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Motto: Building people, societies and nations. Our vision is multidimensional, holistic, inclusive, extensive and fully integrated.
DrBenard Etta

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The great teacher, Jesus the Christ said, "Blessed are the peacemakers."Matt 5:9.

He didn't say blessed are those who wish, hope, and cry for peace. Do you know why? The reason is simple! You don't achieve peace by "wishing, hoping and crying, but by making peace. The question we should be bothered about is, what does it take to "make?" In every making process, two vital principles come into play. We have the principles of "addition and subtraction." To make anything, the ma...ker must know what to take out and what to add. It is the same in making peace. I feel like teaching!

Join our Peace movement! You Can Become A Global Ambassador Of Peace! Get in touch for training and certification!

DrBenard Etta
AUGP International Governor for Africa/ CEO,
Nation Builders International
Email: dretta2014

DrMadhu Krishan, Chairman, AUGP…

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Sign up to be a part of the 2018 nine months training program for Global Ambassadors of Peace!
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Motto: Building people, societies and nations. Our vision is multidimensional, holistic, inclusive, extensive and fully integrated.

The endurance test is the last test an individual must pass to qualify for his/her destiny. DrBenard Etta

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DrBenard Etta

The grace to "hold on" to a God's given idea or vision is what determines how far a person gets to in the race of destiny. Not everything one is ordained for wo...uld happen within days, weeks or months no matter who prays for the person. It has nothing to do with the "spirit of delay" as some call it. That's just how it is with certain breakthroughs; somethings take a couple of years to unfold. Endurance is what brings the crown at the end, and I have chosen ENDURANCE! What about you? "The vision is for an appointed time,though it tarries, wait for it!" Hab 2:3.DrBenard Etta

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Most people are like Joseph of Arimathea, who could only provide a burial place for "a vision," but was nowhere during the thirty-three and a half years of the travail of Christ's earthly ministry. The Joseph of Arimathea's are professional mourners; they know how to pretend over the graves of their heroes, but when they were alive, they don't show up. Imagine the additional force Joseph of Arimathea could have brought into the Jesus revolution if he was a part of his team during the years of his active earthly ministry, but like most of us, he hid "himself" behind the pages of Facebook as a ghost disciple. Don't wait to build monuments for your heroes when they are gone, do it while they are still alive. Celebrate them now or forever remain silent!

DrBenard Etta
Don't wait to build monuments for your heroes when they are gone, do it while they are still alive. Ponder! Dr.Etta

A boot camp for leaders and emerging leaders who are passionate to learn and develop the character and acquire wisdom required to fulfill their life's purpose. There will be two training sessions:

1st session:9:00am-12:00 noon

(Light refreshment: 12:00 noon-12:30 Pm)


2nd session: 2:00 Pm-6:00 Pm.

It is a must-attend event.

Speaker: Dr.Benard Etta
Program Director. Ndi Nelson

Registration via MTN Mobile Money: 5000frs
Tel: 651583532. Name: Besong Polycarp.
Dresscode: Suits

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Sat 9:00 AM UTC+01Nation Builders Embassy
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Strategic Crisis Management Leadership Boot Camp!
( A must-attend event for leaders and emerging leader)

The theme of this program is " Anticipating, Preventing & Managing Scandals. It doesn't matter how effective a leader is, if a scandal is not well anticipated, prevented or managed, it may spell out doom for his or her life's or ministry work. History has a record of outstanding individuals whose life's work, ministry, and legacy were destroyed because of scandals they did...n't anticipate, prevent or effectively manage. I didn't anticipate doing a program for leaders in Cameroon because of my travels, but when I got the thought to organize this event before I take my leave, I knew Providence has designed to use this event to prevent leaders and emerging leaders from experiencing a shipwreck in their lives and ministry. If you are a leader at any level in Yaounde or anywhere in Cameroon, don't miss this life transforming event!

Venue: Nation Builders Embassy Biyemassi, Yaounde, Opposite Campus Pour Christ.

Time: Morning Session----9:00 am-12:00 noon
Afternoon session--------2:00 Pm---5:00PM

General Registration : 5000frs

VIP: 10.000Frs
Seats are limited, Call and reserve your seat. Tel: 651583532, 678519146.

Recommended dress code: Suits

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Sat 9:00 AM UTC+01Nation Builders Embassy, Biyemassi Yaounde.
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The poorest person on earth is not someone without money, but an individual without a dream. DrBenard Etta

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The Ball Juggler: Tonye Solomon climbs a mast with a ball on his head.

"MONEY MISS ROAD" is a serious matter to ponder on because it is one of the sad realities of our times. A Must-Read!

DrBenard Etta is with Thabo Ndlovu and 41 others.


Special greetings to all my FB friends, I know some of you have been waiting for this write-up. "MONEY MISS ROAD" is a serious matter to ponder... on because it is one of those sad realities of our times. I know that some of you are coming across the expression for the first time and you may be wondering what it is about. That said, let's begin our journey by defining what "MONEY MISS ROAD" is, to make it easy for everyone reading this piece to follow the conversation with understanding.

First, it is worth noting that "MONEY MISS ROAD" is not an English expression, but an expression in African broken English or Pidgin English.

"MONEY MISS ROAD" depicts the way some people live and the extravagant manner they spend money. If such money is placed in the hands of some other individuals with good hearts and vision, they will transform lives and their communities, societies, and nations will not remain the same. Therefore, "MONEY MISS ROAD" is simply money in the wrong hands or money in the hands of greedy, selfish and egoistic individuals.

I know this is a very sensitive and pluralistic topic because some people are of the opinion that a person is supposed to spend his or her money as they choose, which is a fact. That is why I encourage everyone reading this article to watch the video below. There are some things we are supposed to do differently not because of any law prohibiting us, but because of conscience, God's love and a sense of humanity and responsibility.

One of the things every human being needs is a healthy conscience and sense of humanity, without which we are not different from animals. There are certain things our laws don't criminalize, for instance, how one uses his or her money. However, if we have a good conscience and a sense of humanity, we will live our lives and do everything with a sense of morality, humanity, and responsibility.

Terrible things are happening around the world today in different communities, societies, and nations impacting the way millions of people live. Around the world, there are millions of hungry, homeless, sick people who are between life and death. Some are refugees fleeing from wars, persecutions and harsh economic realities in their countries. We have millions of orphans who have no one to look after them and to sponsor their education. And, millions of ladies caught up in prostitution, working for the sex industries as a way of having a livelihood and billions of people heading for eternal damnation without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. If we are to list the plight of humanity today, it is a fact that the list would be endless. People are really suffering, and millions are dying, just visit Youtube and watch some documentaries. If the plight of humanity today doesn't impact a person's way of life, somehow the individual may be in a condition one can only describe as heartless and insensitive.

I am not passionate about this topic because of the way some "fat cat" politicians, businesspeople, celebrity entertainers and others in the secular world live their lives and spend money extravagantly. I may focus on them in subsequent write-ups. What stirred my heart to write on this topic is what I see going on in Christendom today, especially among Christians and preachers, which seriously needs to be addressed. I know some church folks reading the above line will bring out their "Don't Judge" card, which has silence many voices within the church. The scripture gave us the right to judge the matters within the Church as members of the body of Christ. 1Cor 5:12

As Christians and preachers, we are supposed to know better and to be an example in our sense of judgment, morality, and responsibility towards the plight of humanity. Christ said, "we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth." The way we live our lives was supposed to be the alternative to the world's culture of greed, selfishness, inhumanity, insensitivity, and reckless, extravagant lifestyles. But the current madness in the extravagant way some Christians and especially some preachers live and spend money given to them by God's providence can only be best described as "MONEY MISS ROAD."

Money is a powerful weapon of change in the hands of any individual with a healthy conscience, and a good sense of morality, humanity, and responsibility towards the plight of humankind. In some quarters of Christendom today, there is a notion that those walking in prosperity, who live and spend extravagantly are manifesting grace. Let me set the record straight, I'm not against prosperity, God promised to bless his children, and I am walking in the blessings of the Lord. I don't live in a Ghetto, I also love good things. However, I believe the mission of the church on earth calls for moderation, which is a vital biblical concept.

The church has one mission, and that is to reach the lost world, yet millions are perishing. The question is, is it time to live as "kings in palaces or time to give ourselves and what we have to get the job done? Why should a preacher who drives a $200.000.00 USD car and owns a fleet of such vehicles, wears a wristwatch of $10.000.00 USD and above, spends $2000.00 USD and above per night in hotels, etc., still ask for offerings from people who are merely struggling to survive? Why use money which can create jobs for hundreds of young people for a single vacation? Can someone talk to me! Greed blinds and selfishness makes people heartless.

Permit me to say this my Nigerian friends; If a Nigerian is bragging about being a multi-millionaire, he or she shouldn't only showcase his/ her hundreds and million dollar cars and mansions, they should go to Italy and get the Nigerian girls doing prostitutions off the streets and give them jobs. That's what it means to be rich! I'm sorry, but I have to say this without any apology, if God opens our eyes, what we celebrate today in some quarters as grace is but gross disgrace. There are things only the Holy Spirit can convict a person. I sincerely pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in the way we live today as Christians and our present-day distorted stands on the message of grace and prosperity. The church in Africa was once financially poor, and we asked God for wealth to enable us to reach our continent. God answered, but instead of pouring ourselves out to save as many lives before the doors close, we have instead turned ourselves and the prosperity he gave us into idols. We want to be worshiped because of our wealth. Could it be that ISIS, Boka-Haram, and others are a wake-up call to the church? Could it be, the fall of the Nigeria Naira is a handwriting on the wall for the church in Nigeria? Thinking out loud!

People are dying of hunger, millions of our youths are into arm robbery and prostitution because of harsh economic realities, and billions of souls are still in the valley of decision, etc. , if God has blessed us in any way, let's sacrifice to impact our generation before it is too late. Let's save lives and give hope to the hopeless, time is running out!

Wasteful spending grieves the Holy Spirit. It is time for the church to repent before we can expect the politicians and others outside the church to follow. We will be judged by history and in eternity if our prosperity turns into "MONEY MISS ROAD." Oh, God, touch us and set our hearts ablaze for you! We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain, we will take nothing out when our day of exit comes. What we give will follow us into our afterlife not what we amassed. The wise will listen! Remain blessed

Share this message if it spoke to your heart. Thank you!
DrBenard Etta

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Everything in life is governed and sustained by its "truth." Failure to operate according to the truth that governs a thing will inevitably attract chaos sooner or later. Life is not a gamble; everything in life is designed to function according to its principle of truth as key to its sustainability and performance. The problem with the world is that we care less about principle. The truth is murdered in our streets as well as in the palaces of justice and... corridors of power. There is a gross compromise of the truth today at all levels of society. Even in the community of churches, the truth is viewed with contempt and suspicion, while in the broader world, the truth is censored instead of being sponsored. In today's society, lies are given more patronage and a greater coverage and publicity than the truth. That is why; the world is in the quagmire we see today in several spheres.

Humanity is deliberately violating the very principles on which our sustainability depends, just like someone setting his/ her seat on fire. To change the world positively, we simply have to accept to live and function by the truth, which governs every aspect of life. That requires a change in our attitude towards the truth and the willingness to seek to know the truth and commit ourselves to live and operate by the truth we know.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32.

The truth is the only path to a positive revolution. We unconsciously complicate our lives, turn the earth against us, and destroy our individual and collective destinies by living against the truth.

“Buy the truth and sell it not.” Proverb 23:23.

Those who pay the price to know the truth and live by the truth will be in command of the 21st century as we move into the 3rd decade of this century. It is time to seek the truth and don't stop until you find it. PONDER!

"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth."John 17:17.
DrBenard Etta

20TH-24TH OF SEPTEMBER! Contact us for more information. Email:
Tel: +1) (240) 356-3010

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Sep 20, 2017 - Sep 24, 2017University of DodomaDodoma
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A Shift From "Heads Of State" To "Hearts Of State!

The video below is a practical example of an African "Heart of State," not Head of State. When it comes to leadership, a "bright head" without a great heart is useless. Great hearts are great souls and great spirits. The most exceptional leadership quality is not a bright head as most people think, but a great heart.

Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr, Thomas Sakara, John F. Kennedy of blessed were not the brightest heads in their nations, but they had a great heart for their people. Most "big heads" work for themselves and their families/ tribe, but great "hearts" serve their people and humanity.

I am of the opinion that Africa and the world are in need of "Hearts of State" and not Heads of State. Humanity is paying a huge price it can no longer afford because of the types of leaders we have in different sectors and spheres of strategic importance. To move humanity forward in the 21st century, we need a leadership shift, from a focus on heads to hearts.

That is the vision of Nation Builders International. Building and developing great hearts to inspire and lead positive transformation in all areas and spheres of strategic importance. You can join our social network by signing up!

If you don't have the heart for people, you can't make a great leader. Point! I encourage every reader of this post to carry out a study of the above mentioned great souls and learn the values and principles, which distinguished them from their peers. RIP John Atta Mills (President of Ghana from 2009 to 2012)

DrBenard Etta
CEO. Nation Builders International

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Gbenga Gti Idowu


What would happen if we suddenly realized that in most of our nations, we are actually being led by criminals who should be behind bars, but are parading themselves as heads? The world has several great "heads," but very few great "hearts." Great "heads" work for themselves, but great "hearts" serve humanity. A lot more can be achieved with a few great "hearts" than with a multitude of "heads," whose hearts are dead. NBI is on a mission to raise men and women with beautiful hearts. Sign Up and join the cause.

DrBenard Etta

Motto: Building people, societies and nations. Our vision is multidimensional, holistic, inclusive, extensive and fully integrated.

Read To Lead!

DrBenard Etta is with Njoya Jonas and 18 others.

IS Either Evolution Or Revolution!
(Nation Building)

Evolution and revolution interchange in the nation building experience of every country. A country either e...volves or faces the need for a revolution. Evolution has to do with the gradual "intelligent" development of the structures and system, which direct the governing operative dynamics of a country, to reflect the human development needs of a nation per time. A revolution is a departure from the "Old" order and can either be positive or negative depending on the quality of minds behind it.

A positive revolution is the only option for the survival and progress of a nation when its governing structures and system become outdated, inefficient, ineffective and unable to manage the increasing demands of its human development. The effective management of the above processes (Evolution & Revolution) calls for a leadership that is proactive and not reactive.

Most African countries have managed their evolutionary process to an extent, but as it stands, it will take positive revolutions to usher a new future for African nations. Most of our present national structures and systems are outdated, inefficient and lacking the flexibility and quality to accommodate the human development needs of Africans in the 21st Century.

Also, most African nations are governed by administrators who are not visionaries nor transformational leaders, with little or nothing to offer. That's why, most of them depend on the Western world for ideas, which are often given with strings attached.

Africa countries need a new kind of leadership in the 21st century, and Nation Builders International is committed to developing such leaders. For more insight on the nation-building processes of evolution & revolution, you can order my book titled, "Dynamics of Nation Building." You Can also sign up to join Nation Builders International social network for your personal development, mentorship and exposure. Click on the link below to sign up
DrBenard Etta

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Motto: Building people, societies and nations. Our vision is multidimensional, holistic, inclusive, extensive and fully integrated.

Eagles Don't Eat Chicken Food!

Nation Builders International inner caucus is gathering 5th-6th of November @Mondial Hotel, Bamenda for "first-degree" preparation for 2017. Starting time Saturday 5th: 9:30 am, Dress Code: SUIT (Any colour). You Don't Want To Miss! DrBenard Etta

Nov 5, 2016 - Nov 6, 2016
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Opportunities/ Benefits of Serving Humanity As A Trained And Certified Ambassador Of Peace.

You can become a trained and certified Global Ambassador of peace through the online/ live training program offered by Academy of Universal Global peace (AUGP) in partnership with Nation Builders International (NBI). The question most people ask is, what are the Opportunities/ Benefits of Serving As A Trained And Certified Ambassador Of Peace? I would like to use this platform to with you a few of those opportunities and benefits you can expect as a trained and certified Peace Ambassador.

1) Serving as a Trained and Certified Ambassador of peace offers you the opportunity to serve humanity, thereby serving God's most valued creation.

2)The opportunity to broaden your Knowledge about the state of the world and the platform to offer a solution instead of being a liability to humankind.

3) Opportunity to pick up a Humanitarian Job opportunity.

4) The opportunity to establish a functional NGO, Association or Peace Foundation that serves your community or nation in the domain of peace and conflict resolution.

5) A platform and access to meet the who's who of your community, nation, and the world and to participate in international peace and humanitarian leadership conferences and events nationally and globally.

6) It upgrades your Status and gives you a place to stand to impact the world "where it really hurts" (Peace/ conflict resolution).

7) Makes you a Global Citizen, etc.

If you are interested in undertaking this journey to become a Trained & Certified Ambassador of Peace under the AUGP/ NBI training partnership, then your journey begins here! Sign up to join NBI social network. Sign Up today! Click on this the link below to sign up.…

Dr. Benard Etta
AUGP International Governor
CEO Nation Builders International
Tel: +1) (240) 356-3010

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AUGP - Academy Of Universal Global Peace Building a Global Community of peace loving and peace practicing people.