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Marsha Gomes-Mckie
· March 17, 2018
Always working on something or wirh someone to support the cause.
Nester Flanders-Skeete
· September 16, 2014
I think the Network is doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work.
Randy K Maule
· March 16, 2014
Great work Terry.
An amazing commemoration of 60 years of IWD celebration in PoS.

Week 1 at CSW62 packed with informaitive and 'first time' events. Thanks to Amb. Beckles-Robinson and staff at the Mission for warm hospitality. Office of the Prime Minister Gender Affairs Division, Network of Rural Women Producers of TT and Network of NGOs hosted an parallel event in the Chapel of the Church Center - Get Up, Speak Up, Act Up - The time is Now - Stand Up for Gender Justice. Attended by Minister Webster-Roy, Presiding Office Dr. Tsoiafatt-Angus and Amb. Beckles-Robinson all addressed the audience before the interactive session began with the question "what does Gender Justice mean to you?" Responses were captured and will be shared with participants as a advocacy tool. More to come