Up for adoption ... The first cat Miss Kitty has been here over 6 months .
This is Tommy and Victoria. Victoria is a special feral cat that has been with us for a little over a year. She is still coming out of her shell and needs a special home that will continue letting her adjust to life with humans. Her three kittens were adopted out earlier this year, but she has taken in little Tommy, who is the only one left from his litter. They both need homes!! If you know of someone looking to adopt a cat/kitten send them to MJAS. (We also have several other kittens available for adoption.) #adoptasheltercat
These guys are all looking for families to call their own! Are you looking for a furry friend to call your own? Visit this website for more information on our adoptable pets:
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Jo Anna Emanuel Friedman
· August 17, 2017
Great experience adopting!! They were honest about the dog we were adopting and wanted to make sure we can handle his needs. We we're glad they were honest so we can bring an animal in and be prepared... so he can live out his happy tale!! See More
Dennis Hackett
· July 20, 2015
We got our Todd from them a year a go. We had a few problems with him at first and didn't know if we could keep him. But we didn't,t give up on him. We still have him he is the best dog we have ever and we are proud to say we love Todd Hackett and that he is a member of our family.we love this shelter the people are so kind and helpful. And if we ever need another animal we will use your shelter. Thank you Darlene Hackett See More
Lara Downen Dillon
· October 22, 2016
The MJAS does not receive nearly the funds it should get from the city but because of the dedicated employees and volunteers, the shelter continues to do a great job taking care of all the cats and who find their way there. I am grateful for every single employee and volunteer. Also, I have had trouble w stray dogs and neighbor dogs and when I called MJAS for help they were very receptive and helpful. See More
Amanda Jay
· April 16, 2016
I am very pleased with the service we received here. The staff was very nice and took care of everything so that we could bring our little girl home that day. ❤️❤️❤️
Judy Gail Henry Johnson
· July 28, 2014
Fabulous.. The year I worked there was awesome. Had to take a break due to total knee replacements. I enjoyed every minute there. There is a lot of work to be done by volunteers so if you have a litt...le while you might want to give a little time to the shelter and the dogs or cats that Re housed there See More
Belinda Darcy
· January 13, 2017
The greatest,Belinda and Shari are some of the best,they love animals ,will help any ,want the best homes for them,
Adrian Huett
· November 6, 2013
They took care of my Cooper Gene for 8 months before I found him, he is an amazing dog, my best bud and I owe it all to MJAS for bringing us together.
Cheryl Tyler
· January 5, 2016
This is, in my opinion, the best Shelter around. Thank you for all you do.
Jeanne Marie B
· August 7, 2013
We loved this shelter and the very nice people who run it. We have fallen in love with the 2 cats we adopted!
Jacqueline Bennett
· June 28, 2015
Awesome place! The staff is patient, loving and kind! They work hard to give every animal a chance. Best shelter in TN!
Shearon Treat
· March 21, 2014
So proud to live in Mount Juliet and this shelter is the best!!!!
Winnie Bellar
· October 23, 2014
They are great. I lost my dog in July, they helped us to find him and contacted us. We are great appreciate.
Kim Holmes
· December 12, 2014
Such great people! They really care so much about the animals they rescue!
Yvonne Wells
· December 27, 2015
Best shelter in town,the best caring officers and volunteers you ever will know.
Sabrina S Bailey
· March 1, 2014
Awesome and everyone is very nice and compassionate!
Erica Montgomery
· October 2, 2013
Fabulous shelter! So clean, great workers, & always so helpful!
Donna Martineau Loring
· July 14, 2013
I love good news! Congrats to all the adopted babies!
Amy Gilbert
· July 26, 2013
Cleanest most caring shelter I have ever visited !
Kathy Criswell
· December 24, 2013
Y'all are awesome!
MG Wassell
· August 23, 2014
Sweet people!!!
Lucy is an adoptable Dog - Beagle & Retriever Mix searching for a forever family near Mt. Juliet, TN. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.

Please share share share the amazing dogs that we have at the shelter right now. If anyone is interested they can click on the link to find more information about each individual dog. ❤️🐾…/mt-juliet/mt-juliet-animal-con…/

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