A parody of the Downfall video. In this one, The president learns that the NSA's "Prism" program got leaked and was made public

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Széchenyi István tér (formerly Roosevelt tér) •••
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Budapest Today! Please share....

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Az Országgyűlés 2013. június 3-án tervezi megszavazni azokat a jogszabályokat, amelyek emberi jogokat sértő módon a menedékkérők és menekültek jogainak csorbításához fognak vezetni, ezzel kívánva orvosolni a menedékkérőket és menekülteket jelenleg befogadó intézmények és szabályok kudarcát. // On the 3rd of June the Parliament is planning to accept the legislation which will violate the human rights of the asylum seekers and refugees. With this move they want to solve the faliure of the present system.

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'...The Hungarian parliament, dominated by supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has voted overwhelmingly for a set of constitutional amendments that opponents, including the EU, the U.S. government and human rights groups, fear will undermine the country's 24-year-old democracy....

"It is important that every country in the EU understands that we belong to a community of values," [German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle] told a group of reporters on the sidelines of a... meeting in Brussels on Monday.

"I do not have to deny that I am concerned about these latest developments in Hungary. I express my concern." ....

Barroso made a similar call in a speech last year, saying threats to the "democratic fabric" in some EU states meant an alternative was needed between the soft power of political pressure and the "nuclear option" of article 7 of the treaty....'

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Hungary's decision to change its constitution and limit the power of its top court is a forthright challenge to the European Union, and the uncomfortable truth in Brussels is that

'Food not bombs' event in Budapest this Saturday!
Scroll down in the event description for details in English

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Fidesz-KDNP, the ruling party coalition in Hungary, intends to include the criminalization of homelessness in the Hungarian constitution. The Parliament, where Fidesz-KDNP has supermajority, will vote on the 4th amendment to the Fundamental Law in the second week of March. This step is the culmination of the two-year-long campaign of vengeance that the government has waged against one of the most vulnerable and poorest social groups in the country: homeless people living on the street.
Join A Város Mindenkié in the protests against these plans on the 9th of March!
Details for the event are here:
Attached is the full press release by the AVM about this issue.
Please spread the word about both!

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Come to the Flash Mob and show your solidarity with our Portuguese peers who will be marching against the austerity measures at the same time!


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'Beautiful Trouble is an online book and web toolbox that puts the accumulated wisdom of decades of creative protest into the hands of the next generation of change-makers.'

A toolbox for revolution

As noted below, via A Város Mindenkié

Dear English-speaking Friends!
This is a live coverage of a court hearing. In 2011, the local municipality of the 14th district of Budapest bulldozed the shacks of around 20 people. It was totally illegal and 6 of the shack-dwellers are suing the municipality for compensation with the help of A Város Mindenkié and NEKI, a legal aid organization.
This is the second day of hearings when our witnesses explain what they saw on the day of the ...destruction.
This case is very very important as it could set a precedent for other similar cases where the municipality evicts people from their self-built homes without any legal procedure or advance notice.
Below are images of the destruction of homes taken by one of the witnesses, Dóra Papp.

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Photos by A Város Mindenkié, Oct 18, 2011

Please read, share and support similar future actions by A Város Mindenkié!

Bulldozers commissioned by the local government here were gathered Friday morning to demolish homeless people’s huts in the outskirts of Hungary's capital.

An interesting film screening in Budapest on Wednesday!

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Continuation of students protests in Budapest tomorrow, demanding a comprehensive reform of Higher Education!

This Saturday!!
A solidarity event at Blaha Lujza for homeless people organised by KlubBela and "Housing instead of prison" (’Börtön Helyett Lakhatást!’)
Rough translation - "Take part in the 19th of January event, which is not just about food distribution to people in need, but also a joint dinner, discussion, poetry, plays, bands, dancing and other programmes to enrich the night, as support is just as important as the food. Let us show that we do not think that the poores...t are worse than we are, but that we are all equal, as well as supportive. This is particularly relevant as the deprivation has reached an unprecedented level.
If possible, also bring food, money or clothes: scarfs, caps, socks, towels or other supplies.
Programme starts at 6pm and is planned until 6am. Hope you can join us!
MultiKulti's also hope to see you all there!
Also - please share the news about the event with others!

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