Mark it down tomorrow we will be on from Noon-4pm recapping the Terps Basketball Season, getting ready for Terps Spring Football. We will talk with Roch Kubatko from Sarasota recapping the Spring Training Week that was for the Orioles...NFL Combine and Draft Talk...NCAA College Basketball and Tournament talk including with former Calvert Hall and Loyola College Coach Mark Amatucci who will also tell us about a big dedication ceremony coming up for some former Hall greats. All that and

Filling in for Ken Weiman from 6-10pm...we will talk latest NCAA Basketball News and Diamond Stone-Maryland with Keith Cavanaugh of the Terrapin Times at 620pm...Tony Lombardi previews his Fanimal Show for tomorrow at 650pm...Chris Knoche will join me at 720 to talk about Maryland-Michigan tomorrow...Roch Kubatko joins me at 7pm to recap the Orioles Exhibition game against Tampa Bay...NBA...NCAA Tournament and


I will be filling in for Ken Weiman 6-10pm on Friday night and then on Saturday doing Terps Basketball Post Game after Senior Day against Michigan...then on until 6pm leading into Orioles Baseball.

I will be filling in for Tony Lombardi on Russell Street Report's Radio Show called 'The Fanimal' with Miles Goodman Saturday morning at 8am...then I will be on at 6pm for my regular program for an hour until 7pm. Then I will be doing a 30 minute Pre-Game Show for Terps Basketball and then a 30 minute Post Game Show.

Back at it filling in tonight from 6 to 10pm...Chris Knoche will join me to recap the Terps loss to Nebraska last night...Maryland Head Football Coach DJ Durkin will join me at 7 to talk about the season ahead and the latest recruiting class...Also when did you choose sports over love or vice your Valentine an awesome athlete...some more breakdown of the Ravens offseason and the one thing no one is talking about if the Ravens had parted ways with John Harbaugh this year...I'll recap some of my hot takes from Monday, what starter should be cut this year and what starter needs to go after 2018 and no not talking Joe...forget 2018, what of the Orioles future?...keeping tabs on Wizards tonight and more...Call and

Got the call or text rather...filling in for Tony Kovach who is in for Ken who is filling for Vinny, do you have all that...on 6-10pm tonight recapping the in studio 90 mins with Tony Lombardi from yesterday on the Ravens, lots of good stuff including a big name that should or potentially could be cut, in addition a guy I am ready to part with after this year...Chris Knoche will get us ready for Terps Basketball as they take on Nebraska tomorrow and what can be done to their road woes...Winter Olympics anybody?...the E60 on Steve McNair's family...fellow weekend host Ryan Sebring will drop by to recap his conversation with someone in the Os Minor League System and tell us why all our negativity on the Os is ridiculous...NBA talk, all that and more...irresponsible reporting and more...Call and Text 410-583-1057,

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I will be kicking off a Sports Sunday, on the air from Noon-3pm. Tony Lombardi from will be in studio with me from Noon until 1:30pm as we will recap the Super Bowl and talk about what can be learned from it...we will continue to talk about the State of the Ravens Press Conference...we will look ahead at the draft, free agency and talk a little about the 2017 season...also Ray Lewis in the Hall of Fame...later on some NBA Talk, Maryland Terrapin Basketball and Football and some Os baseball...Call and Text

Observations/Thoughts from the Super Bowl:
-First congrats to the Eagles and Head Coach Doug Pederson, well deserved
-While many are giving credit to Pederson on being aggressive, my thought is what choice did he have especially with his defense playing no where near what they had done all year. He had to go for a TD before the half, that wasn't gutsy, it was just the right move.
-There is not a QB controversy in Philly...Wentz is the guy when he comes back...if anything will be even hungrier from this experience and it may have been a blessing that he got a chance to experience a Super Bowl first before playing in it
-Nick Foles needs to stay in Philly, he is in a good situation (coach, players, system) and he would not necessarily succeed elsewhere as another team's QB. Yes this means being a backup after Wentz comes back. Your only one play away
-While its been a great run, my gut tells me while Nick Foles will never be quite this good again.
-Whoever said the Patriots made no adjustments in 2nd half, do you really believe Belicheck didn't do anything?!!? Maybe just maybe Philly's offense was better and their adjustments did not matter.
-For all the love given to Belicheck and the Patriots and their drafting, FA acquisition or trades. How do you explain the defense, not just yesterday but at least half of the year. That defense while it had its moments and is not completely devoid of talent was terrible! The defense for the first six weeks was bad, it got fixed especially in the Red Zone but playing against Miami, NYJ and Buffalo for 6 games isn't exactly difficult.
-Lastly maybe we are starting to find out why Butler did not play but here is the bottom line, while I would not have done it, its tough to blame Bill entirely when Butler might have just put himself first instead of the team. If you can't put the team first for one week before the biggest game of the year for the Championship, who should you be blaming? Again I would not have made the team suffer for it but I don't blame Bill first that's all.
-Oh and finally, while nothing last's forever, there are still a lot of reasons why the Pats will at least be back in the playoffs even if they take a step down next year which is no given. Don't buy the hype that it's over. Who is the third best team in the AFC, maybe Jax but with what QB???? Can Bortles repeat if he is back?

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UPDATE: I will be on tonight to talk about from 10pm-Midnight...I had a feeling that Steve Bisciotti might announce this being Ozzie's last year as GM today as compared to the end of the season...that was news I had heard but could not divulge officially although I did say draw what conclusions you will by him not being at the Press Conference...Steve talking about too many opinions on the Top Draft picks without saying too much is part of why the Ravens have struggled at the top of the draft. The buck stops with Ozzie and Eric certainly but there is always more to the story as they say.

I will be filling in tomorrow for Tony Lombardi on his Ravens 247 radio show called 'The Fanimal' from 8-9am with Miles Goodman on The Fan. We will talk host of topics including the State of the Ravens Presser next week, the Draft and Marlon Humphrey...Former Raven Offensive Lineman Edwin Mulitalo will join us to talk about getting ready for the Super Bowl...Also we will talk to a reporter at the Senior Bowl....then I will be on in the evening for my regular program from 6-9pm.

I just got off the phone with Ravens Senior PR Man Kevin Byrne and he told me that the Ravens did not schedule the press conference for next Friday before the Super Bowl knowing that many in the media would be in Minnesota covering the SB. They checked with the local media and only two media members will be covering the SB, two of them from radio, one of them being The Fan's own Scott Garceau. With budget cuts, reduced staff etc these days many local outlets are not sending the media to the SB unless their team is in the game. He also said it was the best time Steve could do it with his schedule. There was no plan to try hide and avoid the media. Last year only two other owners did any sort of end of the year press conference. Steve knows he has tough questions to answer and intends to do that.

I will be on tonight for an abbreviated program 6-8pm leading you into Westwood One and their coverage of Men's College Basketball tonight as #18 Kentucky and Florida do battle...we will talk a ton of Ravens including does the State of the Ravens Press Conference even matter at this point. the interview I had with Tony Lombardi from Russell Street Report where he I think nails what the issue with the Ravens drafting issues have been. We will also hear from the Ravens new QB Coach and Defensive Coordinator...break down the AFC and NFC Championship about changes with the Steelers...the one question no one is raising with the Orioles...Terps football coaching changes and more...410-583-1057, Text 410-583-1057 and email

Maryland has defeated Michigan the last couple of years. While they have a chance to continue that tonight although that's far from a lock, I would ask that you watch the way Michigan runs offense. I am glad that Turgeon stresses defense and rebounding but ultimately he is an offensive guy and I am still baffled at the lack of consistency offensively. Too many times its undisciplined and lacks enough sets and motion and ends up being too much one on one and dribbling or settling. I know the game has changed but some low post skills for Fernando would be nice. Some development of the height they have offensively is needed and has been needed. The one thing MD lacks and that Michigan has always had is at least two to three consistent three point shooters.

PREVIEW: Terps with their second straight road test Monday with a 6:30 pm tip at Michigan ⬇️…

Maryland (14-5, 3-3 B1G) will play its second straight road game Monday, January 15 when the Terps take on Michigan (15-4, 4-2 B1G) in Ann Arbor, Mich. at 6:30 pm.

I will be on Wednesday night from 10pm-Midnight and then from 6-8pm on Saturday, can't wait!

I have mixed feelings here. He sure as heck better get a lot more aggressive play calling and disguise better...Too bad we could not get Pagano or Fangio or Pettine (see previous post)...I would have liked someone from the outside who runs the system. WIth the way the Raiders defense performed, not sure I would have been keen on Del Rio. Heck I would have taken Mike Nolan, he did a great job when he was here taking over for Marvin Lewis. Nolan is familiar with the system and the LBs coach for NO, it would be a promotion for him....not that you can't be young and a great coach but this McDonald guy who is just 30 better be helluva LBs coach...losing Leslie Frazier last year is ashame although he is a 4-3 guy....frankly we could use a new Secondary coach as well although the Corners in general did pretty well this year but the Safeties were horrible.

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Don ‘Wink’ Martindale previously served as the Denver Broncos defensive coordinator in 2010. He has served as a linebackers coach in Baltimore since 2012.

If Kubiak or someone of his ilk was available or an upcoming coach sure I would be happy to move on here. Sure there were questionable play calls but let's be honest we question every play call that doesn't work as do 31 other teams and their fans of their coordinators...The last game is always fresh in our minds and that was pretty bad but that's as much on the players as coaches. The players knew what was at stake, they shouldn't need coaches to motivate them, etc...look at... that first half of the year with all the adversity, I am not sure many coordinators would have done well there. I know it's not easy for many fans to give Marty some slack but he definitely deserves some there...putting player development aside which is lacking at WR...its awful tough to develop a passing game with no true #1 WR and then no consistency in health and relying on your 4th string WR to be your #2 at times. Improved personnel along with some better development will clearly make a big difference....The Ravens have returned to much more of a power run team. I would like to see the Ravens get back to more of a medium to deep down the field passing team and less West Coast short passes. At the end of the day though no matter the schemes you need execution no matter how you get to end zone.

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Head Coach John Harbaugh said Marty Mornhinweg did a good job managing Joe Flacco's back injury early on, then showed a lot of scheming prowess in turning the offense into one of the NFL's best in the second half of the year.

I am trying to confirm with Ravens but I believe the bump up in position and salary was done because other teams were trying to hire Greg away. The hiring of Roman and D'Allesandris were huge hires last off season and while some of Harbaugh's hires like Trestman have been poor, he has also shown an ability to hire good coaches as well like these two. (In fact his 2008 staff when he first got here was damn good). I did love the schemes that Roman brought using the TE much more..., combo blocks, Wham blocks, pulling and Gap based attack...Teams did load the box against Ravens later in the year and some of that had to do with the Ravens tight run formations that brought more defenders into the box. That said I felt the last few weeks schematically the Ravens could have done more. However did not have the balance to respect the pass to take pressure off the run. You would think next year this run game ought to be better with Lewis and Yanda coming back and quality depth behind them.

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The Ravens’ run game architect this season, Greg Roman, has agreed to remain in Baltimore and work with Head Coach John Harbaugh and Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.