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We have had several folks ask about rabbit meat. We know rabbit is fast becoming a favorite alternative for lots of families and restaurants. After careful consideration we have put rabbits on the farm and will keep you up to date on our progress. Join the Partners Club and let us know if you are interested in our freshly processed rabbit.

Sorry to all the folks who didn't get the boneless chicken breasts at the West End Farmers Market this weekend. We were sold out before 9:30 again. We are busy growing more wonderful .chickens and will have chicken breasts again in a couple of weeks. All Partners Club members get your orders in early. Not a member yet, Join Now!


Received the last 200 chicks for the season. They will be ready in eight weeks. If you want chicken for the winter now is the time to order. We have a limited supply until spring of next year. Don't let the last few chickens get away.

Whew! Lot of work going on at the farm. We are back on track for a little while. Our boneless chicken breast is back in stock for a short while. We again have parts, leg quarters, wings and chicken half's. Because we won't process again until the middle of the month... it is in everyone's best interest to join the Partners Club to make sure you get our premium chicken for your family. Join Now!

Busy cleaning the brooder last night and this morning. Moved 200 chicks from last week to the front. Made room with fresh bedding for 100 new chicks that arrived this morning. Call now and reserve your chickens. They will be ready in eight weeks.

We were busy processing chickens today. Our partners club members have requested an average chicken to be around four pounds. While we love to raise the big meaty birds we are listening. We processed 50 chickens this morning and boy are they beauties. They won't last long.

Read the latest about the 380 million eggs that were recalled on our website

We are feeling growing pains at the moment. Takes a lot of infrastructure to put on more chickens. Problem is we are barely able to keep up with the current demand. Join the Partners Club to make sure you have the food you need for your family.

I am wondering. If good food is expensive is processed food cheap?

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We are in the process of changing the look of this page. We will be providing links to our website with a brand new home page. Keep in touch.

The third generation is coming. Our three oldest grandsons Trevor, Landon and Riley are growing up on the farm. At times they are more trouble than there worth but when the stars are aligned they are wonderful help. They go to get baby chickens when they come in. And they have to pet everyone of them before they go in the brooder. If you happen to see them at a drop location or farmers market.. ask them about raising pastured poultry.. they know all about it )

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Let me take a second and introduce Justin. He is our youngest child of 5 and right hand. He looks like a little young kid but he will soon be 19. He keeps the inventory of chicks when they come in and makes sure things are set up and kept up at all times. He can do most anything on his own. And with a little supervision can do anything. Chicken whisperer, mechanic, electrician, carpenter, biologist, gardener, landscaper, predator hunter, deer hunter and all around handyman. If you see him at the market ask him any question you want about raising pastured poultry and the farm.

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We had a lot of help today unloading baby chicks. A local day care came for a visit to assist with unloading. The kids felt it was necessary to pet the baby chicks before they went into the brooder.

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We are excited about finishing out the pastured poultry year. The first 200 of 600 broiler chicks arrived today. We will receive the rest over the next two weeks. You can see the 200 chicks that just arrived today in the back where the light is. Be sure to join our Partners Club and get your orders in early. ORDER NOW! This is it for 2010.

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Welcome to Natures Choice Farms! We are in the prime of our season and working hard. We specialize in pasture poultry, pasture eggs, organic vegetables and nursery products. We will keep you up dated right here on our fans page.