The MST SSA will be having a meeting in Toomey 259 at 8:00 pm.

If anyone is interested in joining us to our trip to SSA East national conference July 12-14, feel free to message asking about details! Check out the awesome the speaker lineup!

Todd Stiefel is the Founder and President of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, and serves as an advisor to many of the national organizations in the freethought movement. He is the co-host of the Humanist Hour podcast. Todd spoke at and his foundation was the primary sponsor for Rock Beyond Beli...

Interfaith Dialogue this Friday.

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Tonight at the meeting: Religious themed Jeopardy! Come show off your knowledge of the major religions and mythologies of the world. 8:30 PM, 243 Mcnutt!

Hello everyone! Thursday is Ask An Atheist day, and we need to prepare the tri-fold display boards we will be using for this event during our meeting tomorrow. Preparing for this event usually takes more time than our meeting would allow, however, and we need extra help sometime during the next few days. If anyone would be willing to work whenever they are available it would greatly help and would not go unnoticed. Besides that, though, just focus on bringing your suggestions tomorrow.

This is a reminder to those of you who are going on the trip tomorrow to be up and ready near the RC 1 building by 5 AM. I suggest going to bed earlier than usual and waking up at 4 to walk over there. Wait for Colton to arrive in his vehicle to pick you guys up.

Hope you guys were ready for the Monday after St. Pat's.
Last minute officer nominations will stop soon because Officer Elections are tonight! Our meeting will be held at the usual place, McNutt 243 @ 8:30.
Question: will you guys be around next Monday during Spring Break? I want to see if I can fit in another meeting for better road trip preparedness.

In tonight's meeting: we will be discussing a few things in terms of past business, but other than that we will be talking to you about the future events we will be hosting or taking part in, namely the American Atheists National Convention and For The Love Of Dog. Be sure to join us in McNutt room 243 at 8:30 PM.

This is a reminder to everybody who is interested in helping our table out at Pro Day today which starts at around 12:30 in the afternoon. I'll be there hopefully the whole time but I would like to see others join in as well.

Repost from Email:
We're having a new distraction and diversion where we bring...err... idolizable objects. The objective is to make a religion out of them, and we need your help. Pick out random objects from your house, whatever you want, and bring them to the next meeting on Monday. But please make sure not to bring anything pornographic, to you dirty deviants, or anything of that nature.
During the meeting we will collect them and form groups of two or more. Each group wil...l then pull a random item or items out of the selection. The idea is to give each group some time to form a religion out of the object(s), like what people ought to do or what they ought not to do because the magic pencil sharpener says so or that the magic pencil sharpener says to kill everyone who listens to Mogli.
Bring anything you want, as many as you want. We want to make it as random as possible. Get a collection ready for Monday's meeting and I'll see you guys then.

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There should be a couple of new members coming too!

We have an open table just outside of Havener up and ready to go. Those that can should come visit.

Meeting tonight! Cards against Humanity! Free Pizza! Come one and all! 8:30 PM in McNutt 243!

Meeting tonight in McNutt at 8:30! Be there!

No meeting tonight because school hasn't *technically* started yet. As a bonus, you can get a good night's rest for your first day of classes, right?

No meeting tonight! Do well on your finals, and have a good winter break! See you next semester!

Meeting tonight at 8:30 in McNutt 243!