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We get a lot of questions about how to address a situation where a child is bullied - at school, on teams. it is difficult to answer all of the emails, so I hope this helps as a guide. 1. Determine if your school or organization has any anti bullying regulations on the books. Most states have anti bullying laws that apply to all. 2. Document the failure to comply with the policy and ask for it to be remedied. Be specific about what will be done. 3. If this does not correct the problem, file a formal complaint with the governing body (board of Ed, local PD, etc). And keep at it. Be a pest!

And one more for today - here is a book for children about bullying? What is your favorite book on this subject?…/06…/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_awd_2UtRrb0Y5TE3R


What a great idea- check out this group started by a member of our MAB community!

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We are blown away by how many of our fans and followers have created books, videos or songs about anti bullying. Together we can make a difference. Here is the latest creation from our community:

Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.

Remind your kids: faccebook jokes don't always seem funny to others. Be careful what you post.

The Supreme Court says we can't discriminate against people based on who they love. Wouldn't it be great if our children could all count on being accepted and loved?

A member of our community asked if we would share this song written to help snuff out bullying. Check it out.

So many people are working to try to make a change. Let's hope that by working together, we can make a difference

Youth unite worldwide in powerful crowd sourced music video to help end bullying. To the right of the player there is a link to the credits where you can see who is in it, and where they are from. Please share this heartfelt message, we hope it will inspire social change.

Official willUstand website : Stand for others, gift hope ...
willUstand believes that bystanders can make a difference and that when someone stands for another, they gift hope. Our mission is to spread this message of unity through music.

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This is a great idea - please share it!


Moms Against Bullying - can you help a member of our community out? A Coach of a NJ Club baseball team stood under a tree heckling a 13 year old boy - calling him names, making comments about how the kid plays. Please send an email to the program director and tell him that Coaches need to be good sports, not bullies. Please also email the tournament directors and demand that the NJ Seminole's Coach be banned from coaching at their tournament Let's put the sportsmanship back in youth sports. Please share - let's start a movement.

Check out this song from a member of our community!

Because I smile (Words and Lyrics Phil Muriel)"Dedicated to those who smile through the pain -- inspired by those who live in fear of being returned to the h...

Check out this vidoe made by one of our members. Let's remember that some children bully themselves - through self harm. ALl children of bullying deserve our protection and support.

This video is to help prevent Bullying, Suicide, And Self-Harm. Oh an guys, when it comes up to tell my story it refused to show the whole thing, so I will f...
Hold Sumner County Schools Accountable For Bullying.

Check out this great tool to monitor social media and your kids! The sooner parents know about a problem, the more quickly we can get involved and help

Social networking and mobile phones have great benefits, but may also open the door to serious threats to your child’s safety and reputation. aBeanstalk will monitor your child’s Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter as well as their BlackBerry or Android phone; delivering all the information to you in one...

Often we hear about "girl drama" or that "boys will be boys" As parents, it can be hard to tell if something is just "kid stuff" that they need to work through, or bullying...and what feels like bullying differs from child to child. What criteria do you use, as a parent, to know when to get involved, and how? Please share your advice with our group

The school quarterback was driving home from school one day and noticed a freshman walking home with a stack of books as tall as he was. In a moment of kindness the quarterback gave the kid a ride home. "I've seen you around. I hope you're freshmen year is going OK. Let me know if you need anything. Looks like you have a lot of homework there." The quarterback said. The small freshman replied "Thanks for the ride." The freshmen went home and broke down crying. The reason he carrying all of his books home that one afternoon was because he was going to hang himself that day and he didn't want his mother to have to clean out his locker. The quarterback never knew but his bit of kindness saved that freshman's life. Here is a challenge to anyone reading this. Be just like that quarterback and be kind. Help that kid carry his books. Sit with the boy who's all alone at lunch. Be the light that they see in their moment of darkness. Share this post with everyone. Save Lives.

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Music can be a great way to spread the word. Check this out! Share it if you like it

It doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are. You can get involved and you can make a difference. Sign the pledge, promote an anti-bullying event in your city or town, help us update our blog, email Ellen, or make a poster that could be featured on our website. You can even become a Right Now...