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Lisa Reil Rabino
· February 11, 2015
I started Pilates because of several surgeries that left me weak in the core, back and most recently a knee surgery. Pilates has helped my knee so much, its strong and i feel the scar tissue has brok...en it self down naturally. The mobile app for my phone and website make it really easy to add or cancel classes with my busy schedule. The instructors are very very skilled and I like that the classes are 4-5 people per class so the instructors can help, its almost like a private session. I went from a package 10 deal, to 2x a week, to unlimited with in 2 months because of how my body changed and how great I feel mentally and physically. See More
Heather Whitley
· January 9, 2017
I started taking reformer classes after my physical therapist recommended it almost three years ago. All the teachers are highly trained and very knowledgeable. You can work at your own pace by the weight or making variations to the exercises. Highly recommended for anyone, especially those coming back after an injury. See More
Mindful Movements Pilates Studio - Brentwood

Last call to order your arbonne detox kit to join our group cleanse starting Monday, feb 5....

email Nicky Clack Handlin @ if you interested in loosing 10 lbs this month and wanting to create a healthier eating plan/schedule that boosts energy, decreases bloating, and more!

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It’s official. Mindful Movements in Livermore is closed. I want to thank all of our amazing instructors and clients for all of your support, loyalty, and wonderful memories. I had a lot of fun starting my business in Downtown Livermore just short of eight years ago and introducing hundreds of people to Pilates. I learned so much from teaching our clients, and watching the benefits Pilates brought to everyone, especially the change in the way our students move and use their bo...dies. Knowing this will create a lifetime of increased quality of life due to the decreased or often elimination of pain, posture and alignment improvements, and the improvement of movement efficiency through activation of the smaller stabilizer muscles that help support our spines and joints and prevent future injuries, gives me the greatest feeling! I appreciate the opportunity to teach all of you, and I’ve learned from your experiences with practicing Pilates with us, that Pilates is crazy powerful and important for everybody to do regularly for a lifetime at any age, shape, size and ability. Watching this change occur for student after student in Livermore, and helping people change the way they think about exercise due to the enjoyable, feel good pilates reformer workouts, confirmed my love of Pilates, and has encouraged me to continue learning, sharing, and practicing it myself. Since moving to Brentwood, and as my family grew by having two more children, I was not able to teach in Livermore anymore. I opened my Brentwood studio to continue helping people and sharing my love of Pilates and it’s life changing benefits. I wish I could have kept our Livermore business going for you guys, but i have not been able to get to Livermore enough to support it the way i want to.

Together, we created a special community and built strong relationships with each other that I hope continue. I’d love to work with any of you that are willing to drive to Brentwood, but knowing that’s not convenient for most, I’ve built a relationship with Imx Pilates Studio owners Josh Hurst and Keri Hawkins to help facilitate a way for our community to continue to practice Pilates together in Livermore. Our instructor Jessi also teaches for them. Providing you with a local alternative that you can trust, is important to me, because I want you all to continue taking care of your bodies through the practice of Pilates in our Livermore absence.

Josh and Keri are offering Mindful Movements clients a free class to try them out in January, or when your schedule allows. They also use MINDBODY to schedule classes, so you can find them from the MINDBODY app, and schedule a class using the Mindful Movements free class option at checkout. You can also schedule from their website, or call Keri at 510-304-3175 or email Josh and Keri also own the Imx studio in San Ramon and offer their clients to take classes at both locations with their packages/memberships.

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IM=X® Pilates & Fitness Studios offer pilates reinvented, re-choreographed, and reconstructed to include other physical disciplines. No matter what your fitness level or objectives, we will help you reach your goals quickly!

We are supporting ultra spective's drive for dress for success as a drop off location, so bring your professional clothing in to our studio for the month of June and receive a free class from us along with many other local discounts.

Our Grand Opening on Saturday was a success! We had 12 people sign up already, and classes are just starting tomorrow. Go online and book your spot for Reformer or MOTR class with us. Space is limited to 4-5 people per class.

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Adding a 6th reformer in Livermore tomorrow morning to accommodate our full classes. Start booking that extra spot now! Some classes had wait lists through March.

We are hiring for evening and weekend instructors in Livermore to teach reformer, chair, Trx or barre. Email nicky at

One more week until our grand opening event in Brentwood sat, feb 6 10-2pm. Stop by! 1300 central blvd suite d @ Brentwood blvd

Thank you Patti Ryland for helping me receive our equipment yesterday. I couldn't have gotten it yesterday without your help!

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We are hosting the first of a two weekend reformer progressions course this weekend...10:30-7:30pm sat and 8-5pm sun for $550. This weekend also includes an assessment protocol and structural alignment course. We have a few spots can read more about this training and sign up at

• Pilates Certified Teacher & Educator• CoreAlign Master Instructor• Stuctural Alignment Specialist• Body Map Design Analysis• Neuromuscular Repatterning• Intuitive Body Teacher

Only 6 more days to register for the first weekend of Haley Healey's Reformer Teacher Training Progressions Course at the early bird pricing. $495 for the whole weekend! You will learn her Alignment Assessment course, as well as a progression program for teaching Pilates using Reformers. Check out more info here...

• Pilates Certified Teacher & Educator• CoreAlign Master Instructor• Stuctural Alignment Specialist• Body Map Design Analysis• Neuromuscular Repatterning• Intuitive Body Teacher

What's New at Mindful Movements Pilates Studio in Livermore

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We added Ballet Bar Workouts to our schedule beginning next week. Visit our schedule to check out our schedule and try out a class!