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Who do you know that is getting out of dragons this year? Seems like quite a few..

Sir Triton x Sirus had a honeymoon the other day.. Yeah for citrus sandfires.


So far this week we have eggs from Delilah x G.George jr., Sunkisses x Komodo, Penny x Sampson (she's in the laying bin now) and one of the Panther chams just laid today....

Got the new incubator going with auto humidity control.!! Yeee hawww!!

Happy new year everyone..
One goal for 2013 is to revise this page to keep more current.

Hey everyone, just updated the website and put a few more beauties on there on the Available page.... Happy Saturday.

Male Het Silverback for sale.... check out the website. His name is Sid.

We will be adding a "FOR SALE" section to our photos for you to review for current dragons for sale......) added 4 new photos to the album: GalleryOfDragons.

Mecca~Future Breeder Citrus

just started.....)