We were honored today to have students from Cooper Academy explore the grove today. We hope to see you come again! :)
Hawksworth Tree
Kiowa Tree too looks good.

PART 2: This continues my update from my trip with the Forest Service today. Even though the Bull Buck, campground, and cabins, and most of the Chimney Trail are okay, all of the Nelder Grove boundary is still closed. The trail to the Leaner, Nelder Tree, Clothespin, Kiowa, Graveyard, Granddad and Hawksworth Tree were all affected to one degree or another. See photos.

All of Nelder Grove is still officially closed and will be for some time. The road closed signs were not in place for a brief time recently and they are now returned. Do not attempt a visit. I was given an opportunity to TAG ALONG WITH THE FOREST SERVICE WITH PERMISSION!
Notice the several smoldering objects. The areas are not safe and still hot. There are areas that can sink into pits that are dangerous. This is theShadow of the Giants thread. I will post a Grandad, Graveyard of the Giants, Hawksworth, and Nelder Tree update after this one. The Shadow of the Giants was hit the hardest. I’m not sure yet which mature trees will survive or not. Brenda Bernal Negley


Today's map...

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The fire map looks scary for Nelder, I wanted to let those that love Nelder Grove know I've been getting reports that the fire is staying on the ground and not climbing to the canopy. Not official reports just word of mouth. Thanks for your prayers and excellent vibes... keep them coming. More info as I get it..

The latest map. It's unnerving 😓

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My friend, Steve Montalto, has a press pass and shared with me this photo he took at the Interpretive Center in Nelder Grove. This is one of the Biledo cabins wrapped for protection just in case... I remain hopeful that the fire will not get to this point!

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UPDATE: The spots aren't necessarily spot fires and are heat. The margin of error can be up to 2km on most heat sensing software. Sometimes they are backfiring ops. involved on the front lines.(*Thanks Ursa Major Stearns for the information.) Send prayers and positive energy for safety of those involved on the front lines.

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Map of yesterday's fire activity in Nelder Grove. The firefighters are doing an astounding job. Even though the fire burned through the Hawksworth Tree, Granddad, and Kiowa tree areas, I'm told they were able to protect them. Keep Nelder Basin in your thoughts and prayers that the fire doesn't move southward. Our Nelder Tree (the 22nd largest Sequoia in the world) is in danger as are the location of over half of our mature trees! I'm also praying fire lines in the whole of the Railroad Fire are contained to protect homes that are threatened.

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Fire is active in Nelder! Keep us in your thoughts. My friend, Steve Montalto, worked on this to show locations. I'm sharing The Nelder area as the fire is larger then what's shown here.

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Nelder Grove has been evacuated due to the Railroad Fire. At this point it is a precaution, however, the fire is getting a bit too close for comfort and is burning HOT. Keep us in your prayers!

I was in Nelder Grove today. Every year I'm asked to post when the dogwoods are in bloom. I'm happy to announce THE DOGWOODS ARE IN BLOOM and the Maiden Blush apple tree in the campground is too!

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Gate to the campground will open May 1st!

Keep in mind weather is changing everyday (currently raining) so tomorrow could be different. 🌲

Just heard from a fan that the road is now drive-able to trailheads. Gate still closed up to campground/Bull Buck area but people may still walk around the gate. I just emphasize for people NOT to park and block the gate.

For those that want to visit Nelder Grove please remember that during the winter the road is not maintained and cleared of snow and/or mud (especially the last two miles on the dirt road).

Be safe and feel free to contact for questions.

I'm at the Madera County Library Authors' Day event today until 3:00 pm to share my Nelder Grove book. Fun fun!

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