I would really like one of these for our anniversary. Steve?

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Hibiscus Moon

Sending you tons of (well, 2.3lb of) Uruguayan Grape Jelly Amethyst Love for today's #CrystalEyeCandy !

(photo credit: Danial Virgadaula)

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Geology of the World and the Environment is feeling crazy.

Question for man 👉 Do you accept marriage with a woman working in geology field? 😉

Question for woman 👉 Do you accept marriage with a man working in geology fi...eld? 😉

Answer 👉 YES or NO with your FEEDBACK 😊

#GeologyHere #Question of the #Day 😀

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Rose quartz sphere radiating loving energy in all directions.

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Hibiscus Moon

Mega Rose Quartz Healing #CrystalEyeCandy


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Geology of the World and the Environment is feeling crazy.

Satellite photos 📡📡 are the Earth's selfie 😃

#GeologyHere #Smile 😊

Steve's Favorites - Fossils!!

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Geology of the World and the Environment is feeling great.

Trilobites, like the ones fossilized here, emerged more than 500 million years ago in what’s called “the Cambrian explosion,” a period when large numbers of nov...el species with skeletons, eyes and limbs evolved with remarkable suddenness. Trilobites are so called because of the three parts, or lobes, of their bodies. Morocco.

Credit : Andrew A. Sicree

#GeologyHere #Fossil

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How cool Is this?! Rose quartz moon 🌝

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Hibiscus Moon

I fell hard for this Rose Quartz Crescent Moon. Tell me what you would do with this piece! #ReLiveTucson

Written a little awkwardly but definitely worth sharing

Geology of the World and the Environment added 19 new photos to the album: World of Geologist "Geologist VIP 2"celebrating Vietnamese Women's Day.

God's most beautiful gift to walk this Earth has to be a Woman. Women are the creators of life and the rock of their families. 😃

A woman according to me is the... most respectable entity in our society. A woman has always exhibited diversified qualities, in the different roles that she plays in her life - as a mother, a sister, a life-partner, a friend, a daughter and of course a source of inspiration.

Our lives are so influenced by women that we can't deny them their significance in our life.


Many women like geology Because

geology a large part of freedom and independence , Females geologists are always happy because they visit many beautiful Geological places

women love of beauty. Females geologists are the only women walk for a long time on the mountains for search a beautiful things Rocks , minerals, fossils... which always makes them young.


She is a good woman, affectionate, intelligent, knows a lot of things and is a good friend while traveling because she knows many areas and their characteristics and even the traditions of the inhabitants of those areas. As you know the difference between valuables and counterfeit items, no one can fool you if you are with female geologist 💪

Happy International Women's Day for all women especially females geologists

Today is International Women's Day, tag all women your mother's friends , sister, teacher... other and congratulate them

#GeologyHere #WomenDay #Geologist #VIP 😉

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