From a Catholic brother... the same message as MCAG in book form. Congrats, Steve, on your "delivery"!

Steve Pokorny


Our new baby has arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL! GOD IS GOOD.

That's right, my baby, of which I've been pregnant with for the past 14 ...years, has been delivered and is ready for you to take home with you.

"Redeemed Vision: Setting the Blind Free from the Pornified Culture" is available NOW through Amazon! Go the link below to order your copy!


And Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?” And the blind man said to him, “Master, let me receive my sight.”
— Mark 10:51

Redeemed Vision is not just another book on pornography. It is the fruit of one man’s journey from living with the shame of a debilitating pornography compulsion to discovering the joy of redeemed vision and desiring to share it with others.

Our culture has not simply allowed pornography to proliferate; it has adopted the pornified vision as the normal way of seeing the body and sexuality. Christians are no exception, as evidenced by how many settle for coping mechanisms that never actually change their hearts and set them free.

But what if the way we view the body — our own and those of the persons around us — could change? What if the root of our attraction to pornography could be redeemed at its core — in our hearts? What if we could rediscover the beauty and truth of our bodies and sexuality in such a way that the pornified vision loses its appeal?

Whether you are struggling with a compulsion to pornography, love someone who is, or are wondering how to help your children, students, or parishioners deal with the pornified culture around you, this book boldly proclaims to YOU that redeemed vision is not only possible — it is the way we were meant to see.

Are you willing to let go of the way you currently view the world and receive a new way of seeing? If so, enter into this beautiful journey to embrace a redeemed vision to become the person God has created you to be.

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And Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?” And the blind man said to him, “Master, let me receive my sight.” — Mark 10:51 Redeemed Vision is not just another book on pornography. It is the fruit of one man’s journey from living with the shame of a debilitating pornograph...

Great blog article about Modesty!

It came during a good and productive discussion at church. We were sittin’ in the middle of a sizable Sunday School class where the topic was “fighting for our families,” a message we’re all needin’, for sure.

Good news... we fixed the "Search" button at MCAG... it's a big help finding things!

Wow... this article is SPOT ON!!

Since at least the 1950s, conservative evangelicalism’s overarching sexual ethic has put a substantive emphasis on “modesty” — that is, how…

Check out my newest article on the MCAG Blog about how ART can help liberate the PORN addicted.

The central theme of MCAG is simple: adopting a proper, Creator-honoring view of the naked human body and its sacred meaning is lethal for porn addiction. Happily, a healthy view of nudity already …

The MCAG site has had a small facelift... take a look... more readable now?

real hope for lasting freedom

We Christians are also guilty of sexually objectifying women in unexpected ways...
#SexualObjectification #Modesty #Christianity

Christians usually take pride in their opposition to the sexual objectification and exploitation of women… but most Christians are completely unaware that they have been practicing and promoting th…

We just got this question from a reader at the MGAC site on this page:

"Hi I’ve not finished going through your articles but have just read up to this one so far. I’m interested to know how your views relate to Genesis 9:20-27. That and a few other passages (Ex 20:26, Rev 3:18) from the Word have reinforced some of the ‘Lies’ (i.e. nakedness = shame) you are addressing and I am keen to hear a response."

I've posted a response... you might want to take a look!

Truth: It is absolutely normal – and according to God’s design – that we should be drawn to (appreciate/admire) the beauty of the natural human form. Pastor David has articulated this more clearly ...

Big birthday shout out to David L. Hatton! One of the MCAG authors!

Here's some exciting news! I was interviewed this summer by Steve Kuhn, founder of Belt of Truth ministries. His question to me was, “What’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone struggling with porn addiction?”

He just posted the video interview. Check it out!

I asked David Martin from, “What’s the one piece of advice you'd give to someone struggling with porn addiction?"

I have noticed that younger Christians are more open to the truth about our bodies than their parents have been. Sadly, they are also more open to the lies promoted by our culture.

We need to speak the truth to the next generation... because if we don't, we can be sure that the lie will not be silent.

The recent embarrassing revelation about Josh Duggar underscores the utter failure of hyper-modesty rules to protect children "protected" by those rules from falling prey to the allure of pornography.

When the human form is hidden and taboo, a child's mind will only focus on the hidden all the more. When the opportunity comes to experience the forbidden, the temptation to see it will be nigh on impossible to resist (I know this first hand).

The best way to inoculate our against porn is to allow them to learn (by seeing!) the truth about the human form right at home. If we don't teach our children a truthful, desexualized, and personal understanding of the unclothed human form, rest assured that porn will step in and feed them the lie about the unclothed human form.

Time to repost this series from Pastor David Hatton:

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Imagine your child being completely unimpressed with porn... disinterested... unaffected by its allure... is that even possible? Yes, it is.

The "body acceptance" in art history offers a firm confirmation to the approach of MCAG against porn. My essay on ArtWay is one example....

Botticelli’s re-creation of Calumny, a lost painting of the Greek artist Apelles, deserves careful study to appreciate how well he reproduced it from Lucian’s description of the original. Following Lucian’s narration, you see on the right King Midas, whose large ears are being stroked by Ignorance a…

For some, this might be the stick of dynamite they need....

How can we clarify gender without rejecting those that feel a disconnect with their gender? The answer is in the Imago Dei. #Gender #Transgender #Bible #ImageOfGod #ImagoDei #BruceJenner #CaitlynJenner #Transsexual #gay #Christianity

The answer to that question shouldn’t be uncertain… but it is. To be sure, lots of people are absolutely certain that he is now a woman.

Pastor David Hatton weighs in on the mistaken notions about the biblical shame of nakedness.

Check out his new blog post on MCAG.
#Shame #Nakedness #Bible #Nudity #Sex #Prudery #Pornography

It’s not what you think... To correctly understand what the Bible really means when it associates shame with nakedness, we need to first take off the cultural glasses we’ve been wearing...