• “Since I saw Michael in Massachusetts a few months ago and attending his workshops, a lot of growth has transpired. I bought several of his CD’s, many of which I have now lent to my clients because I felt they could learn so much. One man in particular is a 62-yea- old retired gentleman whom I have been meeting with in therapy/spiritual direction weekly for five years. He’s a man of faith, but ha...
  • Michael...thanks so much for the time on the phone today. ​
    You fueled my lantern! Hearing all of the internal dialogue that has been floating in my head spoken from someone whom I've grown to greatly admire, gives me liberation, justification and resolution.You inspire me in ways I cannot explain. I am awakened and​ ​feel ablaze with a passion to help fuel the light in others​. ​I am renewed and ...
  • Be the Living Proof video: http://bit.ly/living-proof-video

    I have said many times (as did many masters), this world is an illusion (or dream) that we—human beings—have dreamt into existence. This is a hard thing to understand and accept. But one of the best ways to wrap our heads around this is to prove it.
    There is a difference between proving something because we KNOW it and want to help others by showing it versus proving something out of ego, defense...
    Toward the end of the talk I became restless, agitated and fidgety, I didn’t want to listen. I took on a rough, hard, cold demeanor. I began to feel it would be impossible for me to ever reach the goals Michael was teaching us. I’d been in too much pain for too long. I was beyond redeemable, hopeless. Brok...
  • A Short Story taken from a recent Michael Mirdad/Grail Productions eNewsletter.
    Once upon a time, there was a princess. This princess was born to love and be loved and to share all that was her inheritance. While still very young, the princess dreamt that she would someday fall in love with a very special man, a man with whom she would share a large portion of her life. However, before her dream co...
  • Dear Friends:


    I have always said that making predictions and prophecies is the worst career in the world. If you are accurate and predict something that does indeed take place, it doesn't feel very good. But, if your prediction does NOT take place, hopefully due to changes that were made to alleviate the potential catastrophe, then you look like a ...failure, which also doesn't feel very good.


    Nevertheless, there are some vital reasons why I have to share the following messages with you regarding some coming earth changes. First of all, at the end of last year and start of this year, I predicted in my classes and to my employees that there would soon be coming a few specific challenges--a few for us personally (all of which came true) and a few on the planet, namely in the form of severe weather, earthquakes, and tsunamis (again, all of which came true, such as in Japan and elsewhere). Then, sometime around June, I predicted that the year would not end without at least a couple more major earth events--probably between September and November. As you may have noticed, we just experienced some major storms and flooding (which are very rare) in the Northeast. And these came right on time--at the start of my predicted time period.


    Next, a few weeks ago, I woke up from sleep with a clear message that an earthquake was coming to "Washington."As I awoke, I assumed this meant that we would have an earthquake in the state of Washington--which is where I live. But when I had a staff member search the internet to see if such a quake occurred, it confirmed that one had indeed taken place but it was in Washington DC, not Washington State. So, I assumed that I got the message correct but just mistranslated which Washington the quake would take place. But when I meditated on this for greater clarity, I felt that even though DC was notthe main subject of the message and even though they did indeed have an earthquake, it felt very clear that Washington Statewas more the actual subject of the potential change. As a matter of fact, the guidance was telling me that both places were somehow connected and that a quake would hit both, but this is something that seemed way too far out to put together at the time.


    What this basically means is that it feels like some major earth changes might be coming to the Pacific Northwest. And, as many of you know, I was already guided several weeks ago to move from the Northwest to the Southwest--even before these potential changes were told to me. And, as of this week, we are moving our home and office to Sedona, Arizona. We will use this area as our new home base for approximately a year. While we are here, we will continue our work and long-distance touring as well as offering some local events. Also, during this time I am stepping into the position of being the interim "Spiritual Leader" (minister) at the Unity Church of Sedona. This means I will guide and support the Unity Church 3 weeks per month AND still go on tour for 1 week per month.


    By the way, with my employees, I also shared some inspired messages of how this prediction relates to the bigger picture of changes to come. This bigger picture is related to probable changes eventually striking England, other parts of the USA, and the rest of the world. In less than one week of this private reading for my employees, an earthquake--registering 6.5 hit Vancouver Canada, which is of course part of the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, several dozen other quakes have also been felt along the US west coast in just the last week. It is obvious, however, that these quakes so far are far from catastrophic. So, does it mean the quake I predicted has been lessened and that the region is out of danger? Yes, it is possible. But I would say there is still more to come and that the risk remains high for another 1-2 months. And, mark my words, if there is a major quake there, you can expect that there will also be a tsunami that follows--neither of which I pray will actually occur. Now we should all do our part to pray for the healing of the west coast (and all other regions for that matter), as it is never too late to make a difference. 


    Despite the accuracy of this year's predictions thus far, what really has impressed me the most is that YOU, my students, and some folks on our mailing list, are beginning to pick up on these same signs and feelings. In fact several of you knew that there must be something coming when you heard I was moving. Well thanks for your trust in my decision and for your connection to me that is seemingly so close that you would recognize the signs of the times.


    I wish I could share more details and predictions with you but my schedule is too full. In fact, I have been wanting to send thismessage to you (even before the small quakes began) but have had no time. So, even though I should be sending you our full e-newsletter, I opted to let this short message take its place, as I didn't want any more changes to come without my forewarning all of you.


    I invite you all to watch your own dreams and feelings--especially in the coming weeks. Then, feel free to send us some short summaries of your guidance. We will collect them and share them with our readers. I too will try to keep you updated but for now let me just say that the times are changing and things will never be as they once were. Yes, it feels sad to some of us to lose the old world but we need to get our priorities straight and begin preparations to accept the coming new world.


    Love & Light, Michael Mirdad

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  • Dear Michael, I don't know if you remember me but I was the assistant conference manager at one of the countries most respected spiritual centers at which you were a speaker at one of our conferences. I had the pleasure of personally providing transportation for you to the airport several years ago. I distinctly remember you as a very special indiv...idual, exuding peace and love and was struck by your attitude of gratefulness at my helping you. Also, of all the major speakers, which we featured on a regular basis, I recall you having a unique level of humility. I even recall an incident in driving you to the airport wherein my window on your side of the car would not roll up and it started to rain...but you handled it with such grace. It was such an honor to meet you and am planning to attend one of your upcoming events.

    ~Submitted by email to the Grail Productions office

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  • Dear Friends: We recently met a wonderful person and wanted to introduce her to you. Her name is Jane Taylor Hardy, M.S.W., C.S.W. She has some informative and humorous videas available on her website. Jane is a thought coach specializing in The Work of Byron Katie as well as a social worker. Practicing her own Radical Coaching Technique, Jane oper...ates ThinkCoach (www.thinkcoach.biz), focusing on helping her clients become aware of their own limiting patterns of thought and behavior, and providing them with powerful tools to enable them to experience immediate breakthrough and change. Jane is also the author of It’s Not Out There – an Integral Approach to Escaping Victim Consciousness. 

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  • Dear Friends at Grail: I just wanted to share how touched and amazed I felt at one of Michael's recent church events. I stood in bewilderment as Michael stood toward the back of the church after his sermon and noticed these two children toward the front who couldn't help themselves from looking back at Michael. Michael (trying to remain unnoticed b...y others) began smiling at them and then making faces to make the children smile. Then, after the service, the children's mother approached Michael to tell him that when her children kept looking back at him it was because they were seeing this bright light glowing around him and had never seen that before. Michael humbly thanked the kids and told them how "cool" it was that they could now see "auras." I think those two children left the church possibly even more affected than by the adults who attended the service. It was incredible!!!

    --Jamie, CAN

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  • It's time once again for our highly acclaimed Healing & Mastery Intensive, which may very well be the best thing to change your life. This 5-day intensive focuses on taking EVERY facet of your life (physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitive, and spiritual) to a whole new level of experience. The dates are Thursday, May 18th-Monday, May 23rd, 201...7. The cost is $1,100.00, which does not include lodging. This is considered by many to be one of the most life-changing workshops around. This event advances your abilities to heal, meditate, focus, forgive, and create the life you desire. You will also nurture healing skills, confidence, a healthier more balanced life, clearer guidance, and learn to live the life that most reflects your higher self in mind, body, and soul—in your relationships and in every decision you make.

    You will never find a single event that offers so much! In this one program, you will discover how to get clearer guidance, receive and develop healing skills, experience many amazing teachings and insights, love and trust yourself, create fulfilling relationships, and live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body, and soul. Mastery & Healing is an advanced training for students and teachers of spirituality who are ready to learn how to manifest a spiritual, integrated, balanced, and prosperous life, as well as learning how to bring God and all spiritual learning into your daily life and activities.

    Topics Include:

    • Spiritual Mastery: Develop a life plan, enhance creativity, practice true forgiveness, awaken higher levels of consciousness, and open your heart center.
    • Mental Mastery: Develop greater focus, learn effective meditation, and discover your soul’s purpose.
    • Emotional Mastery: Develop psychic abilities, create fulfilling relationships, transform trauma, and learn advanced emotional healing techniques.
    • Physical Mastery: Manifest greater prosperity, create healthy living through diet and exercise, learn to read the energy of the body, receive training in healing arts, and learn principles of sacred sexuality.


    Daily schedule generally runs from 9am to 6pm

    Location: Unity of Sedona, 65 Deer Trail Drive, 86336
    Intensive tuition does not include lodging. Nearby suggestions sent upon registration.


    Space is limited, so register now by visiting our website: https://michaelmirdad.com/events/mastery-healing-intensive/. You can also register by telephone at (360) 671-8349. 

    All deposits, fees and donations are non-refundable.

    Attendees may arrive as students, but they leave as masters.Attendees may arrive as students, but they leave as masters.
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