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Good Night
Gute Nacht
Bonne nuit

Metallica-The Black Album-Nothing Else Matters Formazione: James Hetfield: Chitarra,voce Jason Newsted:Basso Kirk Hammett:Chitarra Lars Ulrich:Batteria
Kiss, Symphony Alive IV - Forever
childre of the grave with original guitar intro
© 2008 WMG This Love (Video)
© 2007 WMG How You Remind Me (Video) Buy it now on iTunes:
Original videoclip Lemmy Kilmister - Vocal And Bass Phil Campbell - Guitar Eddie Clarke - Drums Lyrics: If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man You wi...
The Slash vs BH comments have only started mindless arguments. There is no argument, everyone has their own opinion. Oh. And ignore the trolls, I try my best...
Over 3 Milion Views! If you like this song, try listening to this one
Pagina per gli amanti del rock e tutti i suoi sottogeneri,,, Creatori:Lucio & Alessandro Amministratrice: Erica*

che tristezza gente.

'Lewis Tocker 2008' classic scorpions song from 1984- lyrics- It's early morning The sun comes out Last night was shaking And pretty loud My cat is purring And scratches my skin So what is wrong With another sin The bitch is hungry She needs to tell So give her inches And feed her well

System Of A Down's days.
Richieste?Le esaudirò dopo,ora mi tocca studiare tedesco