Fluctuating abnoralities,Nuff said

Song;Chaos and Harmony.

Lryics;Grab your weapons now,we'll change the world at our disposial,Light the skies a fire,Blood and tears bring utter chaos onto this pitiful wasteland,Chaos and harmony sha'll be brought and destroyed,WAKE UP WORLD!!!! Nothing left,Chaos and harmony brought and left us with despair.disapear my agression must if we are to succed tonight,War is brought unto us may we fight back with Chaos and Harmony itr sha'll save us tonight.Bitterness sha'll end us along with greed Chaos and harmony will save us.


Abnormality's Lead singer is a chick,ik it's hard to belive but she is a chick

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If you can do a heavy death metal voice contact Dillon Dudas EVERYONE ANSWER

"Death Be not proud,Though some have called thee mighty and dreadful,The heart not so * Walking in shadows,Race faster escape the mortal insanity, I grow battle scars and wounds from my own inner insanity." starting off lyrics? eh not too bad but not that good give what you think on a scale 1-10

Alright i've decided to do lead vocals i guess o.o anyways just need bassist and then we can just play well rehersal

Okay i've been up lately trying to write some material eh iffy on it so almost done again with band need Lead Vocalist and Bassist -Dillon

So close need drummer then febuary 5th is rehrsals don't be a faggot and not apply for it apply for drummer then contact either Kyle Francis or Dillon dudas that is all- Dillon

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Thinks we need to get off our lazyness and get some more band members so go find some now -Dillon

Thinks that All rap music is pontless and should never of been inspired by anything and that Classical rock and blues are good Metal on the other hand amazing,And to all band memebers if you post in the band page or if it will pop up Tainted Vision Put ur name after like this to let people know who is writing the amazing truth thank you -Dillon

Our Guitarist is soon Rythym guitarist soon is going to be learning Carry on my wayward son