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Brenda Haag
· January 8, 2017
They repaired the hood on my 2006 Nissan Frontier that had developed a small rust spot. Also repaired my tailgate that i dropped. Excellent work! I got leather interior for seats and they did the red ...stitching to match the truck. Great job and he stands by his work. See More
Carly Torman
· January 10, 2017
Mike and his "buisness" are a huge scam. Ive spent over a month amd OVER $500 TRYING to work with him and have been blown off, and sent to the junkyard MYSELF (a female!) TWICE!!! in my 30 years o...n this earth I've never heard of such a thing. I left my car ALL day with him to work on.... On my day off mind u, when i can get stuff done, and he only managed to put a tail light on, which takes 5 mins. I had over 130 miles in gas in my car when i dropped it off and picked it up with 53 miles!! Not to mention he claims he only went to ford to test drive my car(2 miles away)... I had no clue a 5 min drive took 1/2 of a tank up!.... and now mysteriously I had a nail in my brand new tire, that he PLUGGED UP. when I KNOW there was NOTHING in my tires when I left it with him this morning. Ok I think u got the jist, I hope! DONT GO HERE!! he'll tell u whatever u want to hear and tell u he's gonna take care of u, no worries, and just takes ur hard earned $$ time and time again...pardon my French but a big FUCK YOU to mike, u sack of shit, scam artist. Took advantage of me cuz I was a single woman with a decent check to fix my car from the insurance company. JUST A LITTLE FYI... PM me if u need advice on a GOOD, HONEST place to take your car... I have an excellent mechanic(who i should have stuck w/ but i got a better estimate with mike, of course... U get what u pay for! See More
Ellie Villanueva
June 21, 2013
still waiting for pictures I was waiting for after 10 month and a bill to insure my car
Skip Coogan
· December 8, 2015
They do excellent work. Very highly recommended.