How big is tonight's game against the L.A. Clippers for the Brooklyn Nets?…/los-angeles-clippers-game-big-…/

A win against the Los Angeles Clippers tonight could be huge for the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Nets could be enormous next season.…/brooklyn-nets-might-be-biggest…/

The Brooklyn Nets have a plethora of star power, but head coach Jason Kidd must still utilize all the size he could have on his roster.

Brooklyn Nets select Mason Plumlee with the 22nd pick. Should be a solid NBA backup.

People...Spoelstra actually outcoached Pop in this game...WOW. Congrats to the Miami Heat

Some great individual performances and a lot of back and forth, but the quality of these games is disappointing me. Game 1 was the only one that was close in the final minutes...

I've got no problem with the Nets hiring Jason Kidd so long as they don't fire him in 2015, because there's no way a first time coach is winning a championship in two years

What about Brian Shaw could possibly have him at the top of the Brooklyn Nets' coaching list?…/why-might-brian-shaw-be-at-top…/

There is one thing about Indiana Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw that might put him at the top of the Brooklyn Nets list.

Because it makes perfect sense to get rid of someone who just won Coach of the Year. Doesn't it?

LeBron James scares me sometimes

This series is crazy intense

"They had a more intelligent plan against Roy Hibbert than New York did, and we've got to adjust," said Frank Vogel of the Heat.

Whether that shot at the Knicks was intentional or not, it made me laugh.

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Not like anyone's gonna beat Miami four times anyway though

Frank Vogel's smarter than that

The Brooklyn Nets need to try trading forward Kris Humphries this summer as he is due an outrageous amount of money next season.