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Kim Coles is going to teach everyone at the Legacy Summit how YOU CAN TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD and what that could mean to YOUR BUSINESS PROFITS & VISIBILITY. (Read important news below!!!) #LegacySummit

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TGIF EVERYONE! TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. The most amazingly talented, funny and kind TV celebrity will be spending TWO DAYS with all of us at my Live Your Legacy... Summit. Kim Coles. You remember her from the HIT 90's TV SHOWS "Living Single" w/Queen Latifah & "In Living Color" w/Jim Carrey & the Wayans brothers. She's a comedy genius and more important to YOU is she's going to teach everyone at the Legacy Summit how YOU CAN TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD and what that could mean to YOUR BUSINESS PROFITS & VISIBILITY.

Hear her on our big stage and take one or both of her 2 Mastermind sessions on Sunday and/or Monday during the summit, it's INCLUDED with your tickets and vendor booth packages: How's that for EXCITING!!!!!

1. Secrets to Connecting and Captivating an Audience From The Stage!
2. Speak Easy – Proven techniques to rock your on stage speeches to attract paying gigs and clients!

Wait until you hear HER STORY on stage - it's funny, heartwarming and RAW! She "tells ALL" and for the sole purpose of helping YOU not give up! She truly LOVES PEOPLE with all her heart.

Imagine how this could impact your career, your life and SET YOU APART from your competition!

Only the best speakers and attendees come to our Live Your Legacy Summits year after year. ARE YOU going to COME & REAP your REWARDS this year AGAIN or for the very FIRST TIME?

Myself and ALL my fabulous speakers and teachers want to support YOU! Be there so we can do that and create WINS TOGETHER!!

Now for the LUCKY PART: If you read down to this far.....
Congratulations: PRIVATE MESSAGE ME right now and I have a special discount for you. Only for those who take the time to P.M me will get this private deal. #LegacySummt


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Aurea McGarry
TUNE INTO OUR FB LIVE w/ POPARAZZI MEDIA Thursday 8/10 at 1pm. News, Summit giveaways and FUN w/ Aurea & Angelica Monroe Boudreau
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Aurea McGarry is with Nadia Sanguinetti-Plunkett and 18 others at Hilton Atlanta Northeast.

They say you become like the people you surround yourself with. The 11th Live Your Legacy Summit will be packed with exceptional leaders and inspirational speak...ers from across the country, but won't be extraordinary without YOU! Join us all and come "Amplify Your Destiny." Vendor space still available. www.LiveYourLegacySummit.Com

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SO EXCITED. The next LIVE YOUR LEGACY SUMMIT will be on September 17th & 18th 2017. SEE YOU THERE!!! Alyssa

Emmy award winner, Aurea McGarry hosts this premier event in Atlanta, GA. Get ready to take your business and legacy to heights beyond your wildest dreams!

THE TIME HAS COME TO LET YOU ALL KNOW WHAT MY BIG SECRET HAS BEEN! As a CANCER SUR-THRIVER this Non-Toxic product may be uncomfortable for you to talk about - B...ut it's GOING TO SAVE WOMEN'S LIVES - SO I'M SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS. Friends, will you take 3 minutes to watch this video in honor of International Women's Day. Then Private message me if you want a sample, or a live in home demo or if you would like to join my mission driven team in this Billion dollar industry providing these pads to at least 100 customers of your own and earn a $1000.00 or more a month part-time.There's NOTHING LIKE THEM ON THE MARKET TODAY. NOTHING EVEN CLOSE!!! Customers are going to be searching for YOU. Plus,those who are on my sales force team will recieve ALL of my professional Legacy Maker Business Academy training FOR FREE!!!!!!! #PRICELESS Watch and contact me ASAP! Aurea The #LegacyMaker

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FREE EVENT. Yes you can call in your reservations to me, email it or comment here. I opened up another demo spot on this same day same place due to the large amount wanting to come & the space smaller than it needs to be.. No worries I'll open up more times as needed so reach out to me if the time doesn't work but you still want to SEE IT IN PERSON. I PROMISE I will get everyone in.This has been the MOST AMAZING RESPONSE I'VE EVER SEEN FOR ANYTHING I'VE EVER LAUNCHED. Women are FED UP with being poisoned & having their daughters being exposed to #CANCER. #StoptheMadness #Nspire #CancerFree #PainFree monthly is a reality now!! CONTACT ME.. .. #LegacyMaker

Important news especially for young girls!!!! - please read my moms message below because we care about you and are dedicated to helping girls LIVE LONG, HEALTHY, CANCER FREE, PAIN FREE & STRESS FREE LEGACIES Waiting for your replies Alyssa #LegacyMakers

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Aurea McGarry

IMPORTANT NEWS: I was't planning on posting this news to everyone.. but I feel very compelled in my heart right now to do so and not just reach out only to sele...ct friends I know well and then potentially miss someone who needs to know this info right now. So here it is:
If your monthly pain & exposure to several highly toxic chemicals could be a thing of the past for you and/or your daughters & family members each month, and if it was amazingly soft and out performed every other product "hands down" in LIVE demonstrations would you want to know more? As a woman and cancer Sur-Thriver myself - I surely did.
So I'm very excited to announce that I'm partnering up with a close friend whom I TRUST immensely, on the road to the prevention of monthly pain, cancers and more!!! But we can not show you or tell you details on social media just yet.

We've joined together on a Life & Death mission to help women - especially our daughters ~ reduce their exposure to CANCER CAUSING TOXINS that absorb into their bodies over 16,000+ times during their life (currently YOURS too if you're a woman between approximately 12 - 54 yrs of age)

We're in the midst of a HUGE March 1st USA LAUNCH of a new company with a mission and a product (tried and true in other countries already) - that YOU'VE GOT TO SEE & TOUCH TO BELIEVE!
Today I'm looking to partner with a few other women (YES, men are of course invited) with large centers of influence anywhere in the U.S who care deeply about cancer prevention, pain & stress reduction and who want to .........

keep Dioxins and other poisons OUT OF & OFF OF women's bodies every single month.

If this is YOU, please message me, I have something for you.

I DIDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES when I saw THE product last week and felt it too (you'll understand what I mean if you see it for yourself) This product is NOT AVAILABLE to the general public yet, but if you want to BE THE FIRST to see it, try it, know more about or would like to hear about the company launch and possibly work with me directly and other very successful people like Bob Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute...

then Please Private Message me here or Email me at Info@AureaMcGarry.Com or CALL ME

I can send you an eye opening video or invite you to one of our "By Invitation Only" limited seating focus group demos around town.There's one happening this week!!

I wish this was around when I was younger.. but it's HERE NOW for my daughters and for that I'm truly thankful. MUCH LOVE ~ ABUNDANCE & LONGEVITY ~
Aurea ~

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Aurea McGarry

Back by popular demand! I'm going on the road (in the #Atlanta area to start) interviewing the most #AMAZING people & their stories in the non profit world. Who...'s turned the WORST circumstances into the BEST LEGACY and so much more. Does YOUR FAVORITE NON PROFIT ORG. have a unique, heartwarming or even funny begining? I WANT TO KNOW. They could qualify for an exclusive LIVE IN PERSON filming date with me at their location. Laughter, tears, bloopers will all be included!!! FANTASTIC PR for those selected. YOUR CALL TO ACTION: Send me their websites ASAP!!! STAY TUNED to see them all HERE and on YOUTUBE!!!

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HUGE ALERT: This year I used a NEW ticket company & expanded to a 2 day event.Due to technical issues w/the ticket company last week beyond our control, that ha...s caused several delays processing tickets.We're going to keep the EARLY BIRD PRICES and ALL codes ACTIVE until Wednesday Oct. 5th,to give us time to make sure those kinks didn't keep anyone from processing their tickets & vendor booths at the deals they were trying to get last week. So -YES You can go onto the website TODAY thru 10/5 and get tickets at early bird prices. Our tech issues ARE YOUR GOOD FORTUNE..Any questions PRIVATE MESSAGE ME Thank you
See everyone a week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Please let your Network of fans know: Angelica Monroe Boudreau Dannella McWilliams Burnett Marsha Friedman Deborah Daniel Shellie Hunt Tracee Smith Randall Carol Dressler Neal Bonnie Ross-Parker Jeffrey Umberger Edeline Francois-Dryden Dee Shihady Rhonda R. Hudgins Tim Hetzner Becky Ruland Laurie Cheshire Sossa Tracy Trace Sargent Shellie Hunt Celeste Giordano Charmelle Scott Chi T. Mathias Andrew Calloway Jackie Carpenter Rebecca Davis Keener Tiffanyand Jason Skipper Lee Adams Dawn Dessauer Mooring Dawn W. Brolin Ann White Diana Perez Diane Conklin Felicia Phillips Becky A Davis Brenda Cooper Brian McGarry Matthew Boudreau DC Starr Claiborne Vee G Armour Jai Stone Natalie Forest Mary Vidarte Mary Kat Yeatman Paula Gwynn Grant Scot Ferrell C.C Nicole Henderson

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Emmy award winner, Aurea McGarry hosts this premier event in Atlanta, GA. Get ready to take your business and legacy to heights beyond your wildest dreams!

My sister is performing - please come and see her INSPIRE YOU & ROCK THE STAGE ~ Alyssa ~

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Aurea McGarry is with Angelica Monroe Boudreau at Hilton Atlanta Northeast.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?? My award winning daughter is BACK ON STAGES SINGING where she belongs. Come be the FIRST to see her LIVE ON A STAGE before she launches... her come back shows!! DON'T MISS THIS VERY POWERFUL SPECIAL PERFORMANCE. She will be singing throughout the Summit and she sings with amazing soul, grit and powerful inspiration. Please Share Angelica Monroe Boudreau Matthew Boudreau DC Dannella McWilliams Burnett Brian McGarry Jasmine Noëlle Thomas Brenda Cooper Marsha Friedman Becky A Davis Dawn W. Brolin Emily Brolin Tracee Smith Randall Carol Dressler Neal Mary Kat Yeatman Mary Vidarte Shellie Hunt Diana Perez Edeline Francois-Dryden Laurie Cheshire Sossa Jeffrey Umberger Della Cole Della C Cole Brian Troxell Atkins Estimond Anna Enger Ritch Jackie Carpenter Brian Bremer Stacy Simril Robinson Jack A. Daniels Sheri Riley Natalie Forest Melissa Carter Molly Hopkins Cynthia Decker Lori A. Manns Judy Calland Remington Youngblood Rebecca Davis Keener Ann White Lisa Preston Skinner Ron Skinner Tiffany C Ramos Gisela Arzuaga Joyce Tiffanyand Jason Skipper Vickie Hintz Stefenie Suero Doric Chris George Eric Faltraco Rebecca Shrager Autumn Essie Bailey-Ford Nadine Mullings

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EXCITING NEWS - READ BELOW!! And share See you all at the summit in TWO WEEKS..YIKES - ALL DEALS & ALL DISCOUNT CODES WILL EXPIRE THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH.. Everyone get your tickets or vendor booths ASAP, Call me or Dannella McWilliams Burnett if you have any questions!! WE DON'T WANT ANYONE MISSING THE EARLY BIRD DEALS...HURRY MY FRIENDS Please Share #LegacySummit10 #Events #Atlanta #Entrepreneurs #womenROCK

NEW POLL PAGE: Apparently there were some glitches on this poll I posted last night.. so please use THIS NEW POLL PAGE. Don't worry we added up all the votes fo...r each of them that did make it through and will add those to their final totals. They will not lose a single vote PLEASE SHARE THIS NEW LINK INSTEAD.. Voting ENDS Oct. 5th. P.S....IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THE NUMBER OF VOTES. Yes, that's a big part of it, but you should also email us at
Tell us in 2 or 3 sentences WHY you're voting for someone and WHY you feel they should win. What makes them stand out in your eyes. Let us know.. it matters! Thank you Angelica Monroe Boudreau for creating this award in 2015 when Dawn W. Brolin was our FIRST honoree. Dannella McWilliams Burnett Tracee Smith Randall Carol Dressler Neal Becky Ruland Rhonda R. Hudgins Laurie Cheshire Sossa Dee Shihady Kathy Gooden Deborah Daniel Shellie Hunt Mary Kat Yeatman Mary Vidarte Celeste Giordano Brian McGarry Jeffrey Umberger Lisa Preston Skinner Charlene McGregor Emily Brolin Matthew Boudreau DC Nadine Mullings Sandy Lomas Jeri Sue Simon Penny Miltersen-Nichols #LegacySummit10 THANKS Aurea McGarry

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WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE WIN THE 2016 ~ AUREA HOPE AWARD?These outstanding women have been nominated by their peers to represent people who you feel are Living their legacy as they help people daily everywhere they go.All our nom

I can't wait to meet these dogs - they're so amazing!! Alyssa See you there - I hope I miss Marley so much too

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EXTRA - EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT. THE WINNER IS...............(Join us at the Live Your Legacy Summit Oct. 9th & 10th to hear the heart warming story of HOW & WH...Y LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs WON this AWARD. No voting, no nominees... they've WON and are coming with amazing dogs to meet YOU all and accept their "MARLEY AWARD!" These precious dogs & their owners comforted the children after the Newtown Connecticut shooting, the Orlando night club shooting, Colorado Movie theatre shooting, Louisiana floods and so many more disasters. THEY'RE OUR COUNTRY'S SUPER HEROES!! Don't forget ALL Early Bird Deals to attend the summit - END SEPTEMBER 30TH. MARLEY'S DAD Mark Myers will be on stage with me to give out this very special award! Two more outstanding animal organizations will be SPOTLIGHTED later this week. Don't miss out meeting them too!!!! Trace Sargent Angelica Monroe Boudreau Brian McGarry Scarlett Lewis Dawn W. Brolin Emily Brolin Dannella McWilliams Burnett Shellie Hunt Mary Kat Yeatman Mary Vidarte Deborah Daniel Becky A Davis Marsha Friedman Annette Kramer Brenda Cooper Jasmine Noëlle Thomas Tracee Smith Randall Jim DeBetta Carol Dressler Neal Tom Martin Tom Leihbacher Jackie Carpenter Jack A. Daniels

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Aurea McGarry

URGENT: We've SOLD OUT of Hilton rooms BUT..they just allowed me A NEW BLOCK OF ROOMS-BUT ONLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 26. All vendors usually stay over Sunday night be...cause you need to be ready to greet guest at 8am sharp. MANY OF OUR ATTENDEES STAY OVERNIGHT as well because exciting things happen from 8am-9am and at 8:45am Monday we have something very SPECIAL FOR YOU ALL!!! My summits always START ON TIME & end on time as I value your time very much! Monday morning traffic makes staying over Sunday night for ONLY $82 - PRICELESS. Why stress out driving? Your hotel room is a TAX WRITE OFF, so make your experience fabulous.. plus our FUN Meet & Greet is Sunday night you will not want to leave early and drive home. The NETWORKING is OUTSTANDING!! Collaborations and NEW BUSINESSES have BEEN BORN from our Sunday night time together with top business owners & non profits too! You may walk away with a new Million dollar $$$$$ business idea or partner. These rooms are normally $179.. but your Legacy Summit cost is only $82. ONLY UNTIL 9/26/16 IT'S FREE TO BOOK IT TODAY online here…/A/ATLHPHF-LYL16-201610…/index.jhtml… OR CALL:770-447-4747 Tell them you're with the Live Your Legacy Summit to get the deal on the phone. (Disregard the Sept. 17th date on the online page - we got an extension for you until the 26th) Blessings & Abundance Aurea GOT TICKETS YET? WWW.LIVEYOURLEGACYSUMMIT.COM

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PLUS wait till you see what I'm bringing this year as a vendor!! It's a surprise but I think you're gonna love it!! Alyssa

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95% of female small business owners are also mothers. BIGGEST challenge they all agree on is: finding the right support staff to help implement everything like ...the big companies have but on a smaller budget - Mompreneurs make incredible role models ~ Your LEGACY goes beyond your family or career successes ~ Your kids can learn valuable, hands-on business lessons and you learn from them as well. 200 #Mompreneurs will all learn everything they need to know to START - GROW - EXPLODE their business all while BALANCING family & work with LESS STRESS, MORE TIME WITH THEIR KIDS & HUBBY TOO!! Entrepreneurial Men will learn these keys too!!! Tickets & all Vendor Booths EARLYBIRD DEALS will END SEPTEMBER 30th - NO Exceptions. So please don't delay any longer. Buy online Any event questions email me at ~ Any vendor questions please email Dannella at SEE YOU THERE MY FRIENDS!!

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See Ad prices & EXCITING details below!!

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Deadline to get in and "BE SEEN" by over 200 successful entrepreneur leaders, philanthropist, international & award winning speakers, inspiring heroes, event, holiday shoppers and more - IS COMING UP FAST!! (prices listed below) It's our very special large anniversary issue of our Live Your Legacy Summits 10th event celebration & reunion! The who's who will be in and and will take one home as a keep sake. Contact us immediately to inquire about what spaces are still open. Pictured below is last years 2015 Front & Back covers! Liveyourlegacysummit@Gmail.Com

Back outside cover - full page 7.5” W x 10” H - - $400 - ONLY ONE SPOT
Back inside cover - - full page 7.5” W x 10” H - - $350 - ONLY ONE SPOT
Full page Ad - 7.5” W x 10” H - - $200

Full page contributing article submission - 7.5” W x 10” H - - $300 - (Limited Opportunity Upon Approval)

Half page ad – 5” H x 7.5” W - - $125

Half page contributing article submission – 5” H x 7.5” W - - $225 - (Limited Opportunity Upon Approval)

Quarter page ad – 4” W x 5.5” H - - $75

Business Card ad – 3.5”W x 2”H - - $50

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I can't wait to see everyone again at my moms big 10th Summit event October 9 & 10 I have new things to show everyone that will help support mission trips. Sarah Reed Donovan Reed

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