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Kristian Kraljević
· March 31, 2018
Best MX mag by far. I refer to a lot of the bike review articles a lot (especially the KTM ones) and have learnt so much in doing so. The detail to year model specific changes is far superior to any o...ther magazine. Other magazines usually blatantly get their facts wrong and don’t really understand the in depth stuff as much as yourselves. Anyway I could go on but keep it going boys.
P.S love the fact that you guys are a 2 stroke focused magazine! Keep it up for the love of 2smokers
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Mark Visconti
· February 6, 2018
Problem I have with Motocross Mag is there shootouts. It's all about which company spends the most on advertisement. I know people that were at the 85 shootout and swore by the TM but since there a s...maller company than big sponsor names they get the raw end of the deal. Money talks but look who took the podium at Lorettas number 1 spot TM 85 . Just like KTM and Cobra 50cc and 65s . They will he and haul over KTM in a magazine but at the track Cobra riders walk all over them but Cobra doesn't have the money like KTM Husky. Look at the 2018 125 video you did with TM vs KTM raw footage with TM no one talking and KTM music and all the jetting specs needed air pressure in forks right there in a video bit not a word about TM. It's all about who spends the most money in ads , if MX mag said one thing about TM over KTM , KTM would slack on ads. How about get Beta, Gas Gas, Sherco , TM Suzuki , Kaw, Yam, KTM, Husky , Fantic ,and do a real shootout. See More
Greg Owens
· March 23, 2018
MXA... Damn good read. I feel like MXA gives it to you like it is... No frills, No bull, just hardcore facts, Sure they are gonna piss off some ppl that are biased on brands. They do not sell out.
Jim James
· March 30, 2018
Used to be a great MX mag, but now it's the same old rehashed articles every month, over and over - nothing but bike tests and pet projects and cursory race coverage. The in-depth coverage of the spor...t with humor and originality like they had in the early days is gone. More of a motocross bike test magazine than anything else See More
Rob Smythe
· December 14, 2017
Got my first MXA in 1981, 38 years later and it is still my preferred MX magazine. Have a current subscription.

I still have almost every copy I ever purchased!
Bentley Sargeant
· August 15, 2017
Wow...where do I begin? This is my go-to magazine. It's been so reliable. The bike reviews have never let me down. This is by far my first choice when I need to make a decision about what to buy from to helmets to bikes and back again! Thank you for sharing your experiences about what breaks and how to fix it. Saved me tons of aggravation and money over the years. Thank you MXA. See More
Patrick Foxx
· September 17, 2017
The old Motocross Action crew was much more flavorful with their vocabulary but I guess I'm just old school. Don't waste four minutes at the beginning of every video with advertisements we don't liste...n to anyway. Most of all get some musical taste!!!. See More
Dave Valentine
· January 3, 2018
Please stop sending me you adverts. I receive them on my phone about once every hour. I have no interest whatsoever in motocross so I don't know where you got my details from. STOP operating a SCAM
Jonathan Stickel
· April 18, 2017
Like me, MXA has been around a long time. They can be very blunt, so be prepared for a certain type of Southern California arrogance about how bikes are evaluated. They don't pull any punches, but bef...ore you drop big money on a new bike, that's a good thing. Too many mags kiss up to the factories, not these guys. Remember the worst bike in a MXA shoot-out is probably better than you are, bone stock, warts and all.. Finally, a good local dealer trumps most of the shortcomings of the just average bike. Don't miss races because the dealer for your wondersled isn't interested in getting your parts fast. Oh yeah, all those cool hop- up parts you read about? Forget them, buy a bicycle instead and train on it till the wheels fall off. See More
Tanner Christesson
· January 22, 2017
Great magazine, bike reviews, product reviews, race coverage, industry news, it's all there, some people say they're biased towards KTM, but 10 years ago people said they were biased towards yamaha, I...'d like to note how 10 years ago the CRF450R was the best 450 out there and they told it like it was, just like they do now. Their technical information is head and shoulders better than anything else out there, and I've never owned a bike that wasn't how MXA described it in their reviews. See More
Ola Strandvad
· November 4, 2017
Tells it like it is. No political correctness. Makes more of a difference to the sport than most people know.
Ian Cook
· January 6, 2017
If you like ktm - great magazine. If you want a fair and honest evaluation look elsewhere. Sad I have been reading this magazine for over 30 years it's not the same magazine it was 5 years ago. Whe...n they give 5-6 pages to anything orange or white and 2-3 to other mfgs it says a lot. It's more of a brochure than a mag. See More
Philip Coughlan
· April 4, 2018
Been reading MXA for 40yrs.When I was getting around on YZ80E.At the Wanneroo minibike club in WA Australia.
Syed Qamar Abbas
· May 12, 2017
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Alan Gibson
· June 6, 2017
MXA, Jody ,Dirt Bike and Tom Wolfman Webb are my go to guys in the Magazine department, I have been reading these two mags since the early 70's and still can't wait for them to arrive in the mail box..., Thanks to both guys for doing a great job for such a Very long time! See More
Robert Nantista
· September 18, 2017
EMX250 a 250SX won the OA in France. Yes they allowed a 250cc 2T and the team beat all 4T 250s
Ed Williams
· August 9, 2017
I've been reading MXA since their first issue back in the 70's. Excellent and trustworthy reviews of bikes and products. Read before you buy.
Kenny Clark
· February 5, 2017
Jody and the crew are top notch ! Not only do I learn from the magazine . The mxa crew is always at our local tracks in SoCal and are more than happy to help or answer questions when asked
Chris Miles
· January 14, 2017
I have read almost every issue of MXA since '85. By far the most down to earth, straight forward, tell it how it is
Mag in the business.
Hoan Kusza
· May 10, 2017
I just read the article about my friends bike and it was all a lie. His Yamaha was brand spankin new right off the show room floor and you said it was an 05 from Craigslist that you fixed up! Not cool!
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