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If individual departments don't discriminate in their hiring practices, how can a college or (or workplace) wind up with admission or employment statistics that discriminate against a group? Sociology and statistics team up for the answer!…/how-a-statistical-paradox-helps-to-get-to…

Simpson’s paradox is a statistical phenomenon in which a trend appears in small data sets, but differs or reverses when those sets are combined into a larger group. One of the most fascinating examples of the paradox comes from a study about gender bias in graduate admissions at the University of ...

An excellent, brief, article on the importance of the tackling (no pun intended!) the structural underpinnings of sexual harassment.

Compelling writing on sexual harassment in sports media from @EngagingSports:

The recent spate of highly-publicized, mass mediated instances of sexual misconduct has brought attention to a culture in which men have been permitted to harass, humiliate, fondle, and even rape women – and men – with impunity. While the narrative surrounding this culture has been mostly bound ...

Interesting findings about how gender shapes perceptions of support.

Discovery: Disability, Support, and Strain in Intimate Relationships

“Discovery: Disability, Support, and Strain in Intimate Relationships
Light-skin-tone symbols are used far less often in the U.S. than their darker counterparts. Does shame explain the disparity?

Are you a fan of Dancing with the Stars? Check out this sociological take on leading and following in ballroom dance!

Tango, waltz, foxtrot ... these classic ballroom dances quietly perpetuate an outdated idea: that the man always leads and the woman always follows. That's an idea worth changing, say Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox, as they demonstrate their "Liquid Lead" dance technique along with fellow dancer Alida Esm...

A very good Sociological take on #metoo and the roots of sexual harassment.

By Sally Raskoff There seems to be an emerging awareness of sexual harassment and sexual assault as more “open secrets” are exposed as some powerful men have recently been fired from their jobs. The hashtag #metoo has recently been circulating...

Nazareth sociology students we’re out in force today at the start of the New York State Sociology Association annual meeting!

A great reminder that methods matter!

Here are some all-too-common errors when it comes to interpreting statistics, and how to avoid them.

Food for thought!

Social media is increasing political polarization in America, right? A new study suggests that we're jumping to conclusions, showing that polarization is the extreme among older Americans, the age group that uses social media the least.

tl;dr: When it comes to forming nuanced opinions, Facebook is better than Fox.

#soctech #socmedia #socpolitics

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A new study finds political polarization is increasing most among those who use the internet least.|By Ezra Klein

Preparations are under way for the senior dinner!

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Calling local alumni! The department dinner for graduating seniors is tomorrow night (Friday, April 28th) at Dr. McGann's and you're invited too! Email Prof M at if you'd like to come, we'd love to see you!

There's lots of interesting research out there!

From holding out to hooking up, why study sex? @Allison_Nobles reviews research on norms, identities, & inequality

The Society Pages (TSP) is an open-access social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota…

And the Pulitzer goes to...a sociologist!!

Congratulations to sociologist Matthew Desmond! His book, Evicted, was just awarded this year's Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction. Here's to critically important sociological work that reaches outside of the academy and changes the world!

For a deeply researched exposé that showed how mass evictions after the 2008 economic crash were less a consequence than a cause of poverty.

More excellent insights from sociology highlighted in the New York Times!

Sociologist Sara Goldrick-Rab's work on the cost of college is highlighted in this article about how having a few hundred dollars on hand to help struggling students could make the difference between dropping out and a degree.

#soceducation #socmoney

In Georgia, keeping students solvent until graduation brings their university big dividends.

Is there a larger role sociology can
play in public life and shaping social policy? You bet!

“Once economists have the ears of people in Washington, they convince them that the only questions worth asking are the questions that economists are equipped t...o answer,” said Michèle Lamont, Harvard University and ASA President. “That’s not to take anything away from what they do. It’s just that many of the answers they give are very partial.”

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Economists traditionally dominate policy making in Washington, but they don’t have all the answers. Sociologists have a lot to teach us.

This essay about Weber provides some excellent insight into the presidential election.

Weber: "a man who believes in an ethic of responsibility takes account of precisely the average deficiencies of people."

More than Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or even Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton practices politics as a vocation.