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Jaclyn Elizabeth
· September 22, 2015
Jay Carr is the best jazz teacher. He makes sure everyone understands the steps and he takes his time with everyone. He explains things very well and is patient. We always have fun at class
Sally Kochendorfer
· July 13, 2015
The instructors are fabulous here. Crissy, Dana and Fiona are all great. I always look forward to my time here. Yoga during the week and Barre on the weekends.
Adele Leopardi
· March 30, 2015
Dana is the best Pilates and yoga instructor ever! Love the swing and belly dance too. So much fun.
Melissa Rovetto-Ruffner
· July 11, 2015
I really enjoy the yoga classes and the total barre class! It's a great local studio!
Hello yoga people, it's snowing outside, so do yoga inside! Le...
Chronic pain releasing can be confusing and challenging. We will break it down for you by body part and issue. This First one is good for everyone, helps with hip issues, low back pain, mid back tightness & shoulder issues. Can ever relieve neck pain and headaches. All you need is a tennis ball, a floor and 20 minutes. Less time, You can do only one section of the back or stay for shorter time in each section. Look out series to come out in August!
Won't win any awards but I want to put up videos for Yoga and fitness. Here's one that is good to create core strength and shoulder flexibility & strength. Enjoy! Tell me how it goes and what you think!

Movement Journeys is now Studio 108 owned by Teresa Dornellas.

Please find information on her website, Mindbody and FB page. Students accounts have been transferred over.

Class schedule is normal through renovations going in in July....
Today 9:45am

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Join us for our first Healing Session of the Year and set your self-care routine in motion.


Yoga tonight with Teresa Dornellas!

Release and unwind, while getting strength and flexibility.


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Sorry, Class canceled tonight. See you tomorrow.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!


No Barre class. Last week was Crissy Dudonis last class teaching for us. We wish her well as she spreads more time with her family. We will miss her a lot, she is an amazing teacher!

Saturday's and tomorrow class is on! ...
Yoga with Abigail Baglione
Beginner level but is appropriate for all levels, learn the alignment and specifics of poses.

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Rubin Museum of Art

Why do you OM? Referencing a metaphor from Mundaka Upanishad, an ancient Sanskrit Vedic text, OM Lab curator Risha Lee compares the sacred syllable to an archer...’s bow. Its aim? Brahman, the ultimate reality.

Visit the OM Lab, open through 5/8. Your voice will join thousands as we generate the world’s largest number of OMs ever collected, to be featured in our upcoming exhibition The World Is Sound in June.

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Teresa Dornellas is running late to the 6pm class

Class tonight with Shannon subbing!!!!

6:30pm come in and make a positive change!!!

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Crissy will not be teaching tomorrow- she will be celebrating her Birthday!!!

Her 9:45am class will be canceled.

Come on in to Abigail's 10:45am beginner Yoga Class!


Sunday Classes
9:00 Pilates Marilyn
11:15 Yoga with Shannon

Next week, no classes on Friday or Sunday because of Easter.

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Tonight, 6:00 class with Teresa!

See you in the mat

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Posted by Ziva Meditation
[Monday, April 3]: Free Intro to Meditation Class
Join Ziva founder Emily Fletcher for an intimate look at why the Ziva Meditation technique is so powerful.
Ziva Meditation

You’ll find out why meditators report a huge reduction in insomnia, anxiety, depression, and migraines. They also report enjoying their lives a lot more.

Yoga For Tight Muscles Tuesday 6:30pm with Jennifer M. Albert. Feeling tight? Let's loosen you up okay.

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David Wolfe

Artist Turns Trash Into Animals To Remind Us About Pollution

Deirdre is not feeling well tonight.

Jennifer M. Albert will be subbing but class will start at 6:00pm

See you on the mat

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