Does anyone here still play Miscrits ?

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Who will win between Grubbean and Sparkspeck?

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Among the 3 types of miscrits,what do you like most?

Miscrits Fan Page created a poll.

What miscrit do you like most?

If you will only post cheats in this page,do not dare to do it!

Who wants to share your story about miscrits?

who always play miscrits?????

Who wants miscrits?Click like!!


On a level 1 miscrit,how many training points that an expert training costs?


for those peoples that are cheating or hacking miscrits WILL BE BANNED!!
Please don't be a CHEATER because it will not pay you back anything that is good.....THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD so please listen....thank you

Okay!who wants to play Guess Their Evolution?

who wants to play game?

who wants to play games?