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Hello Everyone! As a small business, we are trying to expand to offer our product at Walmart! This way, we can make it available to you locally, at a much better price. PLEASE, PLEASE vote for our product and spread the word. This is their contest and if they select us, NeverScrub will be chosen to be sold at Walmart! Here is the link, please vote! We sincerely appreciate all your support!…/NeverScrub-Self-Cleaning.

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To EVERYONE ELSE, don't worry! Another CONTEST coming up soon! Eventually, we want everyone to be a winner! Spread the word.

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Great news if you live in the midwest states! NeverScrub is now available at Menards in the PLUMBING department! Only at their stores, not online! But if you need a store locator, click on this link!

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(Valid for 1 bathroom- 1 NeverScrub System + 3 NeverScrub Refills) Winner will be selected November 19th! Just in time for Thanksgiving! GOOD LUCK!

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Congratulations to Sandra Cobb of our NeverScrub 1 year supply drawing! You have been randomly selected via as our lucky winner. We will ship out to you the NeverScrub package this week! PLEASE spread the good word about NeverScrub! Thank you!

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NeverScrub toilet tip of the day:
Unclog a Toilet with Hot Water and Dishwashing Soap!

Add a few cups of hot water to the toilet bowl before you start plunging. After you pour the hot water in, let it sit for a few minutes. To put it mildly, the heat helps break the stuff up. This will make unclogging the toilet with the plunger much, much easier. The heat from the hot water can sometimes break up the clog without plunging, so this could be a good tactic to use if you a clog... a toilet at a friends house and you don't want to face the embarrassment of asking for a plunger.

Also, try adding very little dishwasher detergent to the mix. The soap can help break the clog up, as well. If you are on a septic system, stick with hot water only!
We will be randomly selecting our winner NEXT week for the 1 year supply of NeverScrub! Stay tuned and please pass along to your friends and family on 'liking' our page!!

Thank you all,


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"LIKE US" for a chance to win a 1 YEAR SUPPLY of NeverScrub Products! *valid for 1 toilet*
Winner will be selected Sept. 30th! Good luck!

Another video showcasing NeverScrub performance, features and benefits! NeverScrub Toilet Bowl Cleaning System. Never Scrub Your Toilet Bowl Again. Guaranteed. Completely eliminate toilet bowl cleaning w...
Twist and go! Completely cleans tough stains & grime. Fresh clean scent; lasts up to 5 months. Made in USA.
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NeverScrub Video, See how it works!!!!
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NeverScrub on display at Raleigh, NC Ferguson stores!

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Completely cleans & refreshes toilet bowl. Even under the rim. Safe for septic system. Removes and prevents stain & scum build-up. Prevents rust and hard water stains. Clamshell blister pack. Refillable 4-6 months.

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