I'm SO excited to be working with again!! This time, I got to create a free printable kit to help you and your family participate in the #LIGHTtheWORLD Service Initiative and turn your acts of Service and Kindness into a Gift to the Savior! Watch my little intro video, then hop to my blog to download your free printables and, yes... there's even some "Light the World" Nuggets on my blog, too! <3
Coupons, Black Friday... a BIG GIVEAWAY, oh my!! <3
Have you seen the new Christmas 🎄Video yet? It's AWESOME!! Stay tuned to my Instagram for some behind the scenes peeks of a project I get to work on with them (similar to the #hallelujah Easter project I did)! Eeeek!!! I'm so excited to be involved again; this clip just inspires me!! ❤ #LIGHTtheWORLD #sharegoodness #iamamormon #justserve #BEaLIGHT #HEisthelight

IMPORTANT NEWS IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE SEEING MY PRINTABLES IN YOUR NEWS FEED Facebook has recently changed the formula that determines what posts appear in your News Feed. Even if you have "LIKED" my page, you are no longer likely to see my posts based on the new formulas - unless you do a couple of things. First, by regularly interacting on my posts (liking and/or commenting on them), Facebook will see that you not only "LIKE" my page - but that you also specificall...y enjoy my posts. Second, visit my Facebook Home Page (link below) and at the top where it says "FOLLOWING" - click there and select "SEE FIRST". By doing those two things, the Facebook Robots are more likely to allow my posts to naturally appear in your News Feed and you'll be less likely to miss my coupons, freebies, tips and new releases. Thanks, Ladies - I don't want to lose you in the maze and abyss of Facebook formulas!

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I'm getting all kinds of questions about the cute tins I used in the pictures for my new Strawberry Tags & Wrappers Gift Bundle - so I've added them to my Amazon Recommendation Page! The silver one is 3" across at the top and the green one is 5" across. You can't fit the whole set into the 3" one - but for smaller gifts with just 2 or 3 items, it's perfect. Happy shopping!


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