Haven't been on here in awhile. Let's talk basketball. Who's your favorite team?

With the comments made by Donald Sterling surfacing, if you play for the Clippers, would you take the floor and for him or go on strike until he is replaced as owner of the team? ~Bernard


Happy birthday Michael Jordan.

Just had a heated discussion about point guards in the league. Can anybody tell me why Russell Westbrook is considered top 5 pg in the NBA? I dont see it. ~Bernard

Who would win in a dunk contest? Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Connie Hawkins, Dominique Wilkins, Dr. J, Kobe Bryant, Jason Richardson or Shawn Kemp? Tell me why. ~Bernard

Great series but even greater game 7. That was for the history books. Much respect to the Spurs. They played inspiring basketball and should be very proud. And congrads to the Heat. Cant wait for next season. Its been a blast! ~Bernard

Oh and what's with the guy in the Warriors jersey? ~Bernard

I wonder how many people are gonna scream that Miami cheated if they win tonight. ~Bernard

Jason Kidd retires. Sad to see him leave the game. One of the best point guards to ever play the game and he will be missed. Thanks for all the great highlights Kidd. ~Bernard

I dont get it. LeBron James has multiple MVPs, a championship ring, and a finals MVP. Why all the hate? ~Bernard

Which win streak is more impressive? Miami's 33 or Denver's 12? ~Bernard

BLAKE!!!!! ~Bernard

Good news for Lakers fans. Kobe is scheduled to play tonight. ~Bernard

Kobe out indefinitely due to severe sprained ankle. Dizzaam! Sucks for Lakers' fans. ~Bernard

Does anyone believe that James Harden should be MVP? ~Bernard

3-on-3 pick up game. Team1: Monte Ellis, Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudemire. Team2: Raymond Felton, Tyreke Evens, Tim Duncan. Who wins? ~Bernard

Brandon Jennings or Ty Lawson? ~Bernard