We are one month out from the University Center Gaylord BioBlitz. This fantastic event explores BioDiversity and interconnectedness while navigating the wilds of beautiful Gaylord. We would love to see everyone there!
Earth Day @ DEQ!
Let the count down begin! 3 more days! We are very excited to answer National Geographic's call to explore the world around us by partnering with the University Center Gaylord to be a sponsor of BioBlitz 2016. Come join us for a day of fun, nature, and exploration.

Algal blooms cause major issues in our Great Lakes, a similar phenomenon happens in the Chinese Great Salt Lake. This video can lead do a great conversation about how the environment effects humans, what impact humans have on the environment and also offers a great opportunity to compare two places:…/170925-pink-lake-in-…

Extreme heat causes this ancient Chinese salt lake to change colors.

A guest FEATURE FRIDAY from our friends at PBS Learning Media. This lesson is perfect for elementary students to take a meaningful look at recycling:…/reach-with-…/recycling/…

Explore how things are the same and how they are different as you compare and contrast information with videos and text (and a slimy snail!) Play recycling games, read secret ‘snail trail’ messages, and learn why we must reduce our landfills.

Very excited to be at Constitution Hall to celebrate Earth Day with Michigan DEQ!

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Water is an incredibly precious resource. Here with our abundance of lakes and streams we often take the availability of fresh water for granted. While these maps have a definite point of view, they still raise some good topics for discussion:…/maps-atlas-water-con…/

A new atlas by "guerrilla cartographers" explores the importance of water in everything from ancient mythology to modern warfare.

In our schoolyard BioBlitz we work to observe and identify the species around us. But what if they have more than one identity?…/the-big-ugly-problem-hear…/

Naming species forms the foundation of biology—but these rogue researchers are exposing the flaws in the system

Building on a schoolyard BioBlitz or the MEECs Ecosystem and Biodiversity Unit check out this integrated lesson from Nat Geo Education:…/Save_the_Frogs_Updat…

In addition to our MEECs unit on Climate Change, check out PBS Education ideas for bringing global climate change into the classroom:…/…/climate-change-in-the-classroom

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Congratulations to Paarth Sharma of Portage, the 2018 winner of the Michigan National Geographic Bee.…/…/portage_elementary_school_stud.html

During the winter, Europe's longest ice road makes it possible to drive between the island of Hiiumaa and the mainland of a certain country. Can you name the country?

Congratulations and good luck to all participants competing today in the state National Geographic GeoBee finals. Test your geographic knowledge with this GeoBee practice quiz:

As we gear up for Earth Day this month, and as a follow up to the article earlier this week, NASA has a terrific collection of eveidence and articles on the topic of climate change:

The current warming trend is extremely likely human-induced and proceeding at an unprecedented rate in the past 1,300 years.

Scientists agree that our climate is changing. This article from The Washington Post examines this phenomenon. This is a very difficult topic to teach. For assistance navigating this difficult-to-teach concept check out h MEECS Climate Change curriculum supplement available on our website:…/arctic-temperatures-soar…/…

This latest temperature spike is another striking indicator of the Arctic's rapidly changing climate.

A final tribute to Reading Month:

2 Mar Map of the Week: Famous Children Author’s Birth Places The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s auth...

FRIDAY FEATURE: Good stories can transport us to new places. As we wrap up reading month check out some stories that will let young students explore geography:…/reading%20month%20USING%20LITERATUR…

ArcGIS is a great platform to help kids visualize and communicate in depth topics. This article from the ArcGIS community has several ways to improve your own skills, and use mapping technology in the classroom:…/10-things-you-can-do-with-arcg…

Several new content pieces invite you to do hands-on work with Esri web GIS technology:   [1] 10 Things you can do with ArcGIS Online in

Getting students thinking about there impact both close to home and globally is a priority for every geographic educator. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots has a practical toolkit which can help you guide students of all ages through meaningful projects connecting them to the world at large.
Getting students thinking about there impact both close to home and globally is a priority for every geographic educator. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots has a practical toolkit which can help you guide students through meaningful projects: