Gemma Louise Prouse has liked and appeased the MIGHTY MOMPY.

Mompy has decided to ride your cat into battle against the rotten Groggloobs as the KITTY OF WAR.

For this selfless act of heroism, both you and your pet shall be commemorated in the hall of doom (next to Mompy's own bedroom), and you will be inducted into Mompy's personal slave pit.


Be honoured, human.

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Mompy Juneja has been elevated to Supreme Plom. This is due to being named in the light of Mompy's majesty, and an unwavering devotion to his being.
Congratulations. Your soul is safe from being devoured.

We've had some activity lately. Things are stirring in Mompy's loins.
He will nominate someone for elevation later this month.

Welcome Rajiv Agarwal to the Cult of Mompy. As you have offered your soul for his approval, he shall generously set fire to one of your shoes.

Chelsea and Joann have pledged their allegiance to the almighty MOMPY. They shall be rewarded. Eventually.

Mompy updated their cover photo.
Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, tree, grass, plant and outdoor

Sumon Sutradhar has honoured the mighty Mompy. He shall be blessed with the smiting of one of his enemies.

Mompy has returned! Mompy demands sacrifice!

Rachael Carter has redeemed herself by honouring me, the Almighty Mompy.

Mompy is sad that Eloise Cresswell, Neil Carter, Jessie Woodward, Alan Carter, Rachael Carter and Charis Vale aren't going to be honouring him on the 22nd of December..

Mompy likes Toblerone Minis!

Mompy added 3 new photos to the album: Mompy is epic!

Lydia Brooker has been redeemed by liking the mighty Mompy!

Hannah Williams likes Mompy! Hannah Williams has postponed death for 2 years!

Mompy needs a hug!

Thomas Furlonger gets to live longer, now he has acknowledged and liked the Almighty Mompy!

Mompy is happy with Kat Aston, who treated me with respect!