Completed Snow Fort! How are the rest of the hunters' fort doing?

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Completed Snow Fort! How are the rest of the forts doing?

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Has anyone almost completed the hunt?

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Is anyone awaiting for this in the winter calendar?

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Winter Hunt is finally here, hunt at festive fort now! Store up ice coins to buy awesome prizes in Mousehunt Store.

Random Sb+ Giveaway. Type in the comment any number between 1-100. Numbers would be chosen with a generator and the person with the same number wins 10 sb+. Ends on December 10, 20 00

Game 7: Guess who is these mouse. Guessing this mouse correctly will earn 15,000 gold and 25,000 points.

5 Clues:
1.Location this mouse live in, is need to have at least a Grandmaster.
2.Able to only drop a loot...
3.Weak to Law weapons.
4.No preference of cheese needed.
5.Serious threat to building

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Game 6 is finally back! Big catch is here! The catching of this mice might be a big help. The mice are acolyte mouse and chrono mouse worth 58559 Gold and 51600 points. Mission: The mouse are infiltrating Acolyte Realm. Catch these mice and post a picture of both mice being catch to win! Mission ends on 17 November 2013. Time is tickling..

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The winner of the Sandblasted Metal is Jerome Kong for bidding 12million. The sandblasted metal is SOLD. Next auction is coming out soon!!!

2nd Auction bid is: Sandblasted Metal. Same rules applied. The bid starts from 1000 gold. For yesterday's bid,it was cancelled after realising that rare map dust can't be sent. Sorry for any troubles caused by it.

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Mousehunt Auction game is here! All hunters are going to bid a price for a certain item and the highest bid will pay in terms of gold to receive the item. The first item is: A Rare Map Dust! Comment below for the amount you are willing to pay for the item. The bid starts from 100 gold!

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Congratulations to Jeremiah for winning in Game 4.He has attain 5 catches,32490 points and 8900 gold. The answer is 6. a--an King gauntlet--King Gauntlet the--The dream--dreamt --, Well done!

Game 5: Hunters move their location to Seasonal Garden and the winter mice are ready to attack upon your arrival.(Winter Mage,Penguin,Over-prepared,frostbite and bruticle Mouse.)
Complete this form correctly to catch all this mice which is a total of 5 catches,67505 points and 24370 gold.
Link:…/1a8Hof7J0wezu1BFOymUEXer…/viewform Good luck hunters!

Game 4: Necromancer Mouse is angry with the progress made by the hunters for the past few game. He and his troops have decided to attack.Troops:Cowbell,dancer,drummer,fiddler and guqin player.They have sent a mousehunt English game.
How many grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes are there in the text.
Mousehunt is a interesting game. There is a location called King's gauntlet. the head of this location is called "Eclipse Mouse''. Everyone has dream of catching it myself.

Comment on how many English mistakes there are. First to get correct would catch the batch of mice worth 6 catches, 32490 points and 8900 gold.

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The winner for Game 3 is Jeremiah. He won a total of 7190 points, 1520 gold and 4 catches.
Game results for now:
Jeremiah:9240 points,3820 gold and 6 catches.
Mario Moreau Soto: 25200 points, 2500 gold and 1 catch
Game 4 coming soon.

Game 3: First to answer this question correctly would catch a clockwork samurai,hapless marionette,puppet master and Aquos Mouse worth 7190 points,1520 gold and 4 catches.
Question: Which tier theme has the same meaning as stealing.

The winner for Game 2 is Mario Moreau Soto for answering the correct answer. He earns 1 catch and 25,200 points and 2,500 gold. Congratulations. Game 3 is coming soon.