Born on August 17, 1000
Personal Interests
Miss Victoria Murder
Tattoo Artist in Ontario Canada. To book a Tattoo with Victoria message with the first word "INK" or call the shop. Portfolio in albums.
Tattoo Portfolio is in albums.

Please refrain from sending me messages unless about getting inked, as its very hard to sift through and will most likely be mi...ssed in the tons of mail i receive. Just post it on my wall if not pertaining to business endeavors :) To make sure your message gets noticed, use the first word "INK" :D

All tattoo deposits are non-refundable. Clients must give 48 hrs notice prior to reschedule or deposits are no longer usable.

“There is nothing betrothed in the afterlife. I’ll watch the stars like immortal specters and see them fall to dust…i’ll play in crystal constellations, and hope it holds my infinitesmial heart in it’s intricate web of glowing beauty, like luminescent fireflies in it’s inverted heartcrushing paroxysmal complexity.” - both quotes by moi 2002, 2010
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V ¡ c T o R ¡ A M u r Ð e R...

a k a

Victoria Bella-Morte

.I am the deepest ocean, the most treacherous ϟea.
.I am the ϟixth, i am the Ʃighth.
.The most ominous of any abyss.

.Nice to meet you, i'm Victoria.

.I'm British, loyal, sharp tongued, creative and far more intellectual than my physical age and appearance will ever denote.

.Anything brutal...anything beautiful....from opera to death metal, i adore it all.

.I speak my mind, and i'm honest to the point of getting myself into trouble. I can admit my own faults....and i can also tell you not only of an enemies idiocies, but of their strengths...balance is key, there is no right or wrong.....evil is a point of view, and if you cannot discern the truth from all sides, don't assume you have any clue what the fuck is going on.

.I'm sweet tempered until provoked, then watch as i tear the poor sod who illicited such behaviour in will take alot for me to get to that point. My hair is a wreck half the time, i practically live in fuzzy robes or boys clothing. You'll find me at either extreme, geek glasses and a tomboyish appearance, or looking like something that walked out of final fantasy. Both suit my personality perfectly, and both feel equally as comfortable.

.Behind these pale green eyes of mine lurks a delusory intellect that apon first notice, you'd most likely wouldn't identify is there, especially if our first meeting is in a party situation, when my accent becomes thick and i'm boistrous and loud and cheerfull....until i wind up rambling on about psychology, philosophy or science. In either of those subjects, which i have studied and questioned since adolescence, as much as i do'll find one thing about me....the more i know, the more i feel i know nothing. This world is incredible intricate in so many ways... we are infinitesmial...humans do not have the capacity to comprehend absolutely everything, and i will never be arrogant enough to assume i can ascertain the answer to every puzzle this world has to offer. My lust for knowledge will never be satiated none the less.

A few things i've done over the years include:

Local paper for comics at the age of 13
Owning an international clothing line at the age of 19 - To be revamped
Graphic Design
Digital Painting
Anger Management Radio 88.3 (Metal Radio station...Broadcasts on T.V, Radio, and Stickam)
Promotion for bands
Management of various salons, beauty distributors ect.
Head Cook
Gore specialist and Make-up for mini movies
Karate, Kickboxing and Dance, won medals
Painting and Drawing
Ongoing writing
Various Modelling (Pure Imagination Clothing, Toxic Vision, ect- Incredible designers btw)
Graced Magazines with my tattoo work, or likeness and even done a few covers for Britian's Elite Magazine, Tattoo Lifestyle magazine, Inked Magazine, Tattooed Girls Magazine

.I've turned down far more than i've done, but my reasons for that are my own.

.I'm currently writing 2 books on and off which i plan on finishing when much older, and when my vocabulary, knowledge of human psychology and imagination will surpass that of my younger self.

.All my ink was done by myself, some were done in a mirror, like my neck, if you would like to set up an appointment, let me know and i can put you in contact with my booker.

.If there was ever something to say to would-be enemies, it's this : "I don't care what you think about me, i don't think about you at all" oh....and....underestimate me, please.

...this is but an infinitesimal piece of information about me, a glimpse. For i am so much more than words, we all are. A phantasmagory of thoughts, images..memories...for that is all we really have in the end don't we? Memories.

.Pleased to make your acquaintance darrrling...

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