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Kya Raboin
· March 28, 2018
Phenomenal. Workers were very sweet. Knew what they were doing. The blanket I brought for my male cat couldn't fit in his carrier, they suggested that I take it with me so it wouldn't get lost, but wa...s able to work with me and understood that my Pallo needed his special blanket to stay calm and was very aware to not lose it and keep it with him. The job they did looks very clean, my Pallo came home and acted as if nothing happened. Totally back to normal once we got home. Very happy with the service and would recommend them any time! See More
Jessica Wing
· January 26, 2018
I have used this program several times and never had a poor experience. My animals are always treated well and the people are always kind. We even had a situation where my dog split his stitch on the ...way home we called them and they had us come back. They looked at him immediately and fixed him up and gave him some sedatives to keep him calm on the way home. When I schedule a surgery I do plan on using the whole day though as the closest place they come to me is 45 minutes away and it's usually a cat I've rescued so they don't get seen until the afternoon. Would be nice if farther out customers could get seen first during the species time frame or maybe a later check in especially if it's a cat that they know they won't see until afternoon. Overall I've got no real complaints as my biggest concern is how they treat my animal and that's never been an issue. See More
Desire Dalrymple
· November 8, 2017
Very poor communication and disorganization this time around! Was told to show up at Goodhue Humane Society at 8:30am. We sat there for over a half hour to be told they had a hard time getting to I was never told that the dogs go first. The check-in girl was totally disorganized and gave no information. When I called at 12:30, I was told that the dogs go first and my cats hadn't even been looked at yet! I live over an hour away! I have kids to pick up from school. This did not happen the last time I used the service in Edina. The vet, Erin, got on the phone with me and argued about their policies. She then gave me the option of a refund and rescheduling. Hello? I drove over an hour to get here!!! I am still waiting to get my cats! Total shit show this time around. I rescue animals so they have a chance at life. I can't always afford typical vet fees. I have spent $500 in the past few years to keep these rescues from breeding with more rescues! This is not a small amount of money. This is why I use SNAP. I am very disappointed with the miscommunication and cold customer service. This time around the team did not rate very high! See More
Kayla Iglesias
· 14 hours ago
First and foremost I would like to thank SNAP for helping with spaying and neutering of animals. I feel that is very important, my grandma is on limited income, and Molly (her dog) is a rescue dog. Mo...lly is treated better than most humans. But I would like to share my experience.
On March 29 we went to the satellite in Isanti, there was many dogs at that site. I asked the receptionist if she knew an approximate time that I could pick Molly up around. She said she had no clue, sometime this afternoon they would call us and we would have 30mn to pick Molly up, she was very rude, and short. She made my grandma feel bad for not having the funds to pay full price.
I also asked if when Molly was out if they could cut her nails even shorter, due to the fact Molly would be asleep, and she gets stressed out over having her nails cut, and she ends up scratching and tearing my grandmas skin. The lady said “I will see what we can do” I felt she was very unhappy working that day and seem to take it out on us.
I wish she would have said it will be late afternoon, I would have brought my grandma back to my house, we hung around Cambridge, because if I went home it was more then a 30mn drive. I just wish there was better communication, and the person who checks you in would have a bit more compassion, I understand it’s surgery, I wish she would have said late afternoon, and NOT made my grandma feel so bad that she had to use the service.
AGAIN, I really want you to know we appreciate the service more than anything. Because it’s very important that the animals get spayed or neutered, I just don’t like feeling that way because we cannot afford it.
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Emily Anderson
· December 10, 2017
Super easy process at Minneapolis location. Staff were patient and very kind/understanding. I still can’t get over how easy it was.
My cat is also now a completely different cat for the good. This ha...s completely changed our world for the good.
So thankful!!!
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Tim Olson
· April 1, 2018
We had our cat spayed in Little Fall on March 17th on March 24th I got up just on time to be with her as she was taking her last breath. We left several messages with mnsnap, one was returned to say s...omeone else would get in contact with us, and have not heard anything from them. Will not ever use this poor excuse for a service again. We feel they are negligent in the death of a very sweet kitten who servived a lot but not a visit to mnsnap. See More
Suzi Neumann
· January 29, 2018
I can't thank you enough for neutering my cat, Clarence (profile pic), years ago. Neutering stopped a whole range of bad behaviors. Everyone is so much happier now, even Clarence.

I was given perf...ect instructions, and service was excellent. Thanks, again. See More
Katie Halvorson
· January 19, 2018
They are amazing!!!! I want to thank them so much!!! They helped me so much and when I have the chance I want to give back to them. They are an amazing foundation!!!!!!!!!
Heather Paulson
· March 17, 2018
I had a great experience there. My pitbull was treated amazing and healed perfect. They we're great with him. Definitely coming back with my female.
Morgan Meissner
· October 17, 2017
MN SNAP does amazing work for the community and local rescues. Their staff are courteous and attentive and they are always so accommodating of requests. I love working with MN SNAP and highly recommen...d them to anyone who needs their services. See More
Susan Walsh
· November 22, 2017
I'm so very thankful for MN Snap for all the help with all the feral cats in my area.
Amy SanSurname
· May 5, 2017
MN SNAP is a leader in the low-cost spay neuter community. Their commitment to low-cost spay neuter for dogs, cats, and rabbits has transformed our state and the lives of the humans and animals who here. The effects of reducing unwanted litters is so far reaching, the positive impact is so huge. I am also incredibly grateful for their commitment to promoting education about rabbits. Rabbits are the third most surrendered pet at animal shelters and probably the most misunderstood. MN SNAP has been providing education about rabbits since 2014. Thank you MN SNAP for everything you do to improve our community and to improve the lives of animals. See More
Maia Homstad
· April 27, 2017
MNSNAP does such important work in making our current and future pet communities safe and healthy. We are so fortunate to have access to their care. I wish that all states had the same privilege. My r...escue dog came from Kentucky (as so many of them do), and when she developed some redness near her surgical site after MNSNAP spayed her (at no cost), the vet on call responded to my concern immediately. It turned out to just be a flare up of her previous dermatitis, and their quick and compassionate reply put my mind at ease so I didn't have to agonize through the night. See More
Linda Eide
· February 20, 2018
I took 3 feral/barn cats to them. They are amazing! Expert vet care and very nice friendly people to answer my questions.
Julie Cross
· April 27, 2017
MNSNAP is amazing. It is so incredibly important to have low cost sterilization options for those that cannot afford it. The human/animal bond knows no financial boundaries. The unconditional love of ...a pet is an important mental health piece for all people. Thank you for what you do! See More
Savanna Mahlum
· March 22, 2018
Dr. Kim did a great job!! I highly recommend MNSNAP.
Jean Skeens-gaetz
· December 6, 2017
great people doing great things!Thanks vet dr. Kim
Precious Paws
· May 5, 2016
Our MN Snap event was awesome! Our small community saw 56 animals spayed or neutered during our 2-day event. Many pet owners were really excited to have an affordable option for their pets and were ...happy about the convenience of the surgeries being done right in our parking lot. We filled up quickly and had to turn people away. All the MN Snap people were upbeat and you could tell how much they love what they are doing. We hope to participate in this event again next year and look forward to giving our local pet owners this affordable option to have their pets vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Thanks MN Snap! Keep up the good work. See More
Monica Ann Lund
· March 3, 2017
Just got my cat back from when you guys were in Austin, very nice work, and very friendly staff. Thank you so, so, so much for all of your hard work.
Ellen LW
· April 27, 2017
Terrific organization. I have seen them at work at Red Lake Reservation, and they have altered several of my foster dogs. Even under the most trying circumstances, they have been professional, kind, a...nd done a great job! See More
100,000 Surgeries!
Thank You, MN SNAP Volunteers!
FurryTail Ball 2016 Angel Award Winners: John Tietz

It's Dr. Kim and Erin's eighth MN SNAP anniversary today! Here's Dr. Kim's vet school graduation photo, and Erin's photo of her and a funny bunny. It's mind-boggling to count how many pets these two women have saved together.

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Nicole, one of MN SNAP's Surgery Prep Technicians, spoke to St. Paul high school students this morning at River's Edge Academy. Thank you, Nicole, for inspiring young people interested in a career in animal medicine!

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