definitely be recommending to friends!!! See More
Lucy can hardly contain her excitement. We had 36 adoptions last week. This means 36 animals found their forever homes making room for 36 more animals to save. #mehshappytails
PETS OF THE DAY. Kittens! We have a lobby full of kittens and a holding area of kittens just waiting to be made available. Kitten adoption fees are only $25 now until the end of the month. Don't miss out!
Kitten Season is here! Meet our adorable fur babies during business hours; Monday-Saturday 1130-5 and Sunday 1130-3.

We’re having a great time at Big Daddy's Edwardsville!

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Metro East Humane Society to Lucy's Birthday Bash!
23 hrs

We’re having a blast at Big Daddy's Edwardsville! Stop on by to wish Lucy a happy birthday! Special thanks to Dr. Kettenbach for making Lucy’s birthday cake from scratch.

Tonight's the night we celebrate MEHS and our special birthday girl, Lucy at Lucy's Birthday Bash!! Bring a sweater and join us at Big Daddy's Edwardsville from 5 - 8 pm.

Bring a sweater and join us tonight as we celebrate MEHS and our special girl, Lucy! Pre-purchase tickets at the link below or pay at the bar for all-you-can-ea...t-and -drink apps, domestic bottles, house wine and well drinks!

We are collecting toys & treats for dogs and cats and cleaning supplies & paper towels for Lucy's friends at the shelter and our very own Dr. Kettenbach is bringing the cake!

See More
Join us for an all-you-can-eat-and-drink* birthday celebration for MEHS spokesdog, Lucy! The birthday girl is collecting wish list items for her friends at at the shelter, including toys and treats for dogs and cats, paper towels and cleaning supplies. Proceeds from ticket sales help us save homeles...