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Showing love & appreciation for two of the most ground-breaking and influential artists in music history.
Truth: Everything that pop/R&B artists today aspire to be, started with MICHAEL JACKSON & WHITNEY HOUSTON!
Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are two artists who are both considered to have redefined urban pop music when their respective careers took off - in the ea...rly eighties for Jackson and the mid-eighties for Houston.
Michael Jackson's phenomenal rise to the heights of superstardom started with the release of his first smash solo album since musically parting ways with the Jackson 5. "Off the Wall" was released and with it came an edgier, funkier, vibier brand of urban pop music never heard before its time. It was, however, with the monstrous success of its follow-up release, "Thriller", that Jackson's place in pop music history was solidified as it went on to become the biggest selling album in music history. With it, Jackson completely revolutionized the face pop music in general as he raised the bar of what it means to be an entertainer to a quite simply unattainable position.
The launch of Whitney Houston's career in 1985 drew a reception much the same as Jackson's, the only difference being that where Jackson already had a firm following in place, Houston burst onto the scene virtually unknown. Her eponymous debut album took a slow rise to the top but went on to set the record as the best-selling debut album by a female artist in music history. Houston was one of the first African American artists to find success on MTV in Michael Jackson's wake.The world was introduced to and fell in love with an artist with massive potential and enormous cross-over appeal. Whitney Houston's grand entrance into the music industry is considered one of the 25 musical milestones of the last 25 years, according to USA Today. Following her debut, other African-American female artists such as Janet Jackson and Anita Baker were able to find similar success in popular music.
Whitney continued to make and break records in the music industry never before seen for a female artist, especially a black female artist, in precisely the same vein as her male counterpart. Later dubbed "The Voice", due to her powerful, soaring vocals and masterful interpretive skill, Houston went on to open doors for the other black female artists to also be recognized by the music industry and the rest of the world.

Both were among the first black artists to be featured on a then predominantly "white" MTV.
Both have influenced an entire generation of artists from a wide array of different genres.
Both have at some point or another been accused of alienating themselves from their cultural heritage and been ostracized for not being "black enough", only to rise above this and become spokespersons and role-models for the same demographic.
Both have suffered the harshest realities of superstardom and come under immense scrutiny and criticism by a mostly cruel and unjust media.
But both are still considered the pioneers of modern pop/r&b, spurring on a culture of entertainers all delusively eager to reach the same level and status as these two music royals.

Even though Michael and Whitney were very close friends, they did the best they could to, for their own reasons, keep their relationship to themselves. Thus, and much to the surprise (and disappointment) of mutual fans, they never collaborated on any music together before Michael's death in 2009.
Here is where we thank the stars above for technology. This page also promotes mash-ups and remixes by "audiosavage" featuring Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston, making it possible for all of us to (albeit superficially) enjoy the King & Queen doing what they do best...on the same track!
(...all in good fun, of course).
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