Ohhhh honey, sorry we haven't posted in a while! Tonight, Lucy's fixing a wonderful Vegetable salad, Crabmeat special, and for desert, a Harvey Wallbanger cake. Mmm mmmm, cher!

It's time for Ms. Lucy, in case you missed her earlier! Shrimp and crawfish jambalaya, Cajun string beans, and Fruit cocktail cake are on the menu. Wonderful!


Ms. Lucy is fixing up something a little different tonight.. Deer roll-ups a la Missey, Lima beans, Cajun waldorff salad, and Pecan cake. Very good, cher!

Ms. Lucy has another wonderful Classic Cajun meal lined up for us lucky fans today. Stuffed flounder, Shrimp stuffed mirliton, Ambrosia, and Angel food layered cake. If you missed the show this afternoon, you can still catch her tonight at 2am EDT on RFD-TV!

Hey there Lucy lovers! Tonight, we get to see Ms. Lucy in action fixing some delicious Stuffed pork chops, Bourbon sweet potatoes, and Easy yam cookies. Mmm mm mm, cher!

Sorry we haven't posted lately. We've been really busy and haven't been able to keep up with Ms. Lucy the last few weeks. What's your favorite episode or menu you've seen or tried recently?

It's time again for some delicious classic Cajun cooking with Ms. Lucy, and tonight she's got Old-style jambalaya, Baked cornish hen, and Eggplant dressing with shrimp for us. Gorgeous!

If you didn't catch Ms. Lucy this afternoon, you can still watch her now on RFD-TV. Tonight she's fixing Cabbage rolls, a delicious Carrot-raisin salad, and Fig tarts. Mmm mmm honey!

We get to enjoy another delicious menu tonight, as Ms. Lucy makes a gorgeous Duck and dressing, Vincent cabbage, and Bacon shrimp salad. Se bon, cher!

We're almost to 150 fans! Incredible! Hopefully you're joining Ms. Lucy and her special guest Chef Hans, with Stuffed shrimp, Blackened Catfish, and Stir-fried vegetables on the menu tonight. Don't miss it, cher!

Did you watch Ms. Lucy today? You can still catch her now on RFD-TV. Chicken sauce piquant and Smothered squash are on the menu tonight. Don't miss it!

Hope you're watching Ms. Lucy too, tonight she's showing us Crawfish bisque, Noodle salad, and Janet's fruit salad with sherry. It's on RFD-TV cher!

It's been a long week, but it's finally tuesday again, which means Ms. Lucy is about to show us how to prepare another wonderful Classic Cajun meal! Today, it's Stuffed crab, Cajun green beans with egg, and Lou's vanilla bread. Sounds delicious, eh?

Ms. Lucy is on again! Hopefully you're watching too, because tonight she's fixing Chicken stew, Black-eyed peas, and Sweet potato pie. Yes. Very good!

How did y'all like Ms. Lucy's 4th of July episode the other night? We haven't seen that one since this time last year, and it was a long awaited treat for sure! Can't wait for this tuesday's show!

Hopefully you didn't miss Ms. Lucy this afternoon, but just incase you did, or just want to watch her again, you can catch her tonight at 2am EDT on RFD-TV. Oh, and tonight, it's Crabs! Vegetable salad, Crabmeat special, and Harvey Wallbanger cake! Can't wait to watch!

We're at 99 likes! Incredible! I love seeing so many other fans of Ms. Lucy out there! Who will be #100?