Momma Dee
Date of Birth: 21st of September 1963, In Atlanta, Georgia
Birth Name: Deborah D. Gaither Name Changed: Married On 5/24/1996(Deborah Bryant)...
Nickname: Momma Dee, (Cowboy: Nickname cause of her legs), Ma Dee, Sexy Diva & Dee
Height: 5’8
Biography of Momma Dee
Deborah Bryant was born on the 21st of September in 1963 in Atlanta, GA. She attended Turner & Decatur High School, were she was crowned Miss 11th Grade & also was a Majorette. Momma Dee is a very REAL outspoken individual & social butterfly, who will never forget where she came from, who now lives in the upscale part of Atlanta Station in Atlanta, GA. She has two children, a son who is a famous rapper Lil Scrappy & her daughter who works in the medical field. She also has three lovely grand children who can have her heart and there way with her at any given moment. She’s an advocate on abuse, giving back to the youth, and very serious about putting family first.
Momma Dee came from the hard streets of Cleveland Ave, she’s like a storm with her on thunder. She had Attended GA State and graduated with her associated degree in Nursing. She later got a job at Grady as an RN Nurse; she was an Ultimate Hustler then. Ma Dee was working double shifts to take care of her two children. She had two cars and was living comfortable until a young boy came and hit her head on in a car accident on 5/25/96; that shift her entire life. She was in a wheel chair and her son Lil Scrappy was basically taking care of her aside with her daughter Jasmine. She couldn’t even get out the bed to use the restroom or bathe. Momma Dee states the Scrappy was a “G” and was meant to be a provider at the age of 9, he took great care of her, her other family which includes her mom, dad & sister was no were to be found were never really in her life.
Once Momma Dee got well, she was considered disable, because after the accident she required a hip replacement where she had to learn how to walk again. That caused her to go the streets to become a Pimp and to hustle as a drug dealer in the rough streets of Cleveland Ave in ATL. Momma Dee’s hustling income took care of her two children an also paid for Lil Scrappy studio time. Dee was a Major Factor in those rough streets; she could stand side to side with any man. She had three dope houses and 18 females who worked the streets for her and Dee was not to be played with about her money. One thing that Dee will never forget, and doesn’t regret is her past; she feels that it was a major factor in her life. It made her who she is now, and gave her the understanding of life, she is still standing. She’s been retired from the streets for 8 years and now we have the Mature, Wiser, Sexy, Respectable, Real, Social Butterfly who everyone loves, who they will become to love, yours truly Momma Dee!!!
Written By: Tonya “Faith”House
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