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"I don't believe in art. I believe in artists." - Marcel Duchamp

Music does not exist without musicians! Art does not exist without artists. This is Noteworthy... empowers artists to follow their passion and make careers out of their creativity. What have you done to make your dreams possible?

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If you read this site often, you might remember Mr. Ron Mexico from an interview appearance in which he talked about music journalism and running a music blog. Today, he's back to let you know some of the things you may be doing to shoot yourself in the foot during your music promotion campaigns. Indeed, annoying a music journalist is a bad way to get the coverage you want. Journalists typically have a lot of say in what they cover, and when you're getting under their skins in all the wrong ways, it's not likely to be you. If you want to get reviews and interviews and such, Ron Mexico suggests you cease and desist with these three maddening habits....Read Full Post
Did you know that your chances of succeeding in a press campaign are pretty much decided before you even send out your first email? There are a lot of variables that you CAN'T control during a PR campaign, but one thing you CAN do is the proper preparation. Making it up as you go along is a recipe for a bad result - your press campaign will be disorganized, unfocused and difficult to manage. Instead, invest some time in some simple steps to get your press set up the right way - it will pay off in a big way when the real work begins....Read Full Post
I know Halloween isn't even here yet, but if you want to make the most of the holidays for your music career, the time to plan is NOW. Although conventional wisdom dictates that the holidays are almost exclusively for major labels, who save up their big releases for this time of year in hopes you'll buy loads of music as gifts, the truth is the artists of all levels of advertising budgets can use the holidays as a chance to reel in their fans. A holiday gig, a seasonal single - these sorts of things will thrill your fans, put some good will in the bank for your future projects and maybe even help you a-rum-pa-pum-pum up a little bit of unexpected press during the season of good cheer. (Get it? Little Drummer Boy? Drum up a little bit of...oh, never mind.)...Read Full Post
When you spend a lot of time recording an album, you want to get it out there pronto when it's finally done. That's totally naturally - and a totally bad strategy. You can't just throw some music out there and expect people to get all excited about it. If you've invested the time to make some music you want other people to hear, then it just makes sense to take the time to make a plan to show it off in the best possible light. One of the biggest consideration is WHEN you release your album. Even if you've got a hankering to just release it already, darn it, why blow it for the sake of not waiting for a few weeks?...Read Full Post
That might sound like a funny question from someone who teaches music biz classes at a college like me, but I'm asking anyway - do you need a degree to work in the music industry? "Yes," said your mom and dad, but do you really? Well, the answer isn't that simple. In some case, yes, absolutely, you do. Some companies definitely want you to have a degree before they'll consider you for a position. Case in point: a degree is often required by major labels....Read Full Post
Are you looking for a good venue? Consider someone's living room (or backyard, or kitchen, or...). Yep, that's right, playing a house concert can actually be a really great thing, even if your music career has progressed to the point that landing gigs in more traditional venues comes easy. If you're new to playing live and trying to build a fan base, a house concert is a good way to get a buzz going that you can carry to local venues to get shows there. If you're used to drawing a crowd, playing a house concert is a nice thank-you for your dedicated followers and a good chance to get up close with your fans....Read Full Post
Issuing music licenses can be clunky affair as it is, so imagine if you needed hundreds - nay, thousands - of music licenses to get your job done? Well, then you'd be pretty glad that someone invented blanket licenses. Blanket licenses let the license holder play music from the entire catalog of a particular rights agency, instead of applying for individual licenses for every track. For some people, it's pretty handy, and if you're interested in publishing, it's a pretty handy thing for you to understand. Read on to learn more about blanket licenses and other fun music publishing related stuff:...Read Full Post
Stay with me for a minute, grown-folk readers, because I get a lot of emails from younger folk who are wondering how they can convince their parents that they are serious about choosing music as their career. Parents tend to picture something with a little bit more stability for their kids' careers, and hey, let's be honest, that's a fair concern. Making money in the music business is hard work, and it's getting harder. However, the trick to making this conversation go well is to show parents that you're serious and that you've thought this whole thing out. Before you tell your parents about your music goals, consider these tips. If you have some stories of music success - or stories of convincing people to support your musical ambitions - share them with the next generation of full-time musical masters....Read Full Post
Scoring radio plays is a big deal, but the world of commercial radio can be a cold, unfriendly place for many musicians. The reason isn't necessarily because everyone working in commercial radio thinks your music doesn't deserve airplay. The real problem is that many independent musicians and labels in particular simply approach commercial radio the wrong way. Commercial radio is a very different beast than non-commercial radio, and to promote effectively, you really have to appreciate those differences and tailer your approach accordingly....Read Full Post
Some of you are well and truly keyed into the pros of flying solo in the music biz, without label backing. I'm not one to tell you that a record deal is wrong and silly and a major mistake for every musician, because that's simply not true. However, there are some definite upsides for some musicians to not having a deal. If you've been pursuing a deal and are getting frustrated at the response, or you're on the fence about whether to start approaching labels, keep in mind these reasons not having a record deal isn't so bad after all....Read Full Post
Running a band isn't as easy as it looks, is it? From the outside, band life looks like a real laugh, but from the inside, it sure can look like a lot of work. The problems most bands run into spring from the personal or from simple misunderstanding about the goals and direction of the group. Want to avoid all of that? Of course you do. Check out Bands 101 for tips on managing your band, and read on for more advice on treading in the delicate waters of band politics:...Read Full Post
Now that you've written the perfect music press release, when should you actually share it with the music press? Timing your press release is an art, but it's worth trying to get it just right - send it too soon, and it will be forgotten by the time it's relevant. Send it too late, and it's, well, too late. You're right, there's a bit of a Goldilocks thing going on....Read Full Post
If you've been shying away from the stage, don't do it. Playing live is the best way to get new fans - but you've probably heard that one before. Did you know that playing live also brings tons of other benefits to your band? It totally does. From helping you build connections to helping you hone your set, your band has lots of reasons to focus on their live show. Consider these five reasons you should be playing live, and read on of advice on how to make it happen:...Read Full Post
The weekend upon us, and that means that bands all over the land are going to be gigging for the very first time (those lucky bands who landed a weekend night the first time out of the gate, that is). OK, so you've got your set ready, and you've practiced like crazy, but what is actually going to happen when you get to the venue? When should you show up? If you're an opening act, what is the proper etiquette? Even if this is your first rodeo, how can you come off as perfectly prepared?...Read Full Post
Think you're ready to head out on tour? Well, fantastic. Tours are great for getting news fans and for honing your skills. However, your first tour isn't going to be the money-maker that your 20th tour (hopefully) will be. In fact, your first tour may be more like a, well, money-loser, very sorry to say. That doesn't mean you're doing it wrong - it just means that sometimes you've got to get out there and start slogging away without much cash coming in so that you can GET cash coming in next time....Read Full Post
Putting on a show requires great music, promotion, and....a venue. If you're new to the live circuit, that last part can actually be the most intimidating of all. Just how do all of those bands on the calendar at your venue of choice end up there? What should you say when you call? Should you call? When should you call?...Read Full Post
I know, I know - as soon as you finish your recording, you want to get your album out there pronto. That's understandable, but after you've spent so much time working on it, doesn't it make sense to give it the best shot possible to get all the reviews and media glory it deserves? Very often, the release date you choose has everything to do with how much press, radio, and internet shine your album gets. So, with that in mind, think carefully before circling that date on your calendar. Here are five things to keep mind when you're picking your album release date....Read Full Post
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