First stages of Timothy Pigwigingtons paint job
A little promo for the 'old gods new machines' short. Still currently untextured, and the full piece is still under development. Run time will be approximately 5 mins, the music is by myself under Mop Theatre Music of the same title. Kind of a homage to Fritz Lang and a few others from over the years! Hope you enjoy!
Some things are worth having a late night doing. Made a little puppet, obviously not finished and most definitely some improv skills!


Well I wasn't going to post any more but I shall release these opening pages for examination.

For the rest you will have to wait till release. Text may be subject to change 😊


Enjoy and thoughts appriciated.

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If I could get some honest opinions 😊

A quick test page minus the conversation. How does it look? I'm not after an ego stroke, I am happy with the way it looks, but had some big internal arguments over the style as its all computer generated. Still gutted I can't give it a pen to paper human touch, but literally nothing I can do about it for the minute.

(Please not fb has fuzzied it up a bit)

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Stage Seven Panels are complete!!Woooooooo!!

All the panels are now in place all ready for editing/artsy fartsying and wording.

This will be the first of many many many more to come.


In the next week or so I will be looking for a selection of you lovely people to test screen digital copies. So drop me a message or comment or what not.

Be excellent to each other.

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Stage Seven Update 😘 and a potential job for trade.

9 panels left and I have finished all of the illustration side. After having got past the fact I can't hand draw it, I am damn well going to make sure I pull as much top hat editing to it as possible.
I reckon all the editing, text and polish will take around 2 weeks.


Now that its all been pretty much locked down I am starting to think on cover design and pondered if anyone would be interested in illustrating one for me, payment would be in trade of some form and a free colour copy of the finished comic. I thought it would be a showcase opportunity if anyone is interested? Or knows someone who might be?

I can supply a mind boggling amount of reference material and I am happy to leave style totally open. I just can't afford to directly pay anyone (believe me I know how much of an ask it is) and if not, well one shall do ones best anywho 😊

Nevercity Creations presents
Stage Seven
B+W (colour available at request)
Approx 50pages
Release: May 2018.

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A quick prosthetic test. Oddly enough you can't actually see the edges you think you can, but the way the quick black wash dried it looks like its just above my brow when in fact it was up to my hairline. Much better detailed paint and application after the weekend. Helped me no end on how to go about the next pieces I'm going to make too 😊

Last 2 are unedited.

Well I have been meaning to cast this for about 6 months now, so finally got round to it, since I need to do something creative and I can only use my left hand at minimal atm still 😞 this is the first facial prosthetic I've actually made despite planning on it for ages. More will follow though I am sure 😀

Simple latex prosthetic that I shall be putting finishing preps to it then a fitting possibly tomorrow. Edges feel thin enough where they will be cut away. I have noticed one issues, but I'm not gonna say and see how it goes 😊

So yup... Application to come!

*FOR SALE* I am selling off two full head sculpt prototypes.

They are complete one offs, but are not polished and final finishes, they have been used to work from. So they will have missing bits of paint etc, but it does give them an authentic look.

They are made of clay, and are very heavy, so it would be pick up only I'm afraid.


I'm not in a rush to sell them, so all sensible offers considered.

The tree/troll/demon is life size but just a head as you can see in the photos and stands around 30cm.

The Zim bust (no antenna) stands around 43cm and is build around an actual manikin bust securely.

Please PM me with any offers or questions. It is pick up only once again.



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Okay last ones... Its really hard not to share these because of the fun they are to do! This will be the last ones before release now. Stage Seven. Enjoy 😊

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Last few WIP bits for Stage Seven. All going well it should be finished and test printed in April 😊

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Things that Lurk in the dark.

Stage Seven.

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Nevercity Creations updated their cover photo.
February 22
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Well due to my hand being buggered again, I'm back to largely cgi only work, buuuuut I am not going to let it stop me 😊

So the plan for this year:

Mech and Me (short)...
Stage Seven (short - images below)
Sirens (short)

Vixen (3 part serial)

Plus further work on

The Little Match Girl
The Last Henry on Earth

I'm aiming for all the shorts to be done and fingers crossed Vixen too by the end of the year. Further production on match girl (got some new concept designs for characters) and the beginning stages of The Last Henry on earth past concept work.

So yup. I may not be able to use my left hand for long periods of time (which hopefully won't require surgery)

Enjoy 😊 x

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War X.
A brief look in to the mech's in action. Also finally nailing a scale for all the models/images, the fb compression doesn't due it full justice though sadly, but it came out as desired! which is always a bonue haha.

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Okay so I have a new favourite medium to use promarkers on. Good old tracing paper. Bought a load of it because I didn't know how long it would be before I could spend decent time getting detail in for illustrations with me hand being all hurty and now a tiny bit numb (only minor surface numbness) but yes... Real fun stuff to play with and will play a big part in Mech and Me (working title still)

Below are D, Axx(ho)le -pronounced Axxle and Tim 😊

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More WIP for the crater vs nature (Mech and Me). This just took a stupidly long time to edit due to falling asleep several times due to early shifts haha.
CGI created base image, hand drawn grass boundaries and what not then scanned then coloured and textured in photoshop.
More to follow soon, Vixen and the others are still in progress, I got to the point that I had all the designs and was putting it together and realised that despite the plot details and twists and turns were all there, but my conversations between characters needed a lot of work still. So I went to several short stories I had plotted/paragraphed and picked them to turn in to short comics almost souly based on conversation. This one being the first.

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WIP blast crater retaken by nature 😊

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Image may contain: outdoor