Sermon Excerpt - "Discipline"
Choose Life, Choose Health Part 2
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Lisa Nash
· September 25, 2017
I know everyone say their church is the best church on earth and should and I'm standing on and believing this phrase for real "Morning Star Community Christian Center" is the BEST CHURCH ON EARTH. ...I love some Pastor Evans and Lady Bernetta Evans. You will spiritually grow if you want to. You can come and get praise on and stop there if you want to but if you want it take it to a higher level start applying his teaching to your heart start saying those affirmations daily start praying daily and fasting on your own; you'll grow. That is the key right
Praise God for your ministry Pastor and Lady and God bless you another 50 years.
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Morris Williams
· September 25, 2017
Morning Star has definitely made an impact on my life and my marriage. Thank God for Pastor Evans and Lady B our first lady. Awesome experience at every service.
Mia Kim Johnson
· November 14, 2017
I've been here for over half my life. I've been there when Paston Evans became Bishop Evans. And now I'm under the teaching of his amazing son Dr Therman Evans. My church is awesome, amazing and fanta...stic come grow with us. See More
Faith DM
· September 29, 2017
The Greatest Church on Earth where you can find the greatest people on earth.
Thomas Peter George
· November 12, 2015
I was invited to come visit by my girlfriend Ty Gaines, she said it was the best church on earth and that it is. I fell in love with Morning Star after the first service, the congregation are friendly... kind and very beautiful ppl. The Choir is awesome the praise dancers are incredible. Pastor is a wonder teacher and gives the word a way i have never ever heard anyone explain it and break it down before. So if you ever get a chance please come, it will change your life. I Thank God and I'm proud to be a member there. See More
Ruth Michelle Harper
· February 2, 2017
My name is Michelle Harper from North Carolina. And I have visited this church twice and I really did enjoy it. The word was powerful coming from Rev Evans and the choir and the praise dancers ...were awesome. And the sprit was great. This is my church when I am in New Jersey. I pray Blessing on The morning star church
God dwells There .
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Nicole S. Overton
· October 2, 2017
So much love in this church!! I'm so blessed to be a part of the Morning Star family!!! ❤️
LeRoy A. Smith
· September 30, 2016
Pastor Evans is an amazing orator and the Morning Star Music Ministry is and has always been a joy to listen to!!

Their founder, Bishop Evans was one of my many mentors and his dream truly lives on a...nd thrives at Morning Star Community Christian Center.

You will find good people here.
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Tena Smith-Gifford
· October 4, 2015
Visited three times and changed my whole perception of church
So many say ...churches are thinning out. because people dont want to hear the truth..honestly Bishop Evans preached some truth ...some l...ove ..some sound doctrine, and is packed out! Doing something right impressed with his knowledge in the word and seasoning .The love felt while we were there had me in tears See More
Dawn Marie Allen-Lockley
· April 8, 2017
The Choir sounds awesome I just wish the congregation stayed in their seats I was just visiting and I thought it was a concert I left before it was over because I could not see the choir because the p...eople in front of us kept standing up at my Church we stay in our seats during our concerts See More
Lisia Aikens
· September 8, 2014
Uplifting. ..Renewing and Restoring goes on at Morning Star Community Christian Center. There is Always Spiritual food to use to fuel your inner man. Many Ministries to be apart of...that fit your gif...t so that you can serve your highest and your best. We recognize our youth for their accomplishments and academic honors..I learned so much about myself about God and about others...I have been a member for 10 years. Praise God! See More
Samuel K. Spears
· July 19, 2016
Pastor Evans brings each and every word from God from an easy to understand point of view. I am truly blessed to be a member of this place of worship. Stop by and see for yourself.
Graziela Lobato Creekmur
· January 18, 2016
We joined this church about a year ago and not only are there so many ways to minister and show God's love to people by the various consistent community projects but there are also so many to grow as a believer through intentional teachings and meaningful fellowship. See More
Rachael Gabbidon Hawkins
· December 31, 2013
I knew when I joined Morning Star I was in the right church! I remember when Pastor Evans was acknowledging different people in the congregation for various accomplishments. It moved me to see how so ...many kept standing and applauding. This is a church that knows it's better to give than to receive! MSCCC is the best church on earth because we have a wonderful man of God who teaches the Word so that ALL can understand (young and old) and apply it to their lives! See More
Shadonna Pretty So
· July 6, 2017
Nice blessed church I love this church the best church that you can ever go to������
Kimmi Ware
· November 14, 2016
Truely the "Best Church On Earth" with GOD'S word uninterpretated, Imperfect people serving a perfect GOD and The truth and knowledge of walking with GOD! Glad that GOD has lead me and my teen back t...o what we call home again!
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Michaele Crosby
· May 4, 2016
Morningstar Community Christian Center truly is the Greatest Church on Earth. I was invited by my Sorority Line Sister years ago. I started dating Morningstar by Volunteering for the various events... they held to benefit community members. Then I went to their Bible Study on a Thursday evening. That did it for me. I fell in love with Morningstar! See More
Kathy Jackson
· September 19, 2016
Best Church on earth Pastor T Evans message is always the truth. My life has changed for the better because i am attending a church that teaches life lessons straight from God's Word. A must attend church
Sam Etienne
· November 1, 2013
Morning Star has some of the best people on earth (loving, caring and kind). Morning Star also have the Best Pastor Dr. Therman Evans and First Lady on earth.
Jackie Coombs-Hollis
· December 17, 2013
One thing I love about my church and my pastor is that you don't have to know the Bible from cover to cover...the Word will be taught so you can understand. Love my church!!