(Photo by Getty) Nigel and Cristen Barker Nigel Barker's Beauty Line (WWD) Nigel Barker, (cue Tyra voice) noted fashion photographer, is teaming up with his makeup artist wife, Cristen, on not one...

Mom+Social is the only one-day conference that celebrates moms who are making a difference globally. It’s all happening on May 8, and you can participate virtually by visiting

The United Nations Foundation connects the UN’s work with supporters around the world, mobilizing engaged global citizens, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to help the UN tackle issues.

Dreams are Not Forgotten is my latest documentary film that captures the heart and soul of an inspiring community in the slums of Bel Air in post-earthquake, Haiti. It’s an intimate glimpse of life, concentrating on the details that we all share in common, despite living worlds apart. The film is set in the shantytown of Bel Air in Port-au-Prince and witnessed through the lives of three Haitians. Roodline is an abandoned 13-year-old girl who sleeps on the floor in a make-shif...t tent with four other people and wants to be a nurse when she grows up, Leslie is a 24-year-old self-proclaimed vagabond trying to figure out who he is and who he wants to be and Roland is a 64-year-old Iron Worker, struggling to get by and reflecting back on better times in Haiti?s colorful past. Dreams are Not Forgotten is a story of struggle and hope, pride and potential and explores the strength and courage of the human condition against all odds.

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Dreams are Not Forgotten is my latest documentary film that captures the heart and soul of an inspiring community in the slums of Bel Air in post-earthquake,

Crissy and I are busy pitching our skincare and beauty line inspired by Beauty Equation and the whole BE One community! Stay tuned for more

Hello Nigel Hope you are well. Long time no post lol Due to various reason I have been unable to post, I recently I had an idea and a drive to shoot … Here is a shot I took of one of my old cameras , I found it as I was moving houses and it made me wonder why we had hung these up and migrated to SLR cameras so I literally hung them up, but the shot didn't go as I planned so I decided to photograph… Read the rest
The evening seen from the balcony of the city, where the beautiful lady salts to observe the majestic thing that she gives us the sun at those hours, being inspired by the big buildings of the capital of the peru, achievement to capture in the Peruvian amazon from one of the buildings but beautiful of the city
Hello Nigel, Happy Halloween ! I hope you will have a wonderful Halloween with your family! This is another beauty shot I did for halloween. I did not want to create a scary photo. I wanted to focus on the concept of the vintage photo style. I don’t know why I did that but I quite like the idea of it. So I turn of the IS mode of my camera. I put my aperture to 1/4. I wanted the image to be a bit shaky and soft just like… Read the rest
Every little girl has a dream. Mine was to be a beautiful sultry and devilish Maggie Q in a black weather peering out magic weapon. Either than that, I longed to be Angelina Jolie – pouting sexily at the camera, candidly and flawlessly. Before I commit myself into something, I give it some real serious thoughts. I have to feel secure about it first before moving forward. I realized that ‘true happiness’ lies within you. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t be free. I sought therapy to help me… Read the rest
My dear friend and recent collaborator in Rays, Nicki Muller passed away today after bravely battling a brain tumor for the past few months. I was blessed by meeting Nicki 8 years ago when I granted my first wish for the Make A Wish Foundation. At the time Nicki was in remission battling cancer at the tender age of 14 . It was my first wish I had granted for MAW and little did I know I would have my wish granted that day. I remember Nicki and her family… Read the rest
Hi Nigel, I love snapping sky photos with my phone while in the car. Love the look I get with Instagram. What are your thoughts please. Thank you, Beth Burrow
Hi Nigel!! I wanted to share with you some of my foliage photos that I recently took in Elizabethton TN. I look forward to your critiques. Thank you in advance. Beth Burrow.
Hello agian! Here is my last homework in my photography course in school, with the theme "Identity". What do you think about it?
Next time you and the family go to a Safari Park or Zoo, take a good look at the African exhibits and imagine, if you will, what they must look like free and wild in their respective habitats. Why? Because my dears, unless some pretty stiff action is taken soon, that is all there will be left, exhibits and imagination. More and more countries in Africa, whether they openly admit to it or not, are dealing in ivory and rhino horn (a kilo of rhino horn is now… Read the rest
Please follow the link to read this wonderful article by Ellissa Sursara, guest Blogger for EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency.) Sharks are our ocean's apex predator, their importance in the marine eco-structure can never be understated, so what is it that scares us so much about them?……….read on.
What does hotness mean to you?
It something that could your shake your knees constantly, when you get to see devilish vagabond eyes gone remix, and creates stir everywhere that person goes.
What was your hottest moment?
I was at Beijing International Airport, a hot guy came into the lounge, took my breath away in the middle of busy lunches and said ‘can I sit by your table’? And I did, we exchanged random salacious thoughts to kill the time, and then he insinuates the act of taking a green… Read the rest
For the love of ANTM, look what came to the Philippines? Which I read right through until I finished, one of my favorite fashion authors. Smize and fierce to Tyra Banks