While Miguel enjoys the atmosphere of Venice Beach, CA, he explains where he draws his inspiration from. All I Want Is You available everywhere now! iTunes: Amazon: Mig's Store:
Get to know Miguel as he discusses his childhood growing up in San Pedro, CA avoiding the distractions of South Central LA, his first memories of trying to get a record deal, and where his love & passion for music stems from. All I Want Is You available everywhere now! iTunes:
Just Covering portions of MF Doom's Curls Vrs... Skipped quite a bit of it to keep it short and Sweet. Enjoy.
Rare and Exclusive footage of Miguel Rehearsing without His band.
mp3: Soon I'll be an incredible guitar player but... gotta start somewhere right! Wanna do one of these every week so, hit the yellow button above and let me know what you think
Kindof Self Explanatory
Stash Magazine interview with Miguel Jontel about his new album "All I Want Is You", his adventures in the music industry and more! Interview by TrendOne Jeff Video by
Album: Below The Heavens LYRICS: Sorry, i dont know who's who,when their doin' their thang'. [Intro] first things first Ain't tryna game you up so girl i'll be straight first things first dont want to mess it up before it's too late first things first my name is... and you are? I'd like ...
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After all the ISA videos, we're back to the "Now You Know" show :) What a privilege to have been able to sit down one-on-one with this talented 23-year old artist who has already produced songs for Usher and Mary J. Blige. Now he's producing his own music and proving that his unique sound can top r...
Live @ The Viper Room, West Hollywood Ca. 3/31/10!