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Joan Barclay Mason
· April 20, 2017
Oh my gosh if anyone on the NW side of Indy (or from any place in a 100 mile radius actually) needs a really great massage I have fantastic news. Stephanie and Ray Bigler are simply amazing! You wou...ld be nuts to not check them out. The prices are very reasonable, they care deeply about your issues and are the best kept secret on this side of Indy!! Do not buy groupons or living social for therapeutic massage ever again. You will NOT be sorry. See More

Were you aware.... naps are now being highly recommended but there are parameters. They should either be for 20 minutes ( quick pick me up type) OR between 60 and 90 minutes. The latter allows one to go through the entire sleep cycle which can increase creativity and thinking skills. It is stated that a 30 to 50 minute nap should be avoided, though, as that is enough time to enter deep sleep but not enough to cycle out of it so the napper tends to awaken dazed and confused.
There was a recent episode on Animal Planet's highly popular show " Tanked" where the company founder had a loooooong aquarium installed that had cut in napping cubicles

Were you aware....every 15 seconds a person over the age of 50 breaks a bone due to osteoporosis?!?!? No matter
how " hard " the surface or how " bad" the fall, a break caused by a fall from a standing height is nearly always because of weak, brittle bones caused by osteoporosis. Exercisng regularly, especially doing weight traiming, eating healthily , getting the recommended amount of calcium and Vitamin D can all help to lower your chances of developing this disorder. Take care of your bones!!


Were you aware...... a great way to teach kids, especially girls, about germs and how they spread is to use glitter. Sprinkle a little on their hands, have them spread it over their palms and then have them touch a variety of objects in an area you would not mind having glitter. Explain that the glitter left behind in doing this is not unlike how germs spread. A fun and educational experience

Were you aware.....1 or 2 kiwi fruits an hour before bedtime may increase the quality of your sleep, the length of your sleep and the speed with which you fall asleep? They are also rich in antioxidants. I am trying this!!!

Mind and Body Works, Inc. updated their status.
May 23, 2017

Ladies, were you aware that annual pap smears are no longer thought necessary? Cervical cancer cells, which are what paps tested for, are slow growing , taking 5 to 10 years to develop so getting tested every few years should be sufficient unless you have risk factors or switch doctors and cannot recall when you were tested last. Note one ought still have an annual pelvic exam.

Mind and Body Works, Inc. updated their status.
May 5, 2017

Were you aware..... add increased risk for stroke and dementia to the long lost of possible side effects from consuming diet beverages. A recent study indicated that there was twice the risk for stroke in those who consumed anywhere from one to six artificially sweetened drinks a week over those who do not, wth a slightly weaker link for dementia. It is not clear why the link exists other than it does.

Mind and Body Works, Inc. updated their status.
May 4, 2017

Are you aware.....Annual or biannual dental X-rays may be unnecessary?
All dental X-rays involve radiation and the more you have, the more apt you are to develop thyroid cancer or meningioma, a brain tumor that leads to vision changes and seizures. Yes, the risk is small but why accept unnecessary radiation? The ADA revised it's guidelines and now states that if you have had no cavities or evidence of decay for several years, you can go 2 to 3 years in between bitewing Xrays. If your dentist wants to do X-rays, ask about digital ones that reduce amount of radiation exposure by forty to sixty percent. I will definitely keep this in mind at my next cleaning.

Were you aware....toe raises are excellent for improving balance and lowering your risk for falling? Do this: hold onto a chair for support then rise up on the balls of your feet . Hold that position for 3 to 5 seconds and then lower your heels to the floor. Work up to 3 sets of 10 reps a day and then do one foot at a time and let go of the chair.

Were you aware .....headaches are a more common symptom of migraines than nausea? My massage practice also supports this. When a migraine comes on, do chin tucks . Easy. Move your head towards your chest and hold that position for about 10 seconds and then repeat.

Were you aware....apricots contain a nutrient that may prevent osteoarthritis and they also have high levels of magnesium which may help lessen pain.

There is a great and easy exercise one can do to improve grip strength , range of motion and ease joint pain . Called
the " Cat's Claw" , it is as follows:
Step 1: Open your hand wide with your fingers straight.
Step 2: Slowly bend your fingertips and thumbs toward the base of
your fingers....
Step 3: Hold this position for 6 seconds . Reopen your hand and
Easy AND effective!

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Were you aware...the spice turmeric acts like a prescription drug but without the side effects in easing arthritis pain and inflammation? Stir into side dishes or sprinkle on chicken or fish.

Beans are an excellent addition to one's diet for reasons one might not know. They can help prevent muscle shrinkage and make muscles stronger along with helping your joints to move more freely. The best beans for these purposes are red beans, small red kidney beans and pinto beans which have the highest antioxidant properties. ( info from Arthritis Today)

Were you also aware.....when having your BO taken at your Doctor's office, ask to have it taken from both arms. It is important to have this as a baseline and the differing numbers from one arm to the next might be an early indication there is a blockage! Also, ask to have 5 minutes of sitting stiill before they check it to avoid the hurried, cortisol driven spike called" white coat syndrome."

Were you excellent salve for chapped lips is honey! Use a Qtip to apply. It's natural and yummy! Be sure an apply it at bedtime too and wake up with smoother lips.