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Dee Crochet
December 16, 2012
Since you weren't concerned about the quality of food we were served at your Maurice location tonight, I will make sure every review page has a rating so hopefully no one else wastes their money on ho...rrible food. This is what we experienced.

Well we found crawfish. Waited till Mr Keet's opened and I must say it's the WORST $130 we have ever spent. Anyone who boils crawfish knows you must take out the dead ones before cooking. Hint for the cook: If it smells like it's been dead a week it should be thrown out and not cooked to ruin the good ones. The only good part of the $130 was the $16 tip we left the awesome waitress. She cared enough to continue asking if everything was ok or if we needed anything even after we handed her several crawfish that were black and rotten to take to the cook to show him. Seems even the owner who was in the building didn't seem to care about the quality of food being served. When we walk out with lost appetites and leaving the food behind, I can promise you we won't be returning.
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Alicia Gerard
· July 26, 2013
Justin Wilson would turn in his grave, that place was awful. An insult to Cajun food.
Wendy Baldridge
May 16, 2013
like there barque on sundays, they serve pork steaks ribs and chicken
Jim CajunClassics Hebert
June 1, 2013
Enjoy Playing Music there always a good time with friends
Jim Richard
January 17, 2013
Packed house @ the last Couillon standing comedy show.
Mary Broussard
January 5, 2013
First crawfish of the season:))))
Theresa V. Porter
September 20, 2012
Kevin is here too!!! Last Couyon Standing Comedy Show!!