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The real inventor of X-rays, Nikola Tesla, #NikolaTeslaSerbianInventor #NTSI
The War of the Currents begins! Edison uses every dirty trick he can think of in the struggle for DC dominance vs. the AC upstart. There can be only one (format)!

There's a large photo of Nikola Tesla in the Statue of Liberty Museum.

The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, has a daily Science demonstration of the Tesla Coil creating a million Volts of electricity before the spectator eyes.

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"It is true that some of them have had to do with wireless telegraphy and that in addition to the tower and poles there is hole dug in the ground.

This is 150 feet deep and is used in these experiments. The people about there, had they been awake instead of asleep, at other times would have seen even stranger things.

Some day, but not at this time, I shall make an announcement of something that I never once dreamed of."


Nikola Tesla

"Tesla's Flashes Startling"
New York Sun
July 17, 1903

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In your school text books
(Nikola Tesla)

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Fragments From Olympus- The Vision of Nikola Tesla


Join us on Saturday, April 21 at 11am when we'll be speaking for the LIRTVHS about our new documentary in the works, and YES- it... includes TESLA!

We'll also be showing our new teaser for the film, which will be called:


This is an amazing true story we've been researching for a very long time and we can't wait to share it with you!

You can register for the free event, which will take place at the Sayville Library, here:…

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Jim Murray has been inspiring the world for more than 50 years. He achieved a

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Nikola Tesla's invention of Radar

"With a different form of wireless instrument devised by me some years ago it was found practicable to locate a body of metallic ore below the ground, but it seems that a submarine could be similarly detected."

Nikola Tesla


"Nikola Tesla Tells Of Countries War Problems"

New York Herald
April 15, 1917

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"To conquer by sheer force is becoming harder and harder every day. Defensive is getting continuously the advantage of offensive, as we progress in the satanic science of destruction.

The new art of controlling electrically the movements and operations of individualized automata at a distance without wires, will soon enable any country to render its coasts impregnable against all naval attacks.

It is to be regretted, in this connection, that my proposal to the United Navy four years ago, to introduce this invention, did not receive the least encouragement.

Also that my offer to Secretary Long to establish telegraphic communication across the Pacific Ocean by my wireless system was thrown in the naval waste basket in Washington, quite 'sans facon'."

Nikola Tesla

Electrical World and Engineer
January 7, 1905

Photo. USS Massachusetts,
June 1901

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He (Tesla) received, unhurt, currents of hundreds of thousands of volts, lit up tubes and lamps through his body, rendered insulated wires several feet long entirely luminous, showed a motor running under the influence of these million-frequency currents, obtained a number of effects with phosphorescent lamps; and also showed how little in such work the high resistance of the filament had to do with the lighting up of ordinary 50 or 110 volt lamps.

His ability to produce suc...h effects, either with a single wire and no return, or without any wires at all, aroused the utmost interest and enthusiasm and the concluding demonstration literally brought down the house, when he showed how by simply carrying lamps or tubes into a room or hall where those currents were being developed, illumination was the immediate result.

The Tesla Lecture in St. Louis

The Electrical Engineer
March 8th, 1893
Page numbers: 248-249

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Katharine Underwood Johnson New York socialite and the wife of Robert Underwood Johnson. They were considered one of Tesla's best friends.

Tesla attended many parties given by her at their home. By attending these parties, it's widely known that Tesla met artists, actors, authors and politicians and basically who's who at the time.

Some say that Tesla was in love with Katherine, but he never spoiled that friendship he had with couple.


Those parties were the only times when Tesla would leave his laboratory for long lengths of time...

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The largest horizontal Tesla Coil in the world -- know as "The Leslie Coil" -- can produce up to 2 million volts. Built by electrical engineer-particle physi...

There are some disputes whether Tesla invented the Binary Code...

Tesla didn't invent the Binary Code.

There's no dispute that Tesla was the FIRST to make the fully functional and working Binary Code with his remote controlled boat and the public presentation at the Madison Square Garden.


Because Tesla left the much improved Binary Code as Open Source, later, IBM, couldn't register the patent on the working Binary Code, and make billions of dollars.

The Binary Code in this picture is random and not working, it's for presentation purpose

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